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1. The Team Jordan Jodie Kiran Katie Codie Ylaena Maisie Steven Dan Lauren 2. The TaskOur task was to create anice-cream which reflected a flavour of Cornwall 3. Development StageWe made a lot of prototypesAnd did a lot of tasting! 4. Development StageWe experimented with lots of different flavoursCream tea FudgeClotted Cream 5. Early Ideas 6. Video ConferenceWe monitored progress with our friends at La RosaledaWe held weekly video conferences to talk about development, promotion and marketing 7. The Final RecipeAfter weeks of making and tasting, we decided upon our final recipe 4 Egg Yolks pint (250 ml) Milk. pint (250 ml) Double/Heavy Cream. 4 Oz (100g) Caster sugar. 2 tsp. Vanilla Extract. 50ml Blackberry Mead Wine 150g Cooked, Drained Blackcurrants 8. MeadWhen you drink Cornish Mead, you are drinking History.Before any other alcoholic drink was thought of, Mead was being drunk in thegreat halls and palaces of England, a fit toast for heroes. The making of Mead was an art preserved for centuries inside the monasteries. When these weredissolved by Henry VIII, the drinking of Mead fell into disuse until recent timeswhen the ancient recipes have been revived in Cornwall, and Mead is beingrediscovered. 9. Making The Ice-Cream 10. A very big thank you to 24 Penpol TerraceHayle, Cornwall TR27 4BQ01736 758 580 11. Currantly Cornish 12. Market Research 13. Marketing The Ice-Cream Some advertising examples 14. Thank you for watchingWe hope you enjoy a taste of Cornwall 15. Gallery