curriculu m night program of accelerated curriculum & enrichment: math & reading mrs. bero room 1300

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  • Curriculu m Night Program of Accelerated Curriculum & Enrichment: Math & Reading Mrs. Bero Room 1300
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  • Education Glenbard South Quincy University National Louis University
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  • The goal of the PACE Program is to meet the unique needs of intellectually and academically gifted students. Using State of Illinois guidelines and District 200 criteria, students are identified to participate in the PACE Program, which offers daily instruction in mathematics and/or reading to students in grades three, four, and five.
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  • Mathematical Domains The PACE math program is academically rigorous and includes compacting grade- level concepts as well as providing math enrichment and acceleration. The curriculum aligns with the Common Core State Standards. Operations and Algebraic Thinking Number and Operations in Base 10 Measurement and Data Geometry Number and Operations- -Fractions Ratio and Proportional Relationships (grade 5) Expressions and Equations (gr. 5) Number Systems (gr. 5)
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  • Balanced Literacy Approach The PACE reading program is academically rigorous and includes compacting grade- level concepts as well as providing enrichment and acceleration. A special emphasis is placed on critical and creative thinking. A list of core novels for each grade level/theme may be obtained from the PACE Office and each schools PACE specialist. The curriculum is aligned Common Core ELA standards. PACE teacher will collaborate with homeroom/classroom teachers on instruction and projects Comprehension Vocabulary Word Study Writing in Response to Reading Fluency All covered in the reading framework of shared reading, guided reading, and monitored independent reading
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  • Kids at Work The Just So Stories The Fledgling Mrs. Frisby & Rats of NIMH The Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler Morning Girl Poetry Unit
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  • Esperanza Rising Black Beauty A Wrinkle in Time Lincoln: A Photo biography The House of Dies Drear Phantom Tollbooth Civil War Unit Poetry Unit
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  • Bull Run The Westing Game The Hobbit Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Under a Worn-torn Sky The View from Saturday World War II Unit Biography Research Project-coincides with wax museum Greek Mythology William Shakespeare Unit
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  • TextPurpose Primarily Instructional Level Fiction & Non-fiction Provide support and scaffolding to assist with student understanding and practice of instructional text Notice, teach, and support reading strategies and skills Use discussion to support understanding and clarification Increase vocabulary Nurture independence and enjoyment of reading
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  • StudentTeacher Follow classroom rules Preserver through challenge Hand in quality homework consistently Come to class prepared Share thinking Listen to others thinking Produce high quality work Build relationships Provide safe environment Teach Common Core & ELA curriculums Teach with enthusiasm Give timely feedback to students Communicate Professional Development
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  • Whole Group Voice Levels PACE Rules, Guidelines, Goals Classroom jobs- monitor GIDC Individual Tickets- Friday Raffle Prizes Monthly lunch with Mrs. Bero- Incentive Birthday pencil-no HW
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  • Math- 60 Minutes 5 min.- greet, assignments (hand in or return), the days homework recorded 15 min- teacher lead lesson 15 min.- partner practice 20 min. group discussion/sharing 5 min.- explain homework Reading- 30 Minutes 5 min.- greet, assignments, record the days homework 10 min.- Lesson or Discussion on reading 15 min.- skill practice or guided reading
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  • Daily homework Due back the following day 20-35 min. 5 th grade Brainteasers
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  • Homework Portfolios- check daily Assignment notebooks- check daily Build Responsibility and indepencence
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  • Homework Classwork/Assessments/Report Card 0 Not turned in - Needs improvement Meets expectations + Above expectations I- Independent S- With support N- Not yet evident PACE Math- report card insert from PACE teacher PACE Reading- report card from classroom teacher with input from PACE teacher
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  • email is best Phone Deanna Bero webpage on Lincolns website Monthly newsletters Links to active internet sites for practice of skills Photos
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