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Curriculum Vitae

Waleed Abdulrahim Yaqoub Bawazeer (ID# 29817)

Telephone: (Work) 442 7620; (Fax) 442 7636

(Mobile) 050 4476 050 (KFSH Mobile) 4-8884


DATE OF BIRTH:1/7/1966

MARITAL STATUSMarried with 4 children

ADDRESS:MBC-29, P. O. Box 3354, Riyadh 11211

EDUCATION Masters Degree in Social Services ( Management and planning )at Imam Mohd Bin Saud University

Bachelor Degree in Social Services

9 Months English Language Course Weiber College -Utah State USA

COURSES AND WORKSHOPS ATTENDED Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Basic Life Support Provider, Saudi Commission for Health Specialist (4 CME credit hours) valid until June 2014 Conflict Management Public Awareness Session, September 2013 Completed training program, NESMA Advanced Technology, 19-20 April 2012

Project Planning, Analysis & Control, 20-24 November 2010, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, conducted by representative from The George Washing University, School of Business, Washington, D.C. (3.8 CME credits)

Completed 2-week Facilitator Training for the Who Cares? Customer Care Workshop, 20 Feb-31 March 2010

English Language Courses- KFSH&RC

Attended Training Course entitled: Coaching, 08 April 2009

Completed Basic Performance Improvement Workshop (2 CME credit hours), 25 March 2009

3 Hours Course in Lead Management KFSH&RC

Dealing with Public Course KFSH&RC

Performance Improvement Course KFSH&RC

Management and Employee Development Program (communication skills, conflict resolutions, team building.. etc)

Multi-disciplinary Child Abuse and Neglect Training Course to the participant ( 3-8 November 2007 )


Head, Social Services (10 March 2014 to present)

Job Duties & Assignments

Plans, directs, organizes and controls the operations of the Department.

Conducts short/long range planning for the Department in accordance with the Hospitals and divisions objectives/goals and implements the Department Performance Improvement (PA) Program in accordance with the Hospital overall PI plan.

Establishes and implements internal procedures and ensures that social work services, recreational services and morgue services are guided by written policies and procedures; develops, and recommends changes, as needed. Ensures that Social Workers are aware of, and utilize all available resources in the community.

Enhances intra-interdepartmental communication and coordination in order to resolve problems and to develop method(s) for fact finding as related to patients complaints and satisfaction.

Manages social work cases, staff hours and assignments to suit the needs of patients and the institution, assists clinical Social Workers in improving diagnostic procedures, helping skills and morale of patients. Recommends financial support for needy patients.

Implements Patient Safety Programs.

Assists medical staff members and others through conferences to aid in better understanding case problems and emotional, cultural and family adjustments.

Manages Social Services pediatric inpatient playground staffs hours and performance to ensure adequate coverage and quality recreational activities. Ensures continuous availability of needed recreational and educational equipment and material.

Ensures that patients receive individual or group counseling as needed. Represents the Hospital in community medical counseling activities. Recommends Patient Health Education Programs as related to patients, medical problems and preventative medicines.

Prepares Department budget.

Identifies patients needs and develops quality Social Services Programs to meet these needs; provides clinical social work for outpatients and inpatients. Coordinates social work consultation with Medical, Nursing, Administrative staff and community agencies.

Coordinates with outside community resources (Governmental or charitable) to recommend new needed services to improve existing services.

Evaluates performance of supervisory/professional staff in the department; identifies training needs and continuing education programs to meet those needs.

Recommends employment, promotion and release of personnel in accordance with the Hospitals policies and/or procedures.

Implements management information systems; submits periodic reports of the Departments activities and develops adequate policies and procedures to maintain confidentiality of patients information.

Is responsible for the management of Social Services accounts; submits monthly Reconciliation Report.

Follows all Hospital related policies and procedures.

Participates in self and others education, training and development, as applicable.

Performs other related duties as assigned.


Supervisor, Social Services, KFNCCC (01 April 2013-09 March 2014)

Acting Head, Social Services (from 31 March 2012 to 31 March 2013)

Supervisor, Social Services Outpatient Clinics KFSH&RC, from Safar 1424 to 30 March 2012

Job Duties & Assignments

Supervises and coordinates daily work activities of Social Workers. Establishes schedules and assigns work. Changes work assignments to meet changing requirements and conditions.

Provides input to Department Head regarding performance of Social Workers.

Determines training needs of Social Workers. Assists with, and participates in, training of Social Workers and other staff. Recommends training outside Department. Assists with orientation of new employees.

Maintains information regarding Hospital policies and procedures and ensures that Social Workers are aware of these and any changes. Revises, develops, recommends and implements new or existing departmental policies and procedures.

Ensures effective communications with patient care team, other concerned staff and Social Workers to ensure awareness of departmental services and programmes.

Recommends action for corrections and improvements of departmental activities

Reviews the approved caseload studies, case plans and referrals to outside resources. Reviews caseload of Social Workers and ensures adequate documentation and follow-up recording in social files of the patients.

Participates in, and coordinates, research activities.

Provides information to Social Workers regarding availability of community based support organizations and encourages utilization of these resources.

Participates in self and others education, training and development, as applicable.

Participates in Self & Hospitals quality improvement plan preferred.

Follows all Hospital related policies and procedures.

Performs any other related duties as assigned.

Social Worker, Social Services KFSH&RC, from MUH 1415 to Safar 1424

Job Duties & Assignments

Interviews patients and their families to identify and assess the need for social work services and other needed services and information. Assists patients with their social, environmental, financial and emotional difficulties, which interfere with the attainment of maximum benefit from medical care utilizing available resources in the community.

Advocates for the patients' right to obtain optimum required services and acts as a liaison between Medical/Nursing Staff, relatives of the patients and appropriate outside agencies.

Makes rounds in the inpatient and outpatient areas and joins physician rounds as needed. Discusses with patients and care-givers the psychosocial problems related to hospitalization or treatment and provides patients with needed services and information.

As approved, participates in specialized clinical practice with physicians to provide needed services for high-risk groups. Participates in research programmes.

Ensures that high-risk patients are aware of their medical problems, the treatment plan, required surgery and medication to ensure their full compliance.

Hosts recreational activities for hospital inpatients to help them cope with their hospitalization and to make their stay a more pleasant experience.

Provides individual counseling sessions, family orientation and crisis intervention for patients and their families who experience serious illnesses or overwhelming circumstances.

Assists patients with planning for post-hospital care in cooperation with the discharge planner.

Responsible for ensuring financial assistance to patients, if they fufill set criteria.

Participates in self and others' education, training and development, as applicable.

Participates in quality improvement programs.

Follows all Hospital related policies and procedures.

Participates in quality improvement programs.

Performs other related duties as assigned.

Patient Relations Representative, Social Services KFSH&RC, from DAQ 1411 to MUH 1415

Saudi American Bank (SAMBA), 6 months


Several appreciation and recommendation letters from departments in King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center


Available upon request.

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