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Cards and Prints Catalogue - April 2015


  • Catalogue 3rd Edition

  • Thompson_Cards.indd 13 04/09/2012 15:43

    Mclelland_Cards.indd 9 04/09/2012 15:42

    Curiouser&Curiouser.Cards.2:Layout 1 14/8/14 17:14 Page 8

    Cattini_CARDS.indd 7 04/09/2012 15:40

    Eleni_Cards.indd 3 04/09/2012 15:40

    Ward_Cards.indd 1 04/09/2012 15:43Braun_Cards.indd 7 04/09/2012 15:39GreyEarl_CARDS.indd 5 04/09/2012 15:41

    Laura MansonEilidh Muldoon

    Keith Thompson

    Kate McLellandAlexandra Snowdon

    Mina Braun Ali Cattini

    Eleni Kalorkoti

    James WardThe Grey EarlChetan Kumar

    Welcome to our latest catalogue featuring more brand new designs. The updated catalogue includes 108 card designs by eleven different artists, 27 print designs and six gift wraps designs. Our full terms are listed at the back of the catalogue.

    Cards wholesale at 1.00 (in multiples of 6)

    All cards 5 x 7 (except Chetan Kumars 4x 6)

    A4 Prints wholesale at 6.25 (except Glasgow Towers A5, 5.00) no minimum order

    Gift Wrap wholesales at 75p a sheet (in multiples of 12)

    Laura and Ian.

  • Orders: Tel 01315561866 email

    Eilidh Muldoon received an MFA in Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art in 2013. She now works freelance, carrying out a wide variety of

    illustration work and has just completed her first picture book. She is interested in typography, surface pattern and the decorative arts and uses a mixture of hand-drawing and printmaking methods.

    Birthday TreatsEM011

    Musical BirthdayEM003

    Magical BirthdayEM002


    Home Tweet HomeEM001

    Blooming BirthdayEM013

    Sorry Youre LeavingEM004

    New BabyEM010

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    Eilidh Muldoon Cards NEW DESIGNS

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    Eilidh Muldoon Cards

    Thinking of YouEM006




    Town Scene 1EM007


    Town Scene 2EM008

    Thank You BirdsEM005

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  • Curiouser&Curiouser.Cards.2:Layout 1 14/8/14 17:11 Page 2Curiouser&Curiouser.Cards.2:Layout 1 14/8/14 17:13 Page 6

    Curiouser&Curiouser.Cards.2:Layout 1 14/8/14 17:13 Page 5Curiouser&Curiouser.Cards.2:Layout 1 14/8/14 17:13 Page 7

    Curiouser&Curiouser.Cards.2:Layout 1 14/8/14 17:11 Page 1

    Curiouser&Curiouser.Cards.2:Layout 1 14/8/14 17:14 Page 8

    Curiouser&Curiouser.Cards.2:Layout 1 14/8/14 17:12 Page 3

    Curiouser&Curiouser.Cards.2:Layout 1 14/8/14 17:12 Page 4

    Alexandra Snowdon Cards

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    Happy Ever AfterAS025

    Alexandra Snowdon discovered her love for printmaking and illustration while studying at Manchester Metropolitan University.

    After graduating with a first class degree in 2009 she started work on her own collection of hand printed cards, fine art prints and bags. Just before Christmas that year she launched

    Snowdon Design & Craft and continued to develop the business in her spare time, fitting it in around her job as a graphic designer.

    In 2012 Alex decided it was time to concentrate on her business full time and is thrilled to be doing the work she loves every day. Alex also loves to travel and is inspired by vintage and folk design from all over the world.


  • Laura Manson Cards

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    Laura grew up in the Scottish Highlands. After studying Visual Communications at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen, she lived and

    worked in Edinburgh as an in-house illustrator, before continuing her studies at Edinburgh College of Art, focusing on an MFA in Illustration.

    Her work showcases a love of bold, colourful imagery with strong influences from mid-century graphic design and a fascination with the weird and wonderful. Beginning life digitally, her illustrations soon proliferate into many formats including paper pop-ups, screen prints and wooden sculptures.

    Now a recent graduate, Lauras time is split between working at home on her writing bureau and looking for inspiration in museums and exhibitions around Edinburgh.








  • Eleni Kalorkoti Cards

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    Eleni Kalorkoti is an illustrator originally from Edinburgh, Scotland. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2007 with a BA in Illustration and then

    went on to become a trainee at Edinburgh Printmakers, where she learnt about and practiced various printmaking techniques, with a focus on screen printing.

    After abandoning Scotland for Paris for six months she is about to make the inevitable move to London, where she hopes life will not take too Dickensian a turn.

    Her clients include Anorak magazine, Analogue Books, Random House, Oh Comely magazine, The Manual, Nido, Regents College and more... She is represented internationally by Agency Rush.

    Eleni_Cards.indd 7 04/09/2012 15:40Eleni_Cards.indd 3 04/09/2012 15:40

    Eleni_Cards.indd 13 04/09/2012 15:40

    Eleni_Cards.indd 5 04/09/2012 15:40

    Eleni_Cards.indd 9 04/09/2012 15:40

    Eleni_Cards.indd 15 04/09/2012 15:40

    Eleni_Cards.indd 11 04/09/2012 15:40

    Eleni_Cards.indd 17 04/09/2012 15:41

    Ballet DancersEK004

    Cabaret DancersEK007


    Bauhaus DancersEK005


    Busby DancersEK006

    Mexican DancersEK009

    Bird PuddleEK002

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    Alexandra Snowdon Cards

    Orders: Tel 01315561866 email

    Snowdon_Cards.indd 7 04/09/2012 15:43Snowdon_Cards.indd 3 04/09/2012 15:42

    Snowdon_Cards.indd 13 04/09/2012 15:43Snowdon_Cards.indd 5 04/09/2012 15:43

    Snowdon_Cards.indd 9 04/09/2012 15:43

    Snowdon_Cards.indd 15 04/09/2012 15:43

    Snowdon_Cards.indd 11 04/09/2012 15:43

    Snowdon_Cards.indd 17 04/09/2012 15:43

    Bush BabyAS004

    Rocking HorseAS007







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    Laura Manson Cards

    Manson_Cards.indd 7 04/09/2012 15:42Manson_Cards.indd 3 04/09/2012 15:42

    Manson_Cards.indd 13 04/09/2012 15:42Manson_Cards.indd 5 04/09/2012 15:42

    Manson_Cards.indd 9 04/09/2012 15:42

    Manson_Cards.indd 15 04/09/2012 15:42

    Manson_Cards.indd 11 04/09/2012 15:42

    Manson_Cards.indd 17 04/09/2012 15:42


    Tightrope WalkerLM007

    Clown 1LM003

    Clown 2LM005


    Strongest ManLM006



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  • Orders: Tel 01315561866 email

    Kate McLelland CardsKate McLelland grew up in the North East of England before moving to London to gain a BA Hons in Theatre Design. After completing her degree in

    London she moved to Edinburgh, where she recently gained an MFA in Illustration with Distinction at Edinburgh College of Art. For her final degree show she created limited edition prints as well as two childrens books, one of which was highly commended in the MacMillan Prize. In recent years Kate was nominated for a D&AD Illustration award and a Penguin Design Award.

    A keen printmaker, Kate spends her time either experimenting in her home studio or at the Edinburgh printmakers.

    Mclelland_Cards.indd 7 04/09/2012 15:42Mclelland_Cards.indd 3 04/09/2012 15:42

    Mclelland_Cards.indd 13 04/09/2012 15:42Mclelland_Cards.indd 5 04/09/2012 15:42

    Mclelland_Cards.indd 9 04/09/2012 15:42

    Mclelland_Cards.indd 15 04/09/2012 15:42

    Mclelland_Cards.indd 11 04/09/2012 15:42

    Mclelland_Cards.indd 17 04/09/2012 15:42

    Field MiceKM004

    Fox and CubKM007




    Pine MartenKM006


    Highland CowKM002

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  • Ali Cattini Cards

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    Ali Cattini is a London based illustrator known also as Keeki, which means cake in Japanese.

    Her artwork focuses on line, colour and character and encompasses doodling, painting, ink, digital work and screen printing.

    She has had work published in GQ, Anorak, Amelie, The Daily Mail and Just 17.

    Landscape_Cards.indd 7 04/09/2012 15:41

    Landscape_Cards.indd 9 04/09/2012 15:41


    Lovely BirthdayAC003

    Cattini_CARDS.indd 1 04/09/2012 15:40

    Cattini_CARDS.indd 7 04/09/2012 15:40

    Cattini_CARDS.indd 3 04/09/2012 15:40

    Cattini_CARDS.indd 9 04/09/2012 15:40

    Cattini_CARDS.indd 5 04/09/2012 15:40

    Cattini_CARDS.indd 11 04/09/2012 15:40

    Banger BirthdayAC004

    Stole My HeartAC007

    Bees KneesAC005

    Sucker For YouAC008

    Birthday WishesAC006

    Birthday DreamsAC009

  • Braun_Cards.indd 5 04/09/2012 15:39

    Ward_Cards.indd 1 04/09/2012 15:43Braun_Cards.indd 1 04/09/2012 15:38

    Ward_Cards.indd 5 04/09/2012 15:43Braun_Cards.indd 7 04/09/2012 15:39

    Ward_Cards.indd 3 04/09/2012 15:43Braun_Cards.indd 3 04/09/2012 15:39

    Ward_Cards.indd 7 04/09/2012 15:43

    Mina Braun Cards James Ward Cards

    Orders: Tel 01315561866 email

    Flying UmbrellaMB003




    Teapot MomentMB004

    Bear BoyJW002



    Mina is originally from Germany, where she studied at the Kassel Academy of Art. After moving to Scotland in 2003, she completed first a BA and then a Master degree in illustration at the Edinburgh College of Art and she continues to work in Edinburgh.

    Mina is passionate about drawing and printmaking. Her work is strongly motivated by visual storytelling and takes its inspiration from themes relating to childhood and nature, particularly from the transitional realm of folklore and fairy tales.

    James studied Illustration at Westminster University in London where he developed a love of working in pen and ink. He wanted to create pieces that have a narrative, but an ambiguous one.

    He feels drawing anthropomorphic characters can describe so much about human emotions and personalities with the juxtaposition of the animals expression against its clothing, an object or text.

  • Orders: Tel 01315561866 email

    The Grey Earl Cards

    Orders: Tel 01315561866 email

    The Grey Earl, (or Jon to his mum) is an illustrator, model maker, beard grower, musician and full time tea drinker, based in the sunny city of Glasgow, Scotland.

    His first naive drawings as a boy were of lycra-clad, American wrestlers; over the years his illustrative style and chosen subject matter matured greatly and now he draws... er... Mexican wrestlers and penguins!

    With a distinct sense of humour that both children and adults warm to, he works both traditionally and digitally to bring his imagery to life.

    He drinks his tea white, no sugar and likes his biscuits hard and crumbly.

    Landscape_Cards.indd 11 04/09/2012 15:41

    Landscape_Cards.indd 13 04/09/2012 15:41



    GreyEarl_CARDS.indd 1 04/09/2012 15:41

    GreyEarl_CARDS.indd 7 04/09/2012 15:41

    GreyEarl_CARDS.indd 3 04/09/2012 15:41

    GreyEarl_CARDS.indd 9 04/09/2012 15:41

    GreyEarl_CARDS.indd 5 04/09/2012 15:41

    GreyEarl_CARDS.indd 11 04/09/2012 15:41







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    Keith Thompson Cards

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    Keith Thompson trained at Edinburgh College of Art and has been exhibiting since 1997. Working from his Edinburgh studio, he splits his creative energies between large-scale figurative painting and smaller-scale design work. He is a keen portrait painter, although he also loves to etch and screen-print designs. Keith draws on many influences for his work, themes such as structure, sequence and memory, all visualised by the multiple-images seen in his work.

    He regularly exhibits at the Royal Scottish Academy and numerous other galleries.

    Landscape_Cards.indd 1 04/09/2012 15:41

    Landscape_Cards.indd 3 04/09/2012 15:41



    Thompson_Cards.indd 3 04/09/2012 15:43

    Thompson_Cards.indd 9 04/09/2012 15:43

    Thompson_Cards.indd 5 04/09/2012 15:43

    Thompson_Cards.indd 11 04/09/2012 15:43

    Thompson_Cards.indd 7 04/09/2012 15:43

    Thompson_Cards.indd 13 04/09/2012 15:43


    Planes, Trains, AutomobilesKT007





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    Mclelland_Cards.indd 1 04/09/2012 15:42 Thompson_Cards.indd 1 04/09/2012 15:43

    Manson_Cards.indd 1 04/09/2012 15:42

    Eleni_Cards.indd 1 04/09/2012 15:40

    Snowdon_Cards.indd 1 04/09/2012 15:42

    KM001 KT001




    LM027 AS001

    Landscape_Cards.indd 5 04/09/2012 15:41

  • Mclelland_Cards.indd 13 04/09/2012 15:42

    Mclelland_Cards.indd 15 04/09/2012 15:42

    Mclelland_Cards.indd 3 04/09/2012 15:42 Mclelland_Cards.indd 17 04/09/2012 15:42

    Mclelland_Cards.indd 7 04/09/2012 15:42 Mclelland_Cards.indd 11 04/09/2012 15:42

    Mclelland_Cards.indd 5 04/09/2012 15:42Mclelland_Cards.indd 9 04/09/2012 15:42

    Kate McLelland Prints Orders: Tel 01315561866 email

    Fox and CubKM016


    Highland CowKM014


    Field MiceKM011

    Pine MartenKM017



  • Laura Manson Prints Alexandra Snowdon Prints

    Manson_Cards.indd 17 04/09/2012 15:42

    Snowdon_Cards.indd 11 04/09/2012 15:43

    Manson_Cards.indd 3 04/09/2012 15:42

    Snowdon_Cards.indd 5 04/09/2012 15:43

    Manson_Cards.indd 15 04/09/2012 15:42

    Curiouser&Curiouser.Prints:Layout 1 30/5/13 16:39 Page 10

    Manson_Cards.indd 7 04/09/2012 15:42

    Curiouser&Curiouser.Prints:Layout 1 30/5/13 16:34 Page 4






    Rocking HorseAS012



  • Chetan Kumar Prints

    Orders: Tel 01315561866 email hello@curiouserandcuriouser.comOrders: Tel 01315561866 email

    Chetan is based in London and goes by the pseudonym Cheism. After graduating with first class honours in BA Illustration from the University of Westminster, Chetan has gone on to have his work published in educational textbooks, and also featured in the new talent section of the Association of Illustrators-Images 34:Best of British Illustration.

    Inspired by his extensive traveling around the world, Chetan has an interest in visiting new places and exploring facets of living in a city.

    London TowersCK010

    Berlin TowersCK011

    Edinburgh TowersCK012

    New Zealand TowersCK015

    Glasgow Towers (A5 sized print)CK013

    Marrakech TowersCK016

    Inspired IndiaCK014

    Chetans prints are also available as 4 x 6 inch cards. To o...


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