Cumbria Flooding

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<ul><li>1.Source: </li></ul> <p>2. did the floods happen? did they happen? did they occur? impacts did the floods have? was involved? 3. 1. A 'conveyor' of warm, very moist sub-tropical air was carried towards Britain from south of the Azores. 2. Warm air rises over the Cumbrian mountains, cools and condenses as heavy rain. 5. Significant flooding at confluences of rivers in Cockermouth. 4. Heavy rain enters regions rivers. 3. Warm Conveyor stuck over Cumbria for 34 hours. Steady downpour maintained. Source: 4. Source: 5. 1770-1860 Create a thought bubble about what must have been going on in the mind of one of the victims of the floods. How might you have coped in their situation? 6. Good Okay Need help I am able to describe the location of the floods and the worst affected areas. I can use my knowledge to explain the causes of the floods. I can describe the impacts of the floods upon people, the economy and the environment. I can express clearly my own personal response about this natural disaster. </p>