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<ol><li> 1. Updated CV of Prof. Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid Page No.1/31 SS AAAA PP S O O DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS Government College Jhang, Government Post GraduateCollege of Science Faisalabad &amp; G.C. University Faisalabad. Curriculum Vitae DR MUHAMMAD ATTIQUE KHAN SHAHID PrincipalGovt.Post Graduate CollegeJhang, Professorof Physics &amp; Ex-ChairmanDepartmentof Physics,Advisor SAAP, SHAMP, SCOPE at Government Post Graduate College of Science Faisalabad, Pakistan &amp; Ex-Chairman Departmentof Physics &amp; ChiefTutor GCUF, PNRA Certified Health Physicist, RPO, RSO Attached with Atomic &amp; Nuclear Physics Lab. Objectives: A challenging and rewarding position as a Professor and science manager in a result oriented organization/institution that seeks ambitious and career conscious persons where acquired skills and education will be utilized toward continued growth and advancement. Administrative skills: Member/In charge, Proctorial and tutorial boards, B.Sc. Lab. Physics Society, Syllabus revision, Purchase committee, Pioneer R&amp;D culture, Acting Chairman department of Physics, Staff secretary, Drama producer, External Examiner, Evaluator/S.O. Chairman Academy of letters for Sciences, In charge Nuclear Physics Research Cell, In Charge Computer Cell, In Charge Graduate, Postgraduate Section, Research Coordinator / Advisor (Graduate, Postgraduate Levels) &amp; NPTC (PIAES) Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, Prof. In Charge Physics Society / Seminars, Controller of Examination (Physics Department), Chairman Curriculum Revision Committee for B.Sc. (PASS), B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc. (Physics), Project Director for Space Sciences, Health Physics &amp; Telecommunication, Member inter-universities faculty boards (IUFBs for higher education), Coordinator scholarship and fee concession committees, Secretary / member Board of Study (BOS), Member technical scrutiny of offers / inspection of supplies (Physics department), Prof. In charge academic &amp; research projects B. Sc. (Hons.) &amp; M. Sc. Physics, Member Committee for Construction &amp; Supervision of Entry Test B.Sc. (Hons) / M.Sc. Physics Programmes for Faculty of Science &amp; Technology, Expert Member of Physics for College Affiliation Committee etc., Prof Incharge Academic and Researchfor B.Sc. (Hons.) and Masterlevel Programmes (from 27.10.2005 to 13.07.2011) at department of Physics GCUF and currently at Govt. Postgraduate College of Science, Faisalabad. Revised and updated the curriculum for B.Sc. (Pass), B.Sc (Hons.) and M.Sc. classes, Introduced B.Sc. (Hons.) and M.Sc. Physics programmes (Morning/Evening), </li><li> 2. Updated CV of Prof. Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid Page No.2/31 Established new Physics Labs for said programmes, Established new Computer Lab along with Internet facility, Introduced Modern options like Environmental Physics, Health and Medical Physics, Atmospheric Physics, Geo Physics and Radiation Physics with the collaboration of NIAB and PINUM, Introduced modern experiments in Graduation and Postgraduate level labs, Updated Physics library, Introduced Internship programme for job placement. As Chairman, Department of Physics (from 21.07.2009 to 13.07.2011), Rectification of loopholes and anomalies in B.Sc.(Hons.), M.Sc. and M.Phil. Physics programmes through BOS, BOF and Academic council to bring them at par with other National/International Universities of the world, Continuation and up gradation of M.Phil. programme started in 2007-08, Setting up of new experiments using equivalence techniques, Hiring of new faculty members, Setting up experimental research group to supplement Theoretical Group, Established research collaboration with NIAB, NIBGE, PINUM, EPD, CASP, UET, NORI and NCP, Visiting faculty member at NIAB for Graduation and Postgraduate level training courses, Additional Administrative duties at GCUF included, Canvasser/member SFAO (Student Financial Aid Office), Member Monitoring and evaluation cell for development projects, Member board of faculty of Science and Technology, Member Budget advisory committee, Member Technical verification of equipment supplied by TNN for LAN, Member QEC Assessment team for College of Pharmacy, Botany, Psychology and Computer Science, Member Bachelor Programmes subcommittee for scrutinizing merit lists before display and Ex. Tutor of the University. I have joined as Professor of Physics and Chairman department of Physics at Govt. Postgraduate College of Science Faisalabad and teaching M.Sc. Physics (Part I &amp; II) classes &amp; BS (FYDP) classes, other key assignments includes off and on appointment as Vice Principal, Advisor &amp; Founder of Society For Advancement Of Applied Physics (SAAP), (SHAMP) &amp; (SCOPE), Chairman admission Committee &amp; Advisor for BS (H) Four year Programs recently launched in seven disciplines along with secretary / member for appointment of CTI &amp; being the senior faculty member as per policy of the Govt. of the Punjab (up to 22.05.2015). Additionally providing consultancy to the worthy Principal in other important administration cum academic affairs being Chairman Academic Discipline Committee &amp; Advisor Readmission cum Prospectus revision Committees when and where needed on his request. Recently Ive joined as Principal Govt. Post Graduate College Jhang from 23.05.2015 to date. PERSONAL INFORMANTIONS 1. Name: Dr Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid 2. Father's Name: Muhammad Rafique Khan(Late) 3. Present Status: Principal Govt. Post Graduate College, Jhang 4. Present Posting: Govt. Post Graduate College, Jhang 5. Domicile: FAISALABAD (PUNJAB) 6. TEL # 041-2680351 7. Cell # +92-0302-6062879 8. N.I.C. # 33100-0986953-9 9. Present Address: 504/A Latif Chowk, 351/A G.M. Abad, Faisalabad 10. Permanent Address: P-378, St. # 1, Bilal Park, 279 R.B., Faisalabad. 11. Email Address: 12. Date of Birth: 01-04-1960 13. Height: 5 Feet 4 Inches </li><li> 3. Updated CV of Prof. Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid Page No.3/31 14. Physical Appearance: Healthy 15. Complexion: Fair 16. Color of eyes: Dark Brown 17. Blood Group: B+ive 18. Marital Status: Married 19. Religion: Islam 20. Language Ability: English, Urdu, Punjabi ACADEMIC INFORMATION: 2008: Ph.D. in Physics from physics department P.U. Lahore, with Research Project on A Comprehensive Investigation of Solid Aerosols using X-Ray Powder Diffraction (XRPD) And Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (AAS) Techniques. 1997: M. Phil. in Solid State Physics from (CSSP) Punjab University, Lahore, with Research Project on Radioactive pollution and its Health Hazards, A study by SSNTDs and XRPD Analysis. 1990: B.Ed. from Punjab University, Lahore. 1989: M.A.(Punjabi), Punjab University, Lahore. 1982: M.Sc.(Physics)(Advanced Electronics) from G.T.I.C., Chenab Nagar. (Punjab University, Lahore) 1980: B.Sc.(Physics, Math A&amp;B Course) from G.C., Faisalabad. (Punjab University, Lahore) 1978: F.Sc. (Pre-Eng. Group) from Govt. Islamia College, Faisalabad. (BISE, Sargodha) 1976: Matriculation (Science) from G.H.S., 72 G.B., Faisalabad. (BISE, Sargodha) PROFESSIONAL INFORMATION: (Starting with present assignment) 1. Principal Govt. Post Graduate College Jhang PAKISTAN (from 23-05- 2015 to date) 2. Professor&amp; Chairman Department of Physics, CoordinatorBS (FYDP), at Government P/G College of Science Faisalabad PAKISTAN (from 31-5-2014 to 22- 05-2015). 3. As Assistant Professor of Physics (from 15-11-1994 to 02-07-2008), As Associate Professor of Physics (from 03-07-2008 to 30-5-2014) and as Chairman, Department of Physics (from 21-07-2009 to 13-07-2011), taught B.Sc., B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc. (Physics), M. Phil. Physics/Mathematics classes of Experimental Techniques in Physics, Modern Physics, Nuclear Physics, Health &amp; Medical Physics, Environmental Physics, Plasma Physics (Theory &amp; Lab Courses). Supervised more than 95 research projects and internship programs at G.C.University, Faisalabad. Being Prof. incharge and advisor of </li><li> 4. Updated CV of Prof. Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid Page No.4/31 SAAP (Society for Advancement of Applied Physics) arranged seminar/workshops/ conferences/congresses/open talks/debates/extension lectures relevant to applied side of science and technology for broadening the spectrum of vision of the students and scientific community along with public awareness to fulfill the gap between theory and lab courses the urgent need of the country. 4. As Lecturer in Physics (from 11-12-1984 to 14-11-1994) taught M.Sc. Physics classes (Nuclear physics (Theory), Modern Physics (Practical), at Govt.T.I. College, Chenab Nagar (New Campus). Set up M.Sc. Physics Laboratories and supervised several research works, Thesis Projects and was the incharge of Nuclear Physics Research Lab. at Govt.T.I. College, Chenab Nagar (New Campus). Being President and advisor Abdul- Salam Physics society arranged seminar/workshops/conferences/congresses/open talks/debates/extension lectures relevant to his theory GUTS (grand unified theories) for public awareness. 5. Visiting Faculty Member for Graduation and Post-graduation level training courses related to Radiation &amp; Health Physics from (1994 to date) at NIAB (PAEC) Faisalabad, Pakistan. 6. Visiting Faculty Member of Department of Environmental Sciences, G.C. University, Faisalabad for Honors and Masters level programme. 7. Consultant/member selection board Independent College (Shaffi Medical center) Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad (from 2002 to date). Languages Proficiency: Punjabi and Urdu: Superior skills and fluency (spoken and written both). English: Intermediate skills (oral and written both). IT Knowledge/ Computer Skills: MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point, Internet use for scientific purposes. Recent Invited Presentations/Open talks: (At different Training courses/workshops/seminars etc.) Radio Active Decay (An Overview) Medical Physics as a career Basics of Atomic and Nuclear Physics Atom for Peace, Atom for War Atomic explosions and their consequences Thermonuclear Reactions (T.N.R) Difficulties, How we Overcome. Basic Concepts of Radiation Physics </li><li> 5. Updated CV of Prof. Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid Page No.5/31 Quantities and Units used in Radiation Physics Radiation Detection and Measurement Radiation Protection and Safety Basics of counting statistics Production and Properties of X-Rays XRD (X-Ray Diffraction) as universal tool for investigation Phase analysis of Crystalline Materials Laser and its Applications Fiber Optics, the need of 21st century Biological Effects of Nuclear Radiations or Radiation Damage Nuclear Waste Management Nuclear Contamination and Decontamination Applied side of Radioactivity (Natural and Artificial both) Benefits of radiation in everyday life The secrets of Atomic radiations Atomic safety culture and public awareness Atomic theory and atomic structure Food irradiation (An overview) Computers and the Modern World Fundamental concepts of Laboratory Safety Management of Unwanted Material &amp;personnel protection Fire Safety &amp;Waste Management Along with series of lectures related to research projects, teaching methodologies and management skills to enhance the research potential of the students of graduation/post- graduation levels involving in research projects/internship programme like:- Educational Planning &amp; Management Merits and demerits of oral presentation Research Methodology, Data Analysis &amp; Technical Report Writing Quality Control and Quality Assurance Project Designing &amp;Management Courses Taught at Graduate, Post Graduate level / Areas of Interest Nuclear Physics I and II Modern Physics I and II Advance Level Modern Physics Experimental Nuclear Physics Radiation Physics I and II </li><li> 6. Updated CV of Prof. Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid Page No.6/31 Plasma Physics Environnemental Physics I and II Health and Medical Physics I and II Atomic &amp; Nuclear Physics Lab. Environnemental Physics Lab. Exprimental Techniques in Physics Advanced Heath and MdicalPhysis Electricity &amp; Magnetism Lab. Modern Physis Lab. Experimental Physics Research Group (Joint Venture with PINUM, NIAB, NORI, EPD, UAF, UET, CHEP) 1. Dr. Javaid Irfanullah, Ex-Director PINUM, Faisalabad/Current Director NORI, Islamabad. 2. Dr. Muhammad Babar Imran, PMO, PINUM, Faisalabad. 3. Dr. Muhammad Aleem Khan, Ex-SMO, PINUM, Faisalabad. 4. Mr. Farhat Abbas, DDO, EPD, Faisalabad. 5. Dr. Naseem Khalid, DCSO, NIAB, Faisalabad. 6. Mr. Muhammad Afzal Ndeem, PSO, PINUM, Faisalabad. 7. Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz, SO, PINUM, Faisalabad. 8. Ms. Humara Noreen, SS, PINUM, Faisalabad. 9. Dr. Muhammad Yousaf Hussain, Associate Prof. and Ex.-Chairman, Department of Physics, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. 10. Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Ahmad Khan, Assistant Prof. Physics, G.C. University, Faisalabad. 11. Ms. Saira Khan, Lecturer in Psychology, G.C. University, Faisalabad. 12. Ms. Arfa Mubashir, Lecturer in Physics, GCWCJ, Faisalabad. 13. Ms. Bushra Bashir, Lecturer in Physics, GCW Gulshan Colony, Faisalabad. 14. Ms. Mariam Saeed, Lecturer in Physics, GCW Mureedwala, Faisalabad. 15. Prof. Dr. Khadim Hussain Worthy Supervisor of my M Phil&amp; PhD Programmes, Center for High Energy Physics, University of the Punjab, Lahore. A SUMMERY OF ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS Acting Chairman, Department of Physics (Post Graduate Section) at Govt.T.I. College, Chenab Nagar(New Campus). President, Prof. Abdus Salam Physics Society at Govt.T.I. College, Chenab Nagar. Staff Secretary (Post-Graduate Section) at Govt.T.I. College, Chenab Nagar. </li><li> 7. Updated CV of Prof. Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid Page No.7/31 Prof. In charge Seminars/Time Table/Student Affairs at Govt.T.I. College, Chenab Nagar. Drama Producer, College Dramatic Club at Govt.T.I. College, Chenab Nagar. Member College Cricket Team at Govt.T.I. College, Chenab Nagar. Member Proctorial/Tutorial Board at G.C. Faisalabad, nowG.C. University, Faisalabad. Member/Incharge Purchase Committee Prof. Incharge Syllabus Revision Committee for B.Sc., M.Sc. Co-Coordinator National Physics Talent Contest (NPTC) (PAEC). Served as Secrecy Officer for S.S.C. and Inter. Exams for B.I.S.E. Faisalabad. Served as Syp/DySyp/Head Examiner/Examiner/Practical Examiner for BISE, Faisalabad and P.U. Lahore. External Examiner for Research Evaluation M.Sc./M.Sc. (Hons.)/M.Phil. Students UAF, Faisalabad. Arranged, Takbeer Day Science Exhibition, Seminar/Study Visit for UAF, NIAB, NIBGE, PINUM etc. Director Career Planning and Counseling Cell, G.C. Faisalabad. Chairman Academy of letters for Sciences, G.C. Faisalabad. Prof. Incharge Nuclear Physics Research Cell, G.C. Faisalabad. Prof. Incharge Computer Cell, G.C. Faisalabad. Prof. Incharge Graduate, Postgraduate Section, G.C. Faisalabad. Research Coordinator/Advisor (Graduate, Postgraduate Levels) &amp; NPTC (PIAES), NIAB, NIBGE, PINUM etc., Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. Prof. Incharge Physics Society/Seminars, G.C.U. Faisalabad. Controller of Examination (Physics Department), G.C.U. Faisalabad. Chairman Curriculum Revision Committee for B.Sc. (PASS), B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc. (Physics) &amp; Advance Level Programmes. Project Director for Space Sciences,...</li></ol>