cupcake ideas: like wedding invitation & weaved cupcakes

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The best CUPCAKE IDEAS from around the world!


  • 1.Like Wedding Invitation&Weaved CupcakesSubmitted by: Gabi HunterSubmitted by: MariaJose Mosquera

2. Like Wedding Invitation Submitted by: Gabi 3. Like Wedding 4. Like Wedding 5. Like Wedding Invitation This couple had a nice wedding invitations withlittle owls on it. Very lovely! They wanted a cakeand cupcakes in same style. So the results! 6. Like Wedding 7. Like Wedding 8. Next Cupcake IdeasisWeaved Cupcakes Submitted by: MariaJose 9. Weaved 10. Weaved 11. Weaved CupcakesThese cute cupcakes were covered with weavedfondant. I wove the fondant first and then cut out circlesto cover the cupcakes. Then I placed the flowers to makethem even cuter. This design is not only adorable andelegant but it also disguises any cupcake imperfectioninstead of having tu cut the top part off. 12. Weaved 13. Weaved CupcakesThanks for viewingCupcake Ideas For You! 14. VisitCupcakeIdeasForYou.comto see pictures of the BEST cupcakeideas from around the world!


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