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<p>ITALY</p> <p>INCHIN</p> <p>E2006</p> <p>To</p> <p>ng</p> <p>jiU</p> <p>niv</p> <p>ers</p> <p>ity</p> <p>of</p> <p>Sh</p> <p>an</p> <p>gh</p> <p>ai</p> <p>UrbanPlanningExhibitionHall</p> <p>CULTURAL HERITAGE PRESERVATION REHABILITATION AND REUSETHE TUSCAN TRADITION</p> <p>FLORENTINA</p> <p>STU</p> <p>DIO</p> <p>RUM</p> <p>UNIVERSITAS</p> <p>ImmobiliareNovoliS.p.A</p> <p>Sh</p> <p>an</p> <p>gh</p> <p>aiU</p> <p>rba</p> <p>nP</p> <p>lan</p> <p>nin</p> <p>gA</p> <p>dm</p> <p>inis</p> <p>tra</p> <p>tio</p> <p>nB</p> <p>ure</p> <p>au</p> <p>Scientific committeeprof. Romano Del Nord</p> <p>arch. Paola Grifoniprof. Raimondo Innocenti</p> <p>prof. Maria Concetta Zoppiprof. Wu Jiangprof. Zhou Jian</p> <p>prof. Chang Qingprof. Zheng Shilingprof. Wu Zhiqiang</p> <p>Scientific coordinatorsprof. Corrado Latina</p> <p>prof. Maria Chiara Torricelliprof. Lu Yongyimr. Wang Anshi</p> <p>dr. Wang Linprof. Sha Yongjie</p> <p>Executive coordinatorsarch. Adolfo F. L. Baratta</p> <p>arch. Luca Gianniniarch. Claudio Piferi</p> <p>dr. Lu Didr. Qian Feng</p> <p>dr. Zhang Peng</p> <p>Graphic designACT STUDIO</p> <p>Organization</p> <p>Department of Architectural Technologies and Design"Pier Luigi Spadolini"</p> <p>via S.Niccol, 89/a 50125 FlorencePh. +39.055.2491511 - Fax +39.055.2347152</p> <p></p> <p>Pa</p> <p>tro</p> <p>na</p> <p>ge</p> <p>s</p> <p>-M</p> <p>un</p> <p>icip</p> <p>ality</p> <p>of</p> <p>Flo</p> <p>ren</p> <p>ce</p> <p>-F</p> <p>acu</p> <p>lty</p> <p>of</p> <p>Arc</p> <p>hit</p> <p>ectu</p> <p>reo</p> <p>fF</p> <p>lore</p> <p>nce</p> <p>-It</p> <p>alia</p> <p>nM</p> <p>inis</p> <p>try</p> <p>of</p> <p>Cu</p> <p>ltu</p> <p>ral</p> <p>He</p> <p>rita</p> <p>ge</p> <p>an</p> <p>dA</p> <p>cti</p> <p>vit</p> <p>ies</p> <p>-A</p> <p>sso</p> <p>cia</p> <p>tio</p> <p>no</p> <p>fA</p> <p>rch</p> <p>ite</p> <p>cts</p> <p>,P</p> <p>lan</p> <p>ne</p> <p>rs,</p> <p>La</p> <p>nd</p> <p>sca</p> <p>pe</p> <p>rs,</p> <p>an</p> <p>dC</p> <p>on</p> <p>se</p> <p>rva</p> <p>tio</p> <p>nis</p> <p>tso</p> <p>fth</p> <p>eP</p> <p>rovin</p> <p>ce</p> <p>of</p> <p>Flo</p> <p>ren</p> <p>ce</p> <p>-A</p> <p>sso</p> <p>cia</p> <p>tio</p> <p>no</p> <p>fE</p> <p>ng</p> <p>ine</p> <p>ers</p> <p>of</p> <p>the</p> <p>Pro</p> <p>vin</p> <p>ce</p> <p>of</p> <p>Flo</p> <p>ren</p> <p>ce</p> <p>-P</p> <p>rovin</p> <p>ce</p> <p>of</p> <p>Flo</p> <p>ren</p> <p>ce</p> <p>-R</p> <p>eg</p> <p>ion</p> <p>of</p> <p>Tu</p> <p>sca</p> <p>ny</p> <p>-D</p> <p>ep</p> <p>art</p> <p>me</p> <p>nt</p> <p>of</p> <p>En</p> <p>vir</p> <p>on</p> <p>me</p> <p>nt</p> <p>an</p> <p>dH</p> <p>isto</p> <p>rica</p> <p>lB</p> <p>uild</p> <p>ing</p> <p>so</p> <p>fth</p> <p>eP</p> <p>rovin</p> <p>ce</p> <p>so</p> <p>fF</p> <p>lore</p> <p>nce</p> <p>,P</p> <p>isto</p> <p>iaa</p> <p>nd</p> <p>Pra</p> <p>to</p> <p>-S</p> <p>ha</p> <p>ng</p> <p>ha</p> <p>iM</p> <p>un</p> <p>icip</p> <p>al</p> <p>Ho</p> <p>usin</p> <p>gL</p> <p>an</p> <p>da</p> <p>nd</p> <p>Re</p> <p>so</p> <p>urc</p> <p>eA</p> <p>dm</p> <p>inis</p> <p>tra</p> <p>tio</p> <p>nB</p> <p>ure</p> <p>au</p> <p>-C</p> <p>olle</p> <p>ge</p> <p>of</p> <p>Arc</p> <p>hit</p> <p>ectu</p> <p>rea</p> <p>nd</p> <p>Urb</p> <p>an</p> <p>Pla</p> <p>nn</p> <p>ing</p> <p>,To</p> <p>ng</p> <p>jiU</p> <p>niv</p> <p>ers</p> <p>ity</p> <p>-A</p> <p>rch</p> <p>ite</p> <p>ctu</p> <p>ral</p> <p>So</p> <p>cie</p> <p>tyo</p> <p>fS</p> <p>ha</p> <p>ng</p> <p>ha</p> <p>i</p> <p>Sp</p> <p>on</p> <p>so</p> <p>rin</p> <p>gin</p> <p>stitu</p> <p>tio</p> <p>ns</p> <p>-M</p> <p>un</p> <p>icip</p> <p>ality</p> <p>of</p> <p>Flo</p> <p>ren</p> <p>ce</p> <p>-M</p> <p>on</p> <p>ted</p> <p>ei</p> <p>Pa</p> <p>sch</p> <p>id</p> <p>iS</p> <p>ien</p> <p>aS</p> <p>.p.a</p> <p>.B</p> <p>an</p> <p>kG</p> <p>rou</p> <p>p</p> <p>-R</p> <p>eg</p> <p>ion</p> <p>of</p> <p>Tu</p> <p>sca</p> <p>ny</p> <p>-T</p> <p>usca</p> <p>nP</p> <p>rom</p> <p>oti</p> <p>on</p> <p>-Im</p> <p>mo</p> <p>bilia</p> <p>reN</p> <p>ovo</p> <p>liS</p> <p>.p.A</p> <p>.</p> <p>-G</p> <p>rup</p> <p>po</p> <p>CE</p> <p>PA</p> <p>-In</p> <p>sti</p> <p>tute</p> <p>of</p> <p>Arc</p> <p>hit</p> <p>ectu</p> <p>rea</p> <p>nd</p> <p>Urb</p> <p>an</p> <p>Sp</p> <p>ace</p> <p>,To</p> <p>ng</p> <p>jiU</p> <p>niv</p> <p>ers</p> <p>ity</p> <p>-S</p> <p>ha</p> <p>ng</p> <p>ha</p> <p>iu</p> <p>rba</p> <p>nP</p> <p>lan</p> <p>nin</p> <p>gA</p> <p>dm</p> <p>inis</p> <p>tra</p> <p>tio</p> <p>nB</p> <p>ure</p> <p>au</p> <p>-S</p> <p>ha</p> <p>ng</p> <p>ha</p> <p>iTo</p> <p>ng</p> <p>jiU</p> <p>rba</p> <p>nP</p> <p>lan</p> <p>nin</p> <p>g&amp;</p> <p>De</p> <p>sig</p> <p>nIn</p> <p>sti</p> <p>tute</p> <p>Un</p> <p>ive</p> <p>rsity</p> <p>of</p> <p>Flo</p> <p>ren</p> <p>ce</p> <p>_THECONFERENCE___</p> <p>_______THEEXHIBITIO</p> <p>N_____01&gt;&gt;10__12__2006____</p> <p>_______________02__12__2006_</p> <p>___________Shanghai___</p> <p>Association ofArchitects of the</p> <p>Province of Florence</p> <p>Association ofEngineers of the</p> <p>Province of Florence</p> <p>Facultyof</p> <p>Architecture</p> <p>Department ofEnvironment and</p> <p>Historical Buildings</p> <p>FLO</p> <p>REN</p> <p>TIN</p> <p>A</p> <p>STUDIORUM</p> <p>UN</p> <p>IVERSITAS</p> <p>Firenze</p> <p>Provincia</p> <p>This event is dedicated to the memory of Professor Corrado Latina who was the organizer and promoter of this event. </p> <p>Since 2003, and as a consequence of an unprecedented increase in the number of new constructions, the new policy of urban and territorial development in China has been characterized by programmes based on energy saving and the use of sustainable resources. This has led to the establishment of new programmes of protection, reuse, and rehabilitation of existing building and environmental heritage.In this area, Italy is a country of reference par excellence and, as far as these specific fields are concerned, Tuscany represents an extremely interesting example for Chinese working in this field.It is in this context that the event, "Cultural Heritage, Preservation, Rehabilitation and Reuse: The Tuscan Tradition", is set, promoted by the Department of Architectural Technologies and Design "P. L. Spadolini" of the University of Florence and the College of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tonji University of Shanghai. It is centred on the technical experience and tradition in enhancing the value of Tuscan cultural heritage.The Exhibition and Conference present the different public administration intervention policies at the national, provincial and communal levels as well as the significant projects realized. Specific emphasis is placed on real experiences in the rehabilitation of the existing environment, historic and contemporary, from the managerial (project management, financing, consortia, etc.) as well as productive (monitoring, diagnostic, testing, building materials, etc.) points of view.Specialists and representatives of academic and institutional organizations take part in the conference. The event is sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Region of Tuscany, the Department of Environment and Historical Buildings of the Provinces of Florence, Pistoia and Prato, the Faculty of Architecture of Florence, the Association of Architects, Planners, Landscapers, and Conservationists of the province of Florence and the Association of Engineers of the Province of Florence.</p> <p>The exhibition/conference is part of the preparatory calendar of events of the World Exposition to be held in Shanghai in 2010 and is one of the highlights of the Year of Italy in China 2006.</p> <p>THE CONFERENCETHE EXHIBITIONTHE PURPOSES</p> <p>professor Corrado Latinaprofessor Maria Chiara Torricelli</p> <p> prof. Zheng ShilingIntroduction and salutes Maria Concetta ZoppiCultural Heritage Preservation, Rehabilitation and Reuse: cultural and policies of the Tuscan Region</p> <p> arch. Gianni BiagiUrban Redevelopment Projects of Florence dott. Paolo LucioliMonte dei Paschi di Siena S.p.a. Bank Group in Asia</p> <p>INAUGURATION 01__12__2006 9.30</p> <p>IN EXHIBITION PLANS OF</p> <p>_ archea associati ____ baldeschi-zanchi ______ baldini-passalacqua ______________ __________________ bartoloni-bianchi-galli ___________ bologna-mimesi 62 ___________ blasi _________________________ breschi ___ _____ breschi-ferrara-ferrara-cesro ___ canali associati ________________ carmassi _________ conti-corazzi ____ cspe _________ _ eccheli-terpolilli ___ eos consulting __ __________ fabietti-michelizzi-roda _______ felli _________________ franchi-lunardini _ ____ gennari-act studio ______ giannini __ ______ guicciardini e magni architetti ____ gurrieri-de vita-gurrieri _________________ ___________ ipostudio architetti associati ____ krier-gabetti&amp;isola _________________ maestro ________________ marini __________ _________ marino _______________ mazzini __ ______ melosi ______ natalini architetti __ _ nardi _____________ palterer e zangheri ________ pescatori-chellini _______________ trebbi _________________ ulivieri __________ ______ zacchiroli ________________ zermani </p> <p> arch. Paola GrifoniThe artworks protection of the Department of Environment and HistoricalBuildings of Florence</p> <p> Anna CarliThe Preservation of the Ancient Ospedale of Santa Maria della Scala in Siena,restored as a museum and cultural centre arch. Vincenzo VaccaroThe sacristy at San Lorenzo Church, Florence</p> <p> prof. Carlo BlasiThe empiric methodology for the structural analysis of historical buildings</p> <p> prof. Raimondo InnocentiStudying the conservation and rehabilitation of architectural andenvironmental heritage at the University of Florence Faculty of Architecture </p> <p> prof. Paolo Felli Maria Chiara Torricelli arch. Luca MarziPreservation and requalification of historical hospitals: Santa Maria Nuova and Careggi, Florentine Hospitals</p> <p> prof. Romano Del Nord arch. Adolfo F. L. BarattaRecovery and valorization of monumental structures to destine toaccomodation functions in Tuscany. The Jubilee 2000 experience</p> <p> prof. Raimondo InnocentiFlorence: rehabilitation and reuse of disuses industrial areas</p> <p>01&gt;&gt;10__12__2006 02__12__2006</p> <p>9.30_13.30</p>


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