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<p>Date: 06/04/2011</p> <p>Prepared by: MD. Shahriar Al-Sehab ID.: 09322131 Program: B.S.T.E. Batch: 13th</p> <p>Prepared for: MD. Mahmudur Rahman Lecturer of B.S.T.E CityUniversity</p> <p>SL NO.</p> <p>Discussion AboutAcknowledgement The Beginning Topic A Word from Ministry of Power, Energy &amp; Mineral Resources History of Electricity Generation Current Production Our Achievement Till Now Up Coming Situation Power System Development Plan up to 2020 Power Sector Structure Power Plants of Bangladesh Electricity Suppliers to The Consumer What we have to do still Some Special News Last Word References Last Word</p> <p>Page NO. 01 02 02 03 03 04 05 06 08 09 10 11 11 14 14 15 16</p> <p>01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17</p> <p>AcknowledgementMan has to learn in his every breath. Anything he learn it doesnt come for nothing. Learning is the only way which can change a man completely without any help. Now a days it is more easy to learn anything. It is now very systematic which guided by the teacher as a guide. As I am a student, I am a part of the system. I am a part of the system. I am learners &amp; learning from the system by the help of the guide of the system. In this process we are now learning and come to know about our country &amp; I can edit this type of thing. For this I am very grateful to my honorable teacher(guide) MD. Mahmudur Rahman. F.Islam 06.04.11</p> <p>The BeginningThe almighty Allah make a huge world, earth is a very small but beautiful part of it. For this Allah select it as the home of human being. All the thing &amp; system of the nature is carrying on by their own but for that they need energy as like we do.</p> <p>So the Energy is not a simple word to describe. Our world is depending on this word. If you dont realize it yet just close your eyes for a minute &amp; think the world Without energy . . YES. It is almost rejected. Transportation, computers, satellites even you will also be stopped without energy. Electricity is the most common form of energy &amp; our todays topic is on it.</p> <p>TopicOur motherland is a Small &amp; developing country. As it is well known that every developing country has a lot of problem, we have some too. Some of them are small (pollution, Careless treatment system etc.), some of them are large too (corruption, population etc.). But the problem which is related with electricity is a large problem too (because it is a form of energy which importance is described in the part called The Beginning.) We will give a glance on this problem today. Our todays topic is Current Situation &amp; Crisis of Electricity in Bangladesh.</p> <p>A Word from Ministry of Power, Energy &amp; Mineral ResourcesThe Government is giving its best effort to reach the goal of providing electricity service to all the people by the year 2020. Along with the reform program, Government has taken a number of time bound development plan. By the year 2020, installed capacity has been planned to increase to 17,765 MW.[Reference:] [Date of access: 1st April 1, 2011. Evening]</p> <p>But if we want to understand the actual situation of this we have to think and know it elaborately. Here we are with that now.</p> <p>History of Electricity GenerationDhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh is an ancient city. There is a public saying that Nawab of Dhaka installed a small generator in his residence "Ahsan Monjil" and started generating power at 5pm on 7th of December 1901, which is considered as the introduction of electricity in the then Dhaka city. Later, in and around 1930, M/S. DEVCO, a subsidiary of M/S. Octavians Steel Company, developed electricity distribution system at 400V level under complete private ownership and brought that for public use. Most probably in the year 1933 a power generating station named "Dhanmondi Power House" was established with two 1500 KW generators each and from there the electricity distribution system was started to sale to the public on commercial basis. After partition of the Indian sub-continent in the year 1947, power generation, transmision and distribution authority in the then East Pakistan region were confined</p> <p>within some private companies. The electricity supply in the then 17 districts were limited to the township areas only for a limited time ( (i.e.; for use during night time only) except me Dhaka city area. At that time other than some private companies, power was used to be generated by some isolated industries like tea, sugar, textiles and railway workshops. In aggregate, the generation capacity of this region was about 21 MW at that time. MW To cope up with the growing power demand of this region, the then Govt. of Pakistan created Electricity Directorate in 1948 to plan and improve power supply. In 1957 the Govt. took over the private owned companies in Dhaka and placed them under the under Electricity Directorate for power generation and distribution. In 1959, East Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (EPWAPDA) was established to look after generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity throughout the province of the then East Pakistan. After the independence of Bangladesh ince in 1972, Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) was created to look after the same function. Dhaka Electric Supply, headed by a Chief Engineer under BPDB used to control the electricity distribution and sales in Greater Dhaka District area up to September 1991. y</p> <p>Current ProductionHow much Electricity Bangladesh produces per day? How much is demand per day and how much shortage? The answers are: 5,550 Electricity Demand per day: 5,5 MW Electricity Generation per day: 4 lectricity 4,748 MW Shortage per day: 802 MW2nd Qtr 14% 1st Qtr 86%</p> <p>1st quarter :Generation 2nd quarter: Shortage Whole circle: Demand</p> <p>According to the govt. . Presently total generation capacity is 5376 MW. Of this capacity 3331 MW is from public sector and 2045 MW is from the private sector, which is 62% and 38% respectively of the total generation capacity.</p> <p>Public Sector S/N 1 BPDB 2 APSCL 3 EGCB Subtotal Private Sector IPPs SIPPs (BPDB) SIPPs (REB) 15 YR. Rental 3 YR. Rental Subtotal Total</p> <p>Generation Capacity (MW) 2470 606 255 3331 (62%) 1271 99 226 168 281 2045 (38%) 5376</p> <p>1 2 3 4 5</p> <p>Considering 10 - 15 % Maintenance and Forced Outage, Available Generation Capacity is in the range of 4500 4800 MW without fuel constraint.</p> <p>Our Achievement Till NowWe have succeed to improve our condition on producing electricity. Which information I got, I am just pasting that here as a proof of the work done, this has been taken from a govt. site.</p> <p>Up Coming SituationWe have a lot of natural resources in our country. By using those thing properly we can get rid of our problems and can product some extra electricity. This can give us a good number of foreign currencies. Our governments trying to get some extra electricity by using our own resources but there are some problem in it, as lacking in technology &amp; also some foreign power are trying to reduce our production because they want to make Bangladesh a market place for their country. Whatever our govt. has a production plan which is given bellow:</p> <p>According to this graph first time in early 2012 demand &amp; production will be same.</p> <p>Power System Development Plan up to 2020</p> <p>Sl. No. 1 2 3 4 5</p> <p>Item 2004 Installed Capacity, MW Peak Demand, MW Net Generation, MKWh Transmission Line, Km Capacity of Grid S/S,MVA (a) 230/132 kV (b) 132/33 kV Distribution Line, Km Nos. of Consumers, Lac Nos. of Village Electrified Per Capita Generation, kWh Access to Electricity Investment Requirement, (10 US$) 4,710 3,622 20,302 3,919 3,700 7,084 2007 6,441 5,368 26,651 4,898 5,950 9,642</p> <p>Year 2012 9,666 7,887 39,157 7,180 2020 17,765 14,600 76,545 8,396</p> <p>New Addition 14,525 10,978 56,243 4,477 15,375 20,283</p> <p>11,575 17,920 19,075 27,367</p> <p>6 7 8 9</p> <p>2,26,232 79.6 44,546 155</p> <p>2,66,375 90.36 52,071 190</p> <p>3,45,530 127.55 69,571 260</p> <p>4,77,558 207.67 84,000 450</p> <p>2,51,326 128.07 39,454 295</p> <p>10 11</p> <p>35%</p> <p>47% 3.0 (upto 2007)</p> <p>65% 4.5 (12072012)</p> <p>100% 7.0 (20122020)</p> <p>65%</p> <p>[Reference:] [Date of access: April 2, 201102 at 4.30am]</p> <p>Power Sector StructurePower Division is responsible for formulating policy relating to power and supervise, control and monitor the developmental activities in the power sector of the country. To implement its mandate the Power Division is supported by a number of organizations, related with generation, transmission and distribution. The organizational linkage is as follows:</p> <p>Power Plants of Bangladesh</p> <p>Electricity Suppliers to The ConsumerThere are 5 companies, who are serving us. They are</p> <p>1. BPDB - Bangladesh Power Development Board</p> <p>2. REB - Rural Electrification Board</p> <p>3. PGCB - Power Grid Company of Bangladesh</p> <p>4. DESCO - Dhaka Electric Supply Company</p> <p>5. DPDC - Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited</p> <p>What we have to do stillOur govt. and the other organization are doing some great job but still there is a lot of problem as like as Load shedding A huge system lose Bad maintenance Postponing time to start New power plant Shortage of fuel And many others</p> <p>Some Special News# Russia has agreed to build energy-starved Bangladesh's first nuclear power plant, the government said Friday.</p> <p>Bangladesh's Ministry of Science said officials from the two countries signed an agreement in Dhaka late Thursday for the $1.5 billion plant. Russia will supply two reactors capable of generating a total of 2,000 megawatts of electricity for the plant, which is to be built by 2018, the ministry said. It will also supply fuel for the plant and take back the spent fuel, it said. Russia also will train workers to run the plant, to be built in Rooppur, 75 miles (120 kilometers) north of Dhaka. Bangladesh's decades-old gas-fired power plants are unable to generate enough electricity for the country's 150 million people, with a daily shortfall of about 2,000 megawatts. Businesses complain that the shortages interfere with production.</p> <p># Many people doing their best for recovering the electricity problem, A man from Bangladesh invented a fan which can produce some electricity. By using that we can reduce the problem</p> <p>References1. Annual report of BPDB. 2. Annual report of REB. 3. Website of Ministry of Power, Energy &amp; Mineral Resources. 4. Google.</p> <p>Last WordAs I told in the very fast page of this, that I am a learner, so as a learner I have to learn about myself fast properly. And without learning about my country I cant get a good result of lessons I have learned. For this I give a little try to learn something about my country through this. For this I am thanking again my teacher to give me a chance to do such a thing. Thank you, sir.</p> <p>.</p>


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