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<ol><li> 1. For more than four decades, ClarenceGoodman has been an integral member of thestaff of the CSX Corporation, the nations third-largestrailroad. Since 2004, he has held theposition of chief commercial officer andexecutive vice president of sales andmarketing. Throughout his tenure in thatposition, Clarence Goodman has relentlesslychampioned the perspective of the railroadscustomers as the companys reason for being.CSXs revenue has grown by more than $4billion, more than 50 percent over the 10-yearperiod. </li><li> 2. CSX proudly proclaims in its advertisingthat rail is the most fuel-efficient meansof transporting goods and boasts that itstrains can move a ton of freight 436 mileson a single gallon of fuel. The minimalfriction of steel wheels on a steel trackmeans that once a freight train is runningon level ground, it requires hardly anyfuel at all to maintain its speed. </li><li> 3. CSX is dedicated to enhancing the fuelefficiency of its rail fleet and has investedmore than $1.5 billion over the last 10 yearsin four key areas. The first of these is trainingemployees in best practices of fuel-efficienttrain handling. The second is theimprovement of technology to regulate fueluse while engines are idling. The third andfourth areas are the enhancement oflocomotive fleet technology as well as thedevelopment of new technology in allareas of train operations. </li></ol>


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