curriculum vitae abbas m. milani 309 encina hall west amilani/downloads/milani_cv.pdf2005-present...

Download Curriculum Vitae Abbas M. Milani 309 Encina Hall West amilani/downloads/milani_CV.pdf2005-present Director, Iranian Studies, ... Amir Abbas Hoveyda and the Riddle of the Iranian Revolution,

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    Curriculum Vitae

    Abbas M. Milani

    The Hamid and Christina Moghadam Director of Iranian Studies, Stanford University

    Co-Director, Iran Democracy Project, Hoover Institution

    309 Encina Hall West

    Stanford University

    Stanford, CA 94305

    650-725-0330 (phone) or

    650-721-4502 (phone)

    650-725-8278 (fax)

    Professional Experience

    2005-present Director, Iranian Studies, Stanford University

    2003-present Co-Director, Iran Democracy Project, Hoover Institution

    Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

    2003-present Visiting Professor of Political Science, Stanford University

    1993-2003 Professor of History and Political Science

    Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont, California

    1987-2003 Chair, Department of History and Political Science

    Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont, California

    1988-2003 Research Fellow, Institute of International Studies

    Center of Middle Eastern Studies University of California, Berkeley

    1979-1987 Member, Board of Directors, Center for International Studies

    Tehran University

    1977-1987 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law and Political Science, Tehran


    1977-1978 Research Fellow, Iranian Center for Social Research, Tehran 1975-1977 Assistant Professor, National University of Iran, Tehran

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    Publications (selected)

    Books (Original Works)

    Eminent Persians: Men and Women Who Made Modern Iran, 1941-1979, Syracuse

    University Press, Syracuse, NY, 2 volumes, November, 2008.

    The Road to Democracy in Iran, authored by Akbar Ganji, translated by Abbas Milani,

    forward by Abbas Milani and Joshua Cohen, MIT University Press, April 2008.

    King of Shadows: Essays on Irans Encounter with Modernity, Ketab Corp., Los Angeles,

    CA., May 2005. Persian text published in the U.S.; second print 2006.

    Lost Wisdom: Rethinking Persian Modernity, Mage Publishers, Washington, D.C. 2004;

    second print, 2005.

    The Persian Sphinx: Amir Abbas Hoveyda and the Riddle of the Iranian Revolution, Mage Publishers, 2000, 2002; in Britain, IB Tauris, 2000. Translated by the author into Persian as Moamay-e Hoveyda, published in Iran, Atiy-e Press, and in Washington, D.C. by Mage Publishers; (also translated by Houshang Mahdavi, Abolhol-e Irani, Tehran, 2001;) author's translation: Book of the Year, 2002, Deutsch Radio; now in eighteenth printing in Tehran, third in Washington; English paperback, Mage Publishers, 2004.

    Modernity and its Foes in Iran, Gardoon Press, Germany, 1998; Atiyeh Press, Tehran,

    1999, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2004, 2005, 2007, Eighth printing 2008.

    Tales of Two Cities: A Persian Memori, Mage Publishers, 1996. Paperback, Kodansha, Jan. 1997 (best-seller, San Francisco Chronicle list). On Democracy and Socialism. (A collection of articles, written with Faramarz Tabrizi), Berkeley, CA: Pars Press, 1987.

    Malraux and the Tragic Vision, Tehran: Agah Press, 1982.

    Books (Translations-into Persian unless otherwise specified)

    Kolakowski, L., Main Currents of Marxism, 3 volumes, Agah Publishers, vol. 1 and 2,

    (2006); 2nd

    & 3rd

    editions (2007); vol. 3, Akhtaran (2008).

    Bulgakov, Mikail, Master and Margarita, Tehran: Nashre-no, 1983, 1990, 1994, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006

    On Totalitarianism, (an edited, translated and annotated selection composed of Nechaev's

    Catechism of a Revolutionary, Dostoyevsky's Grand Inquisitor, selections from Miloz's

    Captive Mind, Kolakowsky's Totalitarianism and the Lie, Kundera's Future of the Novel,

    Nisbet's 1984 Revisited),Tehran, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

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    Gramsci, Antonio, State and Civil Society, Tehran: Sahar, 1980. Reprinted: Stockholm:

    Ketab Pishro, 1986; third print: Koln, Germany, 1998; fifth print, Tehran, 1998; sixth

    print 2004, 2005

    Golshiri, H., King of the Benighted (into English). Washington, D.C.: Mage Publishing, January, 1990; paperback edition, 1995; German translation, Surkamp Verlag, 1998

    Mao-tse dung, Critique of the Soviet Economy, Tehran: Pejvak, 1986

    Marx, Karl, Critique of the Gotha Program, Tehran: Pejvak, 1979. Reprinted 1980, 1982

    Bettelheim, Charles, China Since MaD, Tehran: Ruzbehan Publisher, 1979. Reprinted Paris, 1980 Kautsky, Charles, Foundations of Christianity, Tehran: Arnir Kabir, 1978. Reprinted in 1980

    Benjamin, Walter, Understanding Brecht, Tehran: Roudaki Publishers, 1979

    Robison, Joan, Economic Management in China, Tehran: Javidan, 1977


    Beyond Incrementalism: A New Strategy for Dealing with Iran, coauthored with Larry

    Diamond, Mike McFaul, Hoover Institution, May 2005

    A catalogue for Creating an Islamic Republic: Iranian Collections from the Hoover

    Institution Library and Archives, with Cissy Hill, Hoover Institution, May 2004

    Reagan and the Social Bases of His Power, Tehran: Katibeh Publishers, 1982

    When Revisionists Write History, (an extended critique of Soviet historiography on the

    history and politics of modern Iran), Tehran: Roozbehan Press, 1979


    Parliamentary Elections and the Future of Democracy in Iran, Brown Journal of

    International Relations, forthcoming

    Iran: Dont Let Up, coauthored with Mike McFaul, Hoover Digest, 2008, No.2

    Pious Populist, Boston Review, November/December 2007

    Russia and Iran: Authoritarians Unite!, Current History, October 2007

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    "El-milagro del nuevo Milenio", Vanguardia, July-September 2007

    The Wrong Lessons, coauthored with Michael McFaul, Hoover Digest, 2007, No. 3

    How to Turn Iran Upside Down, coauthored with Larry Diamond and Michael McFaul,

    Hoover Digest, 2007, No. 2

    What Ahmadinejad Thinks He's Doing, Hoover Digest, 2006, No. 4

    How Iran Can Yet Be Tamed, coauthored with Michael McFaul, Hoover Digest, 2006,

    No. 2

    "A Win-Win U.S. Strategy for Dealing with Iran", coauthored with Michael McFaul and

    Larry Diamond, The Washington Quarterly, Winter 2006

    "Playing for the Long Haul in Iran: A Dual-Track Strategy for Arms Control and

    Democratization", Brown Journal of World Affairs, Winter/Spring 2006

    "Iran's Peculiar Election: A Historical Perspective", Journal of Democracy, October 2005

    Irans New President, Hoover Digest, 2005, No. 4

    The Passive Revolution, coauthored with Jared Cohen, Hoover Digest, 2005, No. 3

    King of the Shadows: Golestan and the Question of Modernity, Sharg, (Tehran)

    Character as Destiny, paper presented at Oxford University conference titled, Public

    Spaces, Private Lives. Persian version, Sharg, October 2005, special issue on modernity

    and the state in Iran.

    U.S. Foreign Policy and the Future of Democracy in Iran, The Washington Quarterly,

    Summer 2005

    Daneshkadeh and the question of Modernity in Iran, Iranshenasi, Summer 2005

    Give Diplomacy a Chance, coauthored with Michael McFaul, Hoover Digest, 2005,


    Bahar and the Question of Modernity, Montreal Lectures on Iranian Literature and

    Culture (Montreal 2005) pages 244-263

    Solidarity with Iran, coauthored with Michael McFaul, Hoover Digest, 2004, No. 2

    "Hoveyda, Amir Abbas," Encyclopaedia Iranica, Vol. XII, Fascicle 5

    "Hekmat, Sardar Fakher," Encyclopedia Iranica, Vol, XII, Faschile 2, 150-152

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    "Hekmat, Ali Asghar," Encyclopedia Iranica, (with editors of EIR), Vol. XII, Fascicle 2, 145-150 "Alam and the Origins of the Revolution in Iran," Iranshenasi, Spring, 2004

    U.S. Elections: A Survey, Sharg, November 3, 2004

    Review of a new novel by Z. Hashemi, Keyhan (London), April 2004

    Iran: A Revolution Betrayed", Hoover Digest, 2003, No. 4

    "History and Culture: Hurley's Dream, How FDR almost brought democracy to Iran,"

    Hoover Digest, 2003, No. 3

    "Can Iran Become a Democracy," Hoover Digest, 2003, No. 2

    "Shadman and the Question of Modernity." Introduction to the new edition of Taskhir

    Tamadane Gharb, Tehran, Gameno, 2003, 1-26

    Hakimi, Ebrahim, Encyclopedia Iranica.

    "Golestan and the Question of Modernity," Iranshenasi, Fall 2002; republished in Iran in Mardomsalar, 2003

    "Modernity and the Postmodern in Iran," Mardomsalar, 13 Ordibehesht 1381 republished

    in Keyhan of London, 2003

    "Qasem Qani," Encyclopedia Iranica, Vol. X, Fascicle 3

    The Grey of History: Answer to Critics, Iraneemrooz (Internet magazine), Nov. 2002

    "Abbas-Goli Golshaiyan," Encyclopedia Iranica, Vol. X

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    "On Houshang Golshiri," Iranshenasi, Summer 2000 "Remembering Goishiri," Azadi, Summer 2000 "Iranian Studies," Times Literary Supplement, Nov. 14, 1997

    "Modernity and Political Thought in Nezami's Chahar Magalef (The Four Discourses),"

    Iranshenasi, Fall 1998

    "Rereading Sadigi's Introduction to Aristotle's Politics, Irannameh, Fall 1998

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    "Rostam ol Tavarikh and the Question of Modernity," Iranshenasi, Fall, 1996 "Narratives of Modernity: Perspectives of an Oriental Despot," in Moving Boundaries, Ed. Michael Shapiro. University of Minnesota Press, 1995

    "Shadman and the Question of Modernity," Iranshenasi, Spring 1995

    "Political Ideas and Theories in the Writings of Sa'di-Sirjani," Iranshenasi, Winter, 1995.

    Reprinted in an anthology of essays on Sa'di-Sirjani, Washington, D.C. 1996

    "History in Tarikh-e Beyhagi," Iranshenasi, Spring 1994