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<ul><li><p>CULTURAL POLICY FOR IPSWICH</p></li><li><p>From the early days of settlement, Ipswichresidents have been drawn to the city fromaround the world. As the city has grown and prospered, the multicultural mix hasdeveloped to over 115 countries of origin and today, over 80 different languages are spoken.</p><p>One of Ipswichs greatest strengths is ourcultural diversity and the active involvementin the broader community by variousmulticultural groups. By valuing thestrengths of our diverse community, thepeople of Ipswich have developed strongpartnerships and relationships which give our city a real heart and soul. Our variouscultural groups contribute to this relationship</p><p>by providing an effective network ofcommunity services, community events and celebrations.</p><p>By 2026, Ipswich is predicted to have apopulation of 318,000, more than doubletodays current population. It is vital thatcultural development keeps pace with thispopulation growth.</p><p>As a community, we must continue to carefor each other and be inspired. Culturaldevelopment is one of the keys to ensuringIpswich is an exciting family-friendly place to live, work and visit.</p><p>Councillor Paul Pisasale, Mayor of the City of Ipswich </p><p>CULTURAL POLICY FOR IPSWICH 3</p><p>A MESSAGE FROM THE MAYOR</p><p>Mayor Paul Pisasale is proud to present IpswichCity Councils Cultural Policy for the City</p></li><li><p>CULTURAL POLICY FOR IPSWICH 5</p><p>Ipswich is recognised as a great place tolive, work and visit. Some reasons for thisinclude the citys heritage, cultural diversityand the accessibility of arts and culturalevents. </p><p>Ipswich is home to some outstanding artsand cultural facilities including the IpswichLibrary, Ipswich Art Gallery and Ipswich CivicHall. With a rapidly growing population thereis no doubt that the use of such facilities willcontinue to grow and remain at the heart ofthe communitys cultural life</p><p>Ipswich is on track to remain a place wherepeople can really be part of the culturaldevelopment of the city. We can all getinvolved, enjoy and promote the culturalvalues, ambitions and resources we need fora healthy community.</p><p>Councillor Charlie Pisasale, Chairperson: Arts, Community &amp; CulturalService Committee</p><p>A MESSAGE FROM COUNCILLOR CHARLIE PISASALE</p><p>The Cultural Policy for Ipswich illustrates Ipswich City Councilscommitment to cultural development.</p></li><li><p>CULTURAL POLICY FOR IPSWICH</p><p>It is recognised that many stakeholders, including Government, Business and theCommunity sector, have an important role to play in the implementation of a cultural policyfor Ipswich. The following policy objectives and implementation strategies are designed tobe used by all stakeholders delivering cultural services and activities in the Ipswich region. </p><p>Purpose </p><p>The purpose of the Cultural Policy forIpswich is to recognise the important role of Government, Business and theCommunity sector in the support andimplementation of strategies to achieve the cultural goals of Ipswich. </p><p>Policy Objectives</p><p>Through collaboration and mutual support,Ipswich City Council strives to reflect andcelebrate Ipswichs identity, spirit and senseof place as a community via the Objectivesand Implementation Strategies outlined inthis booklet.</p><p>CULTURAL POLICY FOR IPSWICH 7</p></li><li><p>OBJECTIVE 1 ENGAGING THE COMMUNITY</p><p>Encourage participation, attendance and creativeproduction from the diverse communities of Ipswich.</p><p>1</p><p> develop cultural activities andprograms reflective ofcommunity needs andaspirations led by communityartists and leaders </p><p> maintain continuingcommunity participation indialogue concerning culturaldevelopment</p><p> develop and implement acommunity educationprogram to raise awarenessof cultural activities andresources available locally</p><p> support neighbourhoodcultural initiatives</p><p> encourage collaborativemarketing between culturalorganisations to optimise useof resources</p><p> adopt generous social pricingpolicies to lower cost barriersfor Council activities</p><p> increase the number of freearts and entertainment eventsin the City</p><p>ImplementationStrategies</p><p>CULTURAL POLICY FOR IPSWICH 9</p></li><li><p>CULTURAL POLICY FOR IPSWICH 11</p><p>OBJECTIVE 2 CREATING A SENSE OF PLACE </p><p>Build a cohesive sense of civic pride withinIpswich and a positive Ipswich identity.</p><p>2</p><p> establish positive entrystatements into the City</p><p> facilitate networking betweencommunities through a rangeof initiatives </p><p> develop a cultural tourismstrategy to harness thecurrent arts/heritage offeredwithin Council tourismpromotion</p><p> encourage the protection andpromotion of heritage placesand character areas</p><p> brief our cultural ambassadorsto communicate consistentmessages about Ipswich andits cultural life</p><p>ImplementationStrategies</p></li><li><p>CULTURAL POLICY FOR IPSWICH 13</p><p>OBJECTIVE 3 CELEBRATING DIVERSITY </p><p>Work towards a community that recognisesdiversity as a strength.</p><p>3</p><p> encourage diversity throughsupporting cultural festivals,food/culinary festivals, forumsand awareness programs</p><p> appropriate use ofconsultation and protocol withcultural and artistic initiatives</p><p> identification of differencesbetween the variouscommunity cultural needs andsense of place and space</p><p> support and promote culturalactivities and events byIndigenous communitieswithin their own communities</p><p> acknowledgment of theIndigenous community as firstpeoples of the City</p><p> support for cultural tourisminitiatives building on thestrength and culture of thecommunity</p><p>ImplementationStrategies</p></li><li><p>CULTURAL POLICY FOR IPSWICH 15</p><p>OBJECTIVE 4 BUILDING AND CONSOLIDATING</p><p>Seek opportunities to improve our cultural facilities and infrastructureand acknowledge and build upon our cultural strengths and successes.</p><p>4</p><p> assess the performing artsneeds of the City </p><p> continue to assess the visualarts, film, media and other artform needs of the City(including additional exhibitionspace)</p><p> integrate cultural andeconomic development</p><p> identify and address theneeds of the youth andeducation sectors</p><p> maintain and resource theindustry leading programminginitiatives of the Ipswich ArtGallery</p><p> maintain the role of thecommunity halls in thecultural life of the City</p><p>ImplementationStrategies</p></li><li><p>CULTURAL POLICY FOR IPSWICH 17</p><p>OBJECTIVE 5 SUSTAINABLE CREATIVE INDUSTRIES</p><p>Nurture viable creative businesses.</p><p>5</p><p> to nurture viable creativebusinesses </p><p> support local creativebusinesses through theprovision of advice andassistance in relation tomarketing and business plans</p><p> encourage mentoringbetween established creativebusinesses and new entrants </p><p>ImplementationStrategies</p></li><li><p>CULTURAL POLICY FOR IPSWICH 19</p><p>OBJECTIVE 6 EMBRACING THE FUTURE</p><p>Position Ipswich as a confident, innovativeand creative place to live, work and visit.</p><p>6</p><p> develop a designatedperforming arts/theatre space </p><p> capitalise on newtechnologies which promotecultural development</p><p> continue to utilise IpswichLibrary and InformationCentre, Ipswich Art Galleryand other significant initiativesto establish Ipswichsdistinctive positioning</p><p> ensure cultural programcontinues to reflect thechanging needs anddemographics of Ipswich </p><p> support linkages betweenartistic practitioners in thedevelopment of new work</p><p> support linkages betweencommunities and culturalorganisations in thedevelopment of new work</p><p>ImplementationStrategies</p></li><li><p>CULTURAL POLICY FOR IPSWICH 21</p><p>OBJECTIVE 7 FOSTERING PARTNERSHIPS</p><p>Encouraging collaboration between strategic partners.</p><p>7</p><p> seek opportunities to forgelinks between independentcultural organisations whereefficiencies or creativeinitiatives may result </p><p> seek opportunities to linkCouncils cultural resourceswith the resources of otheragencies </p><p> develop an effectivecommunication strategy tocreate alliances with potentialpartners</p><p> identify resources availablefrom all strategic partners</p><p> develop strategies to suit therange of potential partnerships</p><p> advocate for more flexiblefunding arrangements</p><p> responsibility for developmentof specific partnerships needsto be clarified </p><p> work with local artists andcommunities on joint venturesand activities</p><p> support local activities throughfunding, promotion and liaison</p><p> liaise with sectors of thecommunity regarding culturalinitiatives </p><p>ImplementationStrategies</p></li><li><p>The Ipswich City Council would like to thank the many individuals and groups in theIpswich community who contributed to the 2006 review of the Ipswich City CouncilCultural Policy and provided images to illustrate this document. </p><p>Thank you to for contributing images. </p><p>Thank you to the Regional Arts Development Fund Ipswich for supporting the development of this document.</p><p></p><p>This project was supported by the Queensland Government, through Arts Queensland andIpswich City Council, by funding through the Ipswich Regional Arts Development Fund.</p><p>Acknowledgements</p></li><li><p></p></li></ul>


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