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  • Prof. Dr. Abdus Samad Shera who was an Eminent Diabetologist had been the Secretary General of 'Diabetes Association of Pakistan' and Honorary president of 'International Diabetes Federation(IDF)'. He had also been the Director of World Health Organisation(wHO) collaboration centre for "Treatment, Education and Research in Diabetes and Diabetic pregnancies" and as such had been involved in numerous WHO Programmes. He was also the chairman MENA region Diabetes Guidelines Committee, Founding president of the Diabetes in Asia Study Group(DASG) and National Coordinator for Diabetes Control Programme. He had played a key role in formulating National and International Diabetes Policy and was the Author of several books and articles in English and Urdu.

    In the recognition of his services in the field of Diabetes and Medicine, the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has conferred on Dr. A.Samad Shera the prestigious civil awards of 'Sitara-e- Imtiaz' and 'Tamgha-e-Imtiaz'.We dedicate our Curriculum Book to Dr.A.Samad Shera on his extraordinary and untiding Services to humanity in the field of Diabetes and Medicine.


    Late Prof. Dr. Abdus Samad Shera (1935 - 2020)


  • This Book is Humbly Dedicated to

    Prof. Dr. Samad Shera, a legendary scholar and researcher in Medicine, who deserves an endless volume of dedications. Today he is not among us, but he will

    continue to live in the hearts, in research guides and in all the lamps that he lit in

    education for generations of doctors to come in the centuries ahead.

    Prof. Dr. Samad Shera was a stamped devotee in the medical profession. His latest

    designation as Secretary General of the Diabetic Association of Pakistan and

    Honorary President of International Diabetes Foundation brought him engermous

    recognition. By dint of his tremendous knowledge and amazing vision he was a

    source of pride for Pakistan.

    His is a long list of honors and designations including being the Director of WHO Collaborating Centre for treatment, education and research in Diabetes and Diabetic pregnancies, but at the top of everything, he was the one who constantly tried to set the best example in all that he attempted and inspired everyone around him to touch the zenith. No wonder that he played a memorable key role in formulating National and International policies and guidelines on Diabetes.

    He was a great orator and whenever among students, he infused in them a spirit of continuous struggle. “For you there should be no boundary, sky's the limit” he always told them.

    Dedicating this book to this gem of a learned doctor, we acknowledge his incredible contributions to Medicine, to Diabetology, his immense love for students and his faith in the next generations.

    May ALMIGHTY enable us to follow the footprints of this celebrated scholar, an ideal mentor for students and an enviable colleague, who contributed to

    Medicine with a horizon touching vision. Ameen.

    From Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bilal Dean of Medicine




  • This gives a great pleasure in writing these few lines for an excellent Curriculum book for students of Medicine in MBBS. It covers all expects of clinical knowledge and skills required by the medical students in their formative years. The students at this stage of their career require some direction and guidance which if properly provided can go a long way in building their clinical sense and acumen. I must congratulate all those involved in the compilation of this book and especially the faculty of Medicine department for conceiving this idea and bringing it into reality. These are the footprints that we leave on the sand of time for many to follow and in turn serve the humanity in real sense of the word. What are we in this world there for? It is only to illuminate our surroundings with knowledge, wisdom and hope. I would expect all the departments catering for education at undergraduate level must produce such clinical record books which provide a format to the students to follow and learn the clinical clerkship which is the most essential armamentarium of a doctor in active practice.

    In the end, I wish all the best to the teachers and students for successful completion of their academic pursuits which in fact are never ending. Keep doing good by trusting your abilities and with strong faith in our Creator Allah the Almighty.

    Vice Chancellor

    PROFESSOR DR. ZAFAR ALI CHAUDARY FCPS, FRCS Ed (Surgery) Faisalabad Medical University

    Message from

    Faisalabad Medical Univeristy

    Curriculum of Under Graduates

  • Dear students

    We all know that medicine is a noble profession and every noble profession has some privileges and obligations. The ultimate goal of medical education is the delivery of quality health care services for the society.

    In the present educational system, you are introduced with basic knowledge of medicine till 2nd year MBBS. 3rd year is a transformation year, where you integrate the knowledge with real life patients. Being a good physician is not only confined to knowledge, it demands skills and attitude training. Designing and implementation of a program which integrates knowledge with skills and attitude is not an easy task. Department of Medicine has recognized it and have tried to make a Curriculum book for our students to facilitate your learning experience on Medical floor. It has been prepared according to basic educational principles. I hope you will like this structured training guide. Your feedback will help us to improve it. I wish you a very pleasant learning experience


    PROF. DR. SAJID HAMEED MBBS, FCPS (Peads Surgery) Principal Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad

    Message from

    Faisalabad Medical Univeristy

    Curriculum of Under Graduates

  • My dear Students

    I congratulate you all on passing your professional exams and welcome you to the final year of your professional degree program. It is an exciting and at the same time very challenging task for the students as well as for the faculty to get prepared for future and help you to complete this basic degree . The department of Medicine has always tried to help the students learn the basic principles of a good medical practice. Disease pattern is changing with every passing day and preparing the new doctors to meet the future needs is an untiring effort.

    This academic effort becomes interesting if things are structured in a proper way. To accomplish this task, Department of Medicine has prepared a detailed curriculum document and a study guide. This will guide the teachers and students towards their desired goals. You have a road map in your hands now. It is a learning log and help you to improve your skills through reflection. I thank all my colleagues and team who have put a great effort in designing this guide.

    Best Wishes

    Message from Dean

    PROF. DR. AHMED BILAL MBBS, FCPS (Medicine) Dean/Head of Medicine PMC/FMU, Faisalabad.

    Faisalabad Medical Univeristy

    Curriculum of Under Graduates

  • PROFESSOR DR AHMED BILAL Head of Department of Medicine Dean of Medicine & Allied FMU/ Allied Hospital Faisalabad

    Faculty of Medicine

    PROFESSOR DR AAMIR SHAUKAT Head of Medical Unit II Dean of Post Graduate Medical Sciences FMU/ Allied Hospital Faisalabad

    PROFESSOR DR AMIR HUSSAIN Head of Medical Unit III FMU/ Allied Hospital Faisalabad

    DR HANIF NAGRA Associate Professor Head of Medical Unit IV FMU/ Allied Hospital Faisalabad

    DR MAQSOOD AHMAD Associate Professor Head of Medical Unit V FMU/ Allied Hospital Faisalabad

    Faisalabad Medical Univeristy

    Curriculum of Under Graduates

  • Faculty of Medicine

    MEDICAL UNIT-I 1. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bilal (Professor/HOD) 2. Dr. Fraz Saeed Qureshi (Assistant Professor) 3. Dr. M. Owais Fazal (Assistant Professor) 4. Dr. Ahmed Zeeshan (Assistant Professor) 5. Dr. Yasir Yaqoob (Assistant Professor) 6. Dr. Ghulam Abbas Tahir (Assistant Professor) 7. Dr. Muhammad Usman Musharraf (Assistant Professor) 8. Dr. Adnan Sarwar (Assistant Professor) 9. Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman (Assistant Professor)

    MEDICAL UNIT-II 1. Prof. Dr. Aamir Shaukat (Professor) 2. Dr. Muhammad Arif (Assistant Professor) 3. Dr. Umair Ahmad (Assistant Professor) 4. Dr. Muhammad Irfan (Assistant Professor)) 5. Dr. M. Shahzad Khan (Assistant Professor) 6. Dr. Israr Hussain (Senior Registrar) 7. Dr. M. Yousaf Ayub (Senior Registrar)

    MEDICAL UNIT-III 1. Prof. Dr. Amir Hussain (Professor) 2. Dr. M. Adrees Shani (Assistant Professor) 3. Dr. M. Aamir (Assistant Professor) 4. Dr. Rai Masood Arif (Senior Registrar) 5. Dr. Salman Shakoor (Senior Registrar) 6. Dr. Maroof Vaince (Senior Registrar) 7. Dr. Zikriya Anwar (Senior Registrar)

    MEDICAL UNIT-IV 1. Dr. M. Hanif Nagra (Associate Professor) 2. Dr. Tahir Habib Rizvi (Associate Professor) 3. Dr. Amin Anjum (Assistant Professor) 4. Dr. Hafiz Amjed (Assistant Professor) 5. Dr. Shahid Maqbool (Senior Registrar) 6. Dr. Huma Muzaffar (Senior Registrar) 7. Dr. Talha Zahid (Senior Registrar)

    Faisalabad Medical Univeristy

    Curriculum of Under Graduates

  • Faculty of Medicine

    MEDICAL UNIT-V 1. Dr. Maqsood Ahmad (Associate Profe