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<ul><li><p>Muhammad Ahsan Akhtar My ambition is to serve the Software Industry as a professional </p><p>Software Engineer and to utilize my development skills in a </p><p>better, managed and progressive environment to produce high </p><p>quality software, ensuring the product being delivered on time. I </p><p>have a passion to learn, adopt and implement new skills. I am </p><p>always willing to work beyond my knowledge set, even under the </p><p>tight schedules, without compromising on the quality. </p><p>Gender: Male </p><p>DOB: January 14, 1991 </p><p>Mobile: +92-346-6817870 </p><p>Nationality: Pakistani </p><p>Address: DA-1/6, Affandi Colony, Sadiqabad Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. </p><p>E-Mail: </p><p>LinkedIn: (detailed information) </p><p>Academic Information </p><p>Graduation: Bachelors in Computer Science Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad (2009 - 2013) </p><p> Gold Medalist (CGPA = 3.70) </p><p>HSSC (CS): ICS Punjab College of Information Technology, Rawalpindi (2007 - 2009) (A+ Grade) </p><p>SSC (Science): Divisional Public School, Rawalpindi (2007) </p><p> (A+ Grade) </p><p>Skills and Expertise </p><p>I have hands-on industry experience, accumulatively ore tha 3 ears with following skills: </p><p>Web Front-End: JavaScript jQuery YUI3 Library Liferay Portlets HTML5 CSS3 DOM Manipulation AJAX JSON </p><p>Back-End: Java RESTful Web Services Liferay J2EE JSP Servlets XML Java: OOP J2SE Sockets Communication JDBC Programming CMS: Liferay CMS </p><p>IDEs: Eclipse NetBeans (with Apache Tomcat Server) Mobile: Android (Native Apps) </p><p>Databases: SQL Queries Stored Procedures MySQL SQLite Frameworks: Struts Hibernate JSF Methodologies: Agile Scrum </p><p>Others: GIT JIRA </p><p>mailto:ahsanakhtar91@yahoo.com</p></li><li><p>Industry Experience </p><p>Elixir Technologies, </p><p>Islamabad, Pakistan </p><p>Software Engineer (Java | JavaScript | Front-End) </p><p>(Sep 2013 Present) </p><p>Brief Overview: </p><p>A member of one of the Scrum teams that are involved directly in the development and </p><p>maintenance of Eli irs sig ifi a t produ t, Tango+, using following web technologies: </p><p> Front End JavaScript, Liferay Portal Framework, YUI3 Library, jQuery, HTML, CSS, JSON. Back End Java, RESTful Web Services, J2EE. </p><p>I developed an entire module named RTF Editor A web-based editor highly demanded by customer for viewing, creating, editing RTF files. RTF data is rendered as HTML for editing (using </p><p>required Conversions carried out on Server end). CKEditor is an open-source editor in which </p><p>that data is rendered and then edited by the user. Upon editing and saving, it is persisted as an </p><p>RTF File over Lifera s Content Management System using Liferay API. A lot of extensive features were introduced into that module and implemented using the strengths and </p><p>capabilities of CKEditor, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and DOM Manipulation. </p><p>I am now involved in development of a two major modules Document Editor and Hotspot </p><p>Manager The web-based designers to carry out end-users tasks related to the designing of documents that reflect in the production output. I am also maintaining RTF Editor Module. </p><p>Jabs Solutions, </p><p>Islamabad, Pakistan </p><p>Android Developer </p><p>(Jul 2013 Sep 2013) </p><p>Brief Overview: </p><p>I implemented some native android applications. </p><p>PRAL, </p><p>Islamabad, Pakistan </p><p>Android Developer </p><p>(Internee) </p><p>(Jul 2012 Sep 2012) </p><p>Brief Overview: </p><p>I implemented an Android App, Tailoring Management System. </p><p>This app as o er ed ith the reati g, stori g, ie i g a d odif i g the usto ers orders i a Tailors shop o er a lo al SQLite Data ase. Ma age e t of orders as auto ated a d the apps desig as suita le for a a droid de i e sizes (phone, tablet, etc.) </p><p>Mohammad Ali Jinnah </p><p>University, Islamabad </p><p>Assistant Lab Instructor </p><p>(2010 2012) </p><p>Brief Overview: </p><p>I taught Programming Courses (Java / C++) to the students of BS (CS) during my student-life as </p><p>"Assistant Lab Instructor" (Part-Time). </p><p>Helped and mentored students to enhance their learning and technical skills that are required </p><p>in their Programming Courses, Tasks and Projects. </p></li><li><p>Projects </p><p>Final Year Project: </p><p>Title: Track My Group (Android App) </p><p>Brief Overview: </p><p>The app runs in 2 modes: Supervisor and Member mode. The supervisor device creates </p><p>a group of members and verifies them all (uses SMS for communication). Devices with </p><p>both roles (supervisor and member) can then track their opposite side by requesting </p><p>ea h others urre t o-ordinates (latitudes &amp; longitude) through GPS / Network provider. After the co-ordinates are received, they are plotted with different colors on </p><p>Google Map (embedded in Android App) and the shortest distance (displacement) </p><p>between devices is calculated and shown. </p><p>Other Projects: </p><p> Home Appliance Management System Android App (as a free-lancer in 2013) </p><p>o Brief Overview: </p><p>A Client-Server based System to simulate the automation of all the electrical </p><p>appliances in a house using an Android Client device as a Remote Control. </p><p>The application was implemented using Socket Communication in Java and it </p><p>simulated the controlling of the status of electrical devices (On/Off) over a </p><p>Remote Desktop Server (implemented as a Java Desktop Application). This </p><p>main Remote Server listens to the signals transmitted by the Android Client </p><p>using sockets. The time scheduling feature was also implemented for turning </p><p>the devices On or Off. A Desktop Client was also developed that could </p><p>communicate with Remote Desktop Server just like an Android Client does. </p><p> Web Application (J2EE) for ABFA Group of Companies (as a free-lancer in 2011) </p><p>o Brief Overview: </p><p>An online portal for reati g, stori g, ie i g a d odif i g the usto ers orders developed using Struts Framework, JSPs, etc. </p><p> U i ersit s Attendance Management System (Java Desktop Application) </p><p>o Brief Overview: </p><p>A desktop application responsible for automating many operations of an </p><p>Attendance Department of a University developed in J2SE. </p><p> Email Client-Server Application in C (for LINUX based Operating Systems) Inventory Management Website in .NET Framework And many ore </p><p>Visit my LinkedIn Profile for Details: </p><p></p></li></ul>