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  • 56 rue de la Pompe

    75016 Paris


    Driving licence holder

    Fluent English speaker

    French native

    27 years old

    Mickael Pierre

    Electronics design Engineer

    Aim: Development engineer/Project manager position in the biomedical field.

    Experience as junior project manager, working with Gantt charts and monitoring tables.

    Knowledge of FPGA configuration (VHDL) and microcontroller programming.

    Knowledge of C language and C++/JAVA (object-oriented).

    Masters specializing in embedded systems, signal processing, information processing,

    wireless systems, high-frequency communications and electromagnetics.


    Jul. 2014 2015

    1 year

    Gap year Australia, Japan.

    English language improvement. Deepening of the Commonwealth and pacific countries cultures.

    Jul. 2013 2014

    1 year

    Radio-frequency systems engineer Nuances Technologies (Paris, France).

    Military/Civil telecommunications control - Concurrence: Bull, Amesys, Thales. - 13 employees - 20m turnover.

    Position combining technical expertise, project management and interpersonal skills.

    Project management: Management training (junior position, 6 months), scheduling,

    management tools implementation, suppliers work process validation.

    Engineering: Directive Wi-Fi jammer design, jamming waveforms optimisation, deliverable

    documentation composition, design solution provision.

    Technical expertise: Car-embedded systems validation, technical recommendations, system

    issues drafting, technical support (French defence ministry's general delegation for armaments).

    Jan. Jul. 2013 6 months

    Electronics developer R&D department of PlugMed Heart (Rouen, France). Biotechnology start-up - Human power plug development - Partners: Carmat, Thoratec, Jarvik - 6 employees.

    Designed a Ventricular Assist Device controller (VAD) and accompanying test bench.

    Worked on microcontroller programming, power electronics, circuit design and management.

    Jun. Sept. 2012 3 months

    Electronics developer Bio-Applied Systems Engineering lab of the University of York (UK).

    Designed a data logger for research in entomology.

    Worked on programming, signal processing, documentation research and writing.


    2011 2013 2 years

    Masters degree in Electronics Engineering of Embedded and Communicating Systems. Pierre & Marie Curie University (UPMC - Paris 6, France), co-certified by Telecom ParisTech.

    Courses: Digital embedded systems conception, signal and information processing, digital

    communication, EMC, EM shielding, project management, wireless communication, antenna

    design, high-rate radio systems, transmission lines, waveguides theory, project management.

    Projects: Conception and programming of a NIOS II processor in VHDL using Altera.

    2007 2010 3 years

    Degree in Electronics Engineering UPMC, third year at the University of York (UK).

    Courses: Analogue/digital electronics, mathematics, physics and programming.

    Projects: Design of a public area mapping robot (remotely controlled) for assisting the blind.


    Management Junior on projects abroad (Israel, Belgium, Cyprus).

    OpTeam training courses. Use of Gantt charts, monitoring tables.

    Design tools

    Data acquisition




    Keil Vision, MPLab, Xilinx ISE, Altera Quartus, Proteus: Used on several projects.

    LabView (G language): Working knowledge.

    MatLab, Maple: Good knowledge.

    VHF, UHF, 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi systems and AM, FM, PM, QAM, OFDM, CDMA modulations.

    Windows, Mac, Linux.

    Languages English: Fluent. CLES B2 (listening, reading, speaking and writing tests).

    French: Native speaker. Spanish: Basic listening and speaking.


    Sports Competitive running: 3,000 metres, 10,000 metres (in 46.15 minutes) and long-distance races.

    Mechanics Restoration and building of old motorbikes and track bikes (fixed gear).