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  1. 1. For nearly 40 years, Clarence Gooden has held positions with CSX Corporation, a Jacksonville, Florida, company in the rail industry. As executive vice president of sales and marketing, as well as chief commercial officer, Clarence Gooden is involved with many of its innovations. In September 2014, CSX Corporation announced the launch of CSX Operation Respond. The first such program for Class I railroads, this mobile application will enhance disaster preparedness and training. Federal, state, and local security groups, as well as firefighters, paramedics, and other first responders, can now obtain greater real-time information regarding CSX trains and freight.
  2. 2. Jointly developed with the Operation Respond Institute and featuring SecureNOW technology, it allows users to protect themselves and their communities better. The program provides secure access to various types of data through wireless devices and computers. Along with describing any CSX train transporting hazardous material, it offers a graphic display that identifies which of the cars holds the substances. Moreover, the program includes a portfolio containing other pertinent information for dealing with a rail-related emergency.
  3. 3. Beyond CSX Operation Respond, this company further shows its commitment to safety through the Safety Train: Energy Preparedness Program. During the first three quarters of 2014, more than 1,300 individuals representing 250 agencies signed up for the course that offers hands-on training for dealing with rail- related hazardous materials situations.


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