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Curiouser and curiouser !. Lecture and a Mars Landing The Mars Curiosity Rover. Space: The Final Frontier. Mars Curiosity Rover. two. Mars. s igns of life. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Curiouser and curiouser!Lecture and a Mars LandingThe Mars Curiosity RoverThis should be familiar as the opening montage for Star Trek2Space: The Final FrontierThese are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.Mars Curiosity RovertwoMarssigns of lifeThe mission of the Starship Enterprise is not too different from that of the Mars Curiosity rover.3Mars Science Laboratory

Lasers!4Mars Rovers

Spirit / Opportunity (2004)Pathfinder (1997)CuriosityGuided entry for precision landing.Nuclear power source (at least 2 years)Much bigger than previous roversMore science tools:Laser induced spectrometerChemistry and mineral compositionRadiation assessmentAtmosphere evaluationThe Most Advanced Ever!Gale Crater

Mount Sharp3.4 miles highLanding SiteFormed by a meteorWater in the pastClays and sulfatesAbout the size of ConnecticutEDL: 7 Minutes of Terror

Of the 49 planned missions to Mars, only 20 have been successful.So why do we keep going back?

Mars Is HARD!Could Mars have ever supported life?There is one question guiding all of the missions to Mars. First they searched for water. They found water. Now they are searching for other building blocks for life.10Is there life out there?That other question is really just a practical way of asking what scientists really want to know: Is there life out there?11Why?Philosophical: Is there life out there?Practical:Humans may one day need to leave Earth.Can Mars support life?

12Nothing New Under the Sun

The exploration of mars today is not too much different from the explorations of the unknown world 500 years ago. Europeans went out on ships to the americas searching for the fountain of youth and gold. Scientists today send rovers on rockets to mars searching for signs of life and potential habitats.13Dear Laaf,Space exploration is a waste of money! We dont need to spend 2.5 billion dollars sending robots to Mars. What are we looking for anyway? People need help now.I am going to boycott Mars and any company that supports Mars.Sincerely,Hater McHatesalotNaysayers shall henceforth naysay14Dear Hater,Space exploration and science is a worthwhile cause. The advances in technology in space development often trickle down to practical applications in our own lives.The question of what is worthwhile is not an easy question and can be asked of many endeavors. Is spending money on art worthwhile? What about spending money for the Olympics or other athletic competitions?The human spirit has been created with a desire to be creative, to be excellent, and to be curious. We should not stifle that spirit by reducing our existence to one of survival only. We should satisfy our curiosity and desire to learn by expanding our understanding of the universe. Investments in technology do not show gains and benefits immediately and take time.Go ahead and boycott pretty much every company ever, as nearly all companies have benefitted from advancements in air transportation, radio communication, and semiconductors made possible through space agency research.Sincerely,MilesWhat will we be watching?

Yay Mars!


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