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A Culturally Relevant Inspiration



2. A CLOSER LOOK AT THREEDIFFERENT CULTURALLYRELEVANT SCHOOLS1. Toledo School for the Artsgrades 6th-12th Sudbury Valley Schoolgrades K-12th Brooklyn Free Schoolgrades K-12th 3. 1. TOLEDO SCHOOL OF THE ARTS Located in Toledo, Ohio Urban setting, located in a downtown converted warehouse School population consists of about 65% Caucasian, 20%African American, 5% Hispanic, and 10% other. 35% of the student body are eligible for a free or reducedlunch 4. SUMMARY OF TOLEDOSCHOOL OF THE ARTS ANDWHY IT IS UNIQUEToledo School of the Arts is a public charter schoolthat offers students an opportunity to study coreacademic subjects while intergrading the arts intoevery subject. Classes in music, dance, theatre, andvisual arts are offered along with core 5. YOU TUBE VIDEOToledo School of the Arts click the picture above to startthe attached video) 6. 21ST CENTURY SKILLS SUPPORTEDAT TOLEDO SCHOOL OF THEARTS.. Hands on activates involving the learning into the arts. Students encouraged to act out history with skits allowing for creativityin the way subjects are taught and gaining a deeper understanding. Collaborations with local artist who support the school and encourageinvolvement within the student body. Students are encouraged to critically think how to act out or expresslearning through the arts. Communication between students is encouraged. Students showcase, sell their art, and preform every month on the firstFriday reaching out to the community and involving the community.Students built these penguin puppets andperformed on opening weekend of thenew penguin exhibit at the Toledo 7. How the learningexperiences reflectculturally relevantpedagogy..Learning experiences exposethe arts that are culturallyrelevant to the students whoattend.Toledo School of the Arts..How the school andpromotes creativity inthe classroom..Students are encouraged tointergrade the arts into coreacademic subjects allowing forcreativity and deeperunderstandings of subjects.How the schoolencourages teachersto be more creative intheir approach toteaching..Teachers encourage thestudents by intergrading thearts into the lessons.Students who attend thisschool have a desire for thearts and have culturalrelevance to the 8. 2. SUDBURY VALLEY SCHOOL Located in Framingham, Massachusetts Suburban setting, located on 10 beautiful acres Private school with a $8200 a year tuition fee Unable to find school demographic information due to being aprivate school, they do not have to report like public schoolsare required to do. 9. SUMMARY OF SUDBURY VALLEYSCHOOL AND WHY IT ISUNIQUEThis school is very unique and offers students the freedom toexplore the school how they want. They hold no traditionalclasses and students explore things that they find interestingthroughout the day including video games, knitting, cooking,playing, and just exploring. Students can attend as they wantand they have no set hours, although they are open 8:30-5:30daily and students must attend at minimum of five hours dailywithin these 10. YOU TUBE VIDEO Valley School(Double click the picture above to startthe attached video) 11. 21ST CENTURY SKILLSSUPPORTED AT SUDBURYVALLEY SCHOOL.. Students are encouraged to create and spend their daydoing whatever they want to do and learn. Collaborations between students happen as they explorethe grounds of the school, learning, making mistakes andlearning from their mistakes. Critical thinking happens when the students in this schoolresearch and complete lessons of their choice. Communication is happening in this school as studentscommunicate with each other as they explore. Problem solving is encouraged and students discipline eachother when the need arises, taking votes and deciding bestway to address concerns.Students working together to complete aproject. 12. How the learningexperiences reflectculturally relevantpedagogy..The learning experiences atthis school are culturallyrelevant since each studentdecides when and what theywish to learn.Sudbury Valley School..How the school andpromotes creativity inthe classroom..The creativity happens in thisschool as each child exploresand decides how to spendtheir day. Students createthe education they wantindividually with no instructionform teachers.How the schoolencourages teachersto be more creative intheir approach toteaching..This school does not carry thetraditional ways of thinkingand learning instead eachstudent decides what theywant to do in the learningprocess. Teachers are theremerrily to supervise and watchas students 13. 3. BROOKLYN FREE SCHOOL Located in Brooklyn, New York Located in an urban setting School enrollment averages 30- 55 students a school yearwith a 1:12 student teacher student ratio, this is a privatenon-profit school with a $9500 a school year tuition fee. School population 46.6% Caucasian, 36.2% AfricanAmerican, 10.3% Hispanic, and 6.9% other. 14. SUMMARY OF BROOKLYN FREESCHOOL AND WHY IT ISUNIQUETeachers at this school follow the interests of each studentand instruction is often given through play. Students have anequal part in the choices made throughout the day and theyhelp decide what they are going to learn and when in the daythey are going to do 15. YOU TUBE VIDEO Free School(Double click the picture above to startthe attached video) 16. 21ST CENTURY SKILLSSUPPORTED AT BROOKLYN FREESCHOOL.. Collaborations between students are encouraged and olderstudents often are working with the younger ones buildingcollaborations as they explore and learn. Creativity is encouraged and students are engaged in thelearning. The students have daily meetings using critical thinkingskills to decide and problem solve options throughout theday they will plan. Students communicate their interests to the otherstudents and teachers to collaborate plans for 17. How the learningexperiences reflectculturally relevantpedagogy..Because each studentsinterest is followed and takeninto consideration whenplanning this schoolintergrades what is culturallyrelevant to each student.Brooklyn Free School..How the school andpromotes creativity inthe classroom..Creativity is promoted wheneach student has the abilityto create a plan on what he orshe wants to study or learn.Students create games tolearn things like numbers andintergrade play to learn.How the schoolencourages teachersto be more creative intheir approach toteaching..This school encourages theteachers to think of thestudents as equal parts in thelearning process. Students areencouraged to make choices inwhat they learn and whatinterests them. Teachersincorporate and follow thestudents 18. CONCLUSION..Teachers who understand their students cultural relevance to thelessons have a greater chance of giving successful lessons. When teachersconnect the culture of the students to the lessons, then connectionsbetween home and school happen, giving that student a strongerunderstanding of the lesson and making it relevant. All educators shouldunderstand that by integrating the students cultural background into theeducation, the demands of curricular lessons can still happen. Studentssuccesses depend on how the instruction is given, and by using relevant,creative, and knowledge understandings, higher success can and willhappen in the classroom. All three of the schools investigated have theirown individual and unique way of intergrading the students culturalrelevance into the lessons taught or learned, but have one common theme,cultural relevant inspiration to the student. 19. REFERENCES..Retrieved November 2, 2014, from November 2, 2014, from November 1, 2014, from Brooklyn Free School on BCAT News [Video file]. (2007, June 11). Retrieved from Free School | where children are free to be themselves. (n.d.). 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