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<ol><li> 1. Customized Professional Development We offer onsite training to companies! </li><li> 2. What does customized training mean for you and your company? Well train your employees onsite at your company in the skills you are looking to improve. </li><li> 3. How will the training program work? A combination of faculty, independent consultants and working professionals will facilitate the courses to mix both theory and real-world application. Depending on what is necessary, we can offer programs in a variety of formats (classroom, online or hybrid). Continuing education units (CEUs) as well as academic credit options are available. </li><li> 4. What type of training is available? Many of our certificate programs can be adapted to meet specified needs. Popular training programs include: -Supervising Employee Certificate -Employee Management for Lead Workers -Computer Training -Leadership Development We can work with you to develop a program regardless of our offerings! </li><li> 5. California State University San Marcos Extended Learning Contact us to learn more! Email: Phone: 760-750-4004 </li></ol>