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Cub Scouting. A Focus on Faith in God & Arrow of Light. Faith in God Program 11.5.1 Church Handbook, p.17 Faith in God booklet. The purpose of the Faith in God guidebook is to help boys and girls ages 8-11: Live gospel principles Develop testimonies Build friendships - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Cub ScoutingA Focus onFaith in God &amp;Arrow of Light</p></li><li><p>Faith in God Program 11.5.1 Church Handbook, p.17 Faith in God bookletThe purpose of the Faith in God guidebook is to help boys and girls ages 8-11:Live gospel principlesDevelop testimoniesBuild friendshipsPrepare to receive the Aaronic Priesthood or become a righteous young woman.</p></li><li><p>Information for Parents and Leaderspage 17 Faith in God Booklet Parents have the responsibility to help their children learn and live the gospel. Primary leaders and teachers assist parents in this important responsibility.</p><p> This Faith in God guidebook is a resource to help boys and girls achieve their great potential as children of God.</p></li><li><p>How the Program Workspage 17 Faith in God BookletChildren participate in activities that help them develop gospel habits such as praying, reading the scriptures, and living "My Gospel Standards" (see back cover and read together). They use a variety of activities in the following areas: (1) learning and living the gospel (p.6-7)(2) serving others (p. 8-9)(3) developing talents (p. 10-11)(4) preparing for the Priesthood or for Young Women (p.12-13)</p></li><li><p>Cub Scout Faith in God Award(Religious Patch)The Cub Scout Faith in God award is different from the Primary Faith in God award. The cub scout only needs to complete 7 requirements, but those 7 will help in getting the Primary Faith in God. Look for the religious square knot sign next to the activity.</p></li><li><p>*Basic Requirements*Pray daily to Heavenly Father.Read the Scriptures regularly.Keep the commandments and live My Gospel Standards (on back cover of booklet).Honor your parents and be kind to your family.Pay your tithing and attend tithing settlement.Attend Sacrament Meetings and Primary regularly.The goal is to make these requirements habits in their lives!</p></li><li><p>Other RequirementsWrite your testimony.Memorize the Articles of Faith and explain what they mean.Complete activities in the guidebook for all 4 areas.Have an interview with a member of your bishopric or branch presidency.To earn the award the requirements must be completed before the scouts 12th birthday.</p></li><li><p>Faith in God AwardThe certificate at the back of the booklet is the award. Nothing else should be given along with it.The award is presented in the Primary by the Bishop or his counselor, not in Sacrament Meeting.They receive their Primary Graduation Certificate in Sacrament Meeting.The true reward is what they have learned and the habits they have formed!</p></li><li><p>If ever there were a time whenthe principles of Scouting werevitally neededthat time is now.If ever there were a generationwho would benefit by keepingphysically strong, mentally awake, and morally straightthat generation is the present generation. President Thomas S. MonsonPresident Monson sees Scouting as a spiritual program, a builder of men.p.449 The Biography of Thomas S. Monson</p></li><li><p>Combining Scouts and Faith in GodAll of the requirements for Faith in God coincide with the Cub Scouting Achievements, for example:</p><p>Learning and Living the Gospel: Explain how taking the sacrament helps you renew your baptismal covenant.</p><p>Wolf Achievement #11 Bear Achievement #1Part of Webelos Family Member #5Webelos Badge Requirement #8For a complete list go to</p></li><li><p>Arrow of Light</p><p>The highest rank in Cub Scouting is the Arrow of Light Award. Earning this rank prepares a Webelos Scout to become a Boy Scout. Webelos Scouts who have earned the Arrow of Light Award have also completed all requirements for the Boy Scout badge.</p><p> This award is the only Cub Scout badge that can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform when a boy graduates into a troop. Adult leaders who earned the Arrow of Light Award when they were young may also show their achievement by wearing a special square knot on their adult uniform.</p></li><li><p>Arrow of Light RequirementsMust be 11 years old and have earned their Webelos Badge.Show their knowledge of the requirements to become a Boy Scout by doing all of these:Repeat from memory and explain in your own words the Scout Oath or Promise and the 12 points of the Scout Law. Tell how youve practiced them in your every day life.Give and explain the Scout motto, slogan, sign, salute and handshake.Understand the significance of the First Class Scout Badge. Describe its parts and tell what each stands for.Tell how a Boy Scout uniform is different from a Webelos Scout uniform.Tie the joining knot (square knot).</p></li><li><p>Requirements continuedEarn 5 more activity badges in addition to the 3 you already earned for the Webelos Badge. These must include:Fitness (already earned for Webelos)Citizen (already earned for Webelos)ReadymanOutdoorsmanAt least one from the Mental Skills GroupAt least one from the Technology GroupTwo more of your ChoiceWith your Webelos Den, visit at leastOne Boy Scout troop meeting.</p></li><li><p>Participate in a Webelos day hike. (If used for your Outdoorsman then another hike must be planned for the Arrow of Light.)After you have completed all five of the above requirements, and after a talk with your Webelos den leader, arrange to visit, with a parent or guardian, a meeting of the Boy Scout troop you will join. Have a conference with the Scoutmaster.Requirements continued</p></li><li><p>Requirements continuedComplete the Honesty Character Connection.Know: Say the Cub Scout Promise to your family. Discuss these questions with them. What is a promise? What does it mean to keep your word? What does it mean to be trustworthy? What does Honesty mean?Commit: Discuss these questions with your family. Why is a promise important? Why is it important for people to trust you when you give your word? When might it be difficult to be truthful? List examples.Practice: Discuss with a family member why it is important to be trustworthy and honest. How can you do your best to be honest even when it is difficult?</p></li><li><p>Arrow of Light CeremonyThere are many different types ofceremonies you can do. Acentral figure is someone dressedas an Indian Chief, who representsAkela. If you google LDS Arrow of Light ceremony,you can get some good ideas.There is no set template for them, other than having the Indian influence and the family.</p></li><li><p>Ceremony IdeasPoint out the 7 Virtues represented by the 7 rays of light.Talk about the colors of scouting and their meanings.Four tribal leaders discussing the achievement and moving forward to a troop.Whatever you do make it a special event! For a Cub Scout it is equivalent to a Boy Scout getting his Eagle.</p></li><li><p>Crossing Over CeremonyThis ceremony is usually done with the Arrow of Light ceremony. You can google for a script and more ideas for this as well.Make some sort of bridge for the Cub Scout to cross over into the new Boy Scout Troop.</p></li><li><p>Have the 4 winds representing the 4 compass points and their meaning. They shine a light on the Cub Scout as he crosses the bridge.Use the Indian tribal leaders talking about moving forward and continuing to achieve.Make sure that parents are very involved in both ceremonies. The family is an important part of achieving in scouts.</p></li><li><p>Arrow of Light AwardThese are some examplesof an Arrow of Light Award.They are a great reminder oftheir achievement.</p></li><li><p>Of vital importance to oursuccess, is learning to win theconfidence and respect of thevery boys we seek to build. Todo this, love is required. You who love and guide our precious youth maynever open gates of cities or doors to palaces, but your success will come as you gain entrance to the heart of a boy.President Thomas S. Monson</p><p>*********************</p></li></ul>


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