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ISITE Design's own Natalie Williams compares the similarities of managing web projects, to making cupcakes.


  • 1.Make managing web projects a piece of cake Make managing web projects a piece of cake Natalie Williams| ISITE Design | @NatAttack

2. Before you step into the kitchen Before you step into the kitchen 3. Plan your menu

  • Size of event
  • Dream big
  • Pare back based on constraints
  • Feature matrix shopping list

4. Avoid getting egg on your face 5. Determine your stakeholders

  • Whos the client?
    • vs
  • Whos actually calling the shots?

6. Risk mitigation

  • Dont be afraid to push back or say no
  • Throw flags

7. Get psyched Get psyched 8. Invest to own

  • Resolve to make the experience positive
  • Motivate your team
  • Have fun along the way

9. Just a smaller piece of cake 10. Ready. Set. Bake. 11. A foundational support 12. Development

  • Batter options
  • Fight the urge to overfill
  • Time in the oven

13. A quick and helpful tip 14. Cleanliness! Control! 15. Front end design 16. Frosting

  • Color
  • Consistency
  • Technique
    • Inside out
    • Outside in

17. Its all about the packaging 18. Proof? 19. Presentation

  • Does it deliver what you expected?
  • Does it make sense?

20. Plan on getting your hands dirty 21. Give the people what they want 22. Turn to professionals when needed 23.