current, conductors and insulators. current current: current refers to electricity that moves...

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  • Current, Conductors and Insulators
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  • Current Current: Current refers to electricity that moves through a circuit.
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  • Conductors A conductor is a material that allows electric current to pass through it. Types of metal such as silver and copper are usually the best conductors.
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  • Conductors The inside of wires and the connective parts of switches are made of conductors.
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  • Resistors Resistor: Resistors do not allow electric current to pass through as easy as others.
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  • Resistors As electrons move through a resistor, they cause friction. This friction creates heat, and the material gets warmer and sometimes lights up.
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  • Resistors You find resistors in toasters, stoves, and heaters.
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  • Insulator Insulators do not allow any current to pass through them. These protect us from the harm that electric current can cause. Wires are always covered with an insulator. Rubber, plastic, and glass make the best insulators.
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  • Fuse A fuse protects a circuit from too much electric current from passing through.
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  • Fuse Fuses contain a thin wire and if too much electricity flows through the wire, it heats up and melts.


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