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My digital portfolio from the last few years at CSULB


  • 1. CSULB Fashion Design and Merchandising Projects Sara Heck Fall 2008-Spring 2011
  • 2. Merchandising Project Fall 2008- Come up with secondary brand concept. Lady Like was designed around Anthropologie as a secondary lingerie brand.
  • 3. Original designs by Sara Heck
  • 4. Merchandising 2008- Create a new store concept, layout, and marketing scheme. Lilith was planned to be a shoe store for the fashion forward.
  • 5. Merchandising 2008- Elements and Design Principals study
  • 6. Design Concept Winter 2009- Practice creating flats and original designs
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  • 8. Flat Pattern 2009- Create two original designs and patterns for garments based off of size 10 slopers. Skirt designed with 16 godets in each the lining and fashion fabric. Cotton/Poly blend top and burn-out skirt with navy lining.
  • 9. Adobe Illustrator- create a sub brand for an existing company- Lady Like by Anthropologie - 2009
  • 10. Advanced Flat Pattern- Spring 2010- assignment to create a lined jacket with a collar
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  • 12. Draping- Project #1 and #2, create two garment using draping methods, designs on fabric hand painted with acrylic paint- Fall 2010
  • 13. Experimental Design- knits collection spring 2011
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  • 16. Experimental Design- couture techniques, create a dress using couture and hand techniques, silk dress with floral hand painting using silk paint- Spring 2011
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  • 18. Experimental Design- Freestyle, create two looks, no restrictions, grey pants and leather top with hand painting on bust, and black pants with wrap scarf top -Spring 2011
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