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<p>Vol. XIX No. I June - August 2010</p> <p>Member: College Editors Guild of the Philippines</p> <p>E</p> <p>arly this school year, another poison letter added to the string of attacks against the Catanduanes State Colleges administration, predominantly to its chief, President Asuncion V. Asetre. The letter, like the previous buds, sprouted like mushrooms out of nowhere stirring agitation, commotion, resentments, and skepticisms in the corners of Isteyt. And now, the president answered. Counter to counter, what are really the sides in this poison letter raid?FEATURE p.14</p> <p>WHATS INSIDE:NEWS DEVCOMEnrollment Up by 12.19% p.3 In the eye of the storm p. 10 For Rent p. 8</p> <p>KULTURANG ISTEYT</p> <p>FEATURE</p> <p>Si Pau - ang bagong student trustee p. 16</p> <p>2 EDITORIAL</p> <p>Vol. XIX No. 1</p> <p>JuneAugust 2010</p> <p>Outbreak</p> <p>T</p> <p>he reliability of information is firmly instituted in its foundation. A series of poison letters contaminated the CSC community initially with its pilot on March and persisted with its latest blow this August, all brought by unidentified persons. All of which took into account allegations of graft and corruption, trickery, mismanagement, ineptitude, connivance, conspiracy and puppetry that involved several personalities at CSC. This penetration elicited not just consciousness and responsiveness but more of suspicion and ambiguity. Such sensitive allegations must be substantiated with concrete proof and be presented to concerned authorities where just judgment will be rendered. Otherwise, every allegation if not proven will be dismissed and be labeled as a mere black propaganda. A pure accusation is weak. Concrete and tangible proof is what the people clamor for. In its second upsurge titled Ano na sanang buhay ini sa State (Mga Mahabason), the author declared (referring to the CSC President), Just hold on tight for we are just consolidating our resources and your wish will be granted and come true sooner than you expected. But instead of a material move, a subsequent issue under another</p> <p>pseudonym was the counterpart. Another pressing concern is the point in time of such releases. Is it a clarion call for change or a display of soiled political game? The Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR) Ethics Manual states, Truth telling is at the heart of journalism and is all linked to all the other values. Seek the truth and report it as fully as possible. In seeking the truth, says the Institute, one must develop ones knowledge and skills, be honest, fair and courageous and hold the powerful accountable. These will all be taken seriously provided there is a brave face to stand and substantiate every bit of such allegations. Sustain and substantiate. Show and dont just tell. Prove that a smoke never comes out without a fire. Indeed, when we speak for the truth, then we must move and justify our words. Unveil and never be afraid. The episode of hiding behind the pseudonym must be over at this moment. The momentum to materialize is now. Wait no more.</p> <p>The Official Tertiary Student Publication of Catanduanes State Colleges MEMBER: CEGP Editor-in-Chief JOHN ELMAR B. TEMPLONUEVO Associate Editor JONATHAN V. TULOD Managing Editor ELVIN RANDOLPH R. JUBAY Finance Officer/News Editor JANN MARVIN POSADA Literary Editor JOHN MICHAEL P. VERUEN Features Editor CYRIL PATRICE O. BERNARDINO Patnugot sa Kulturat Lathalain DAVE S. TOLENTINO Sports Editor EZEKIEL V. TANAEL Layout and Graphics Editor BEVERLY T. TATEL Asst. Graphics and Layout Editor JOEBERT ANGELO C. TOLEDO Art Editor BREN GARETTE Z. RIVERA Asst. Art Editor RICHARD C. ICAWAT Circulation Manager MARIAN CLAIRE V. TULOD Junior Staff Writers KYLE ROCHELLE B. TEVES, DYAN CAMILLE L. QUINTAL, KAREN AILENE P. BENAVIDEZ, CHRISTINE MAY P. PETAJEN, MA. THERESA Q. DELA ROSA, JOHN ELY B. TEMPLONUEVO, PAUL JOHN C. PADILLA, JOHN DEWEY B. CHAVEZ, JORDAN T. IGNACIO, MARJORIE T. ARCILLA Editorial Consultant GSR Technical Adviser HELEN S. FERIDA</p> <p>The CSC STATESMAN The CSC STATESMAN</p> <p>JuneAugust 2010</p> <p>Vol. XIX No. 1</p> <p>NEWS 3</p> <p>DESPITE MARKED DECREASE IN SCHOLARSby Jann Marvin Posada</p> <p>Enrollment up by 12.19%DThe comparative graph showing school year 2010-2011 recording the highest number of enrollees in five years. espite the marked drop in the number of scholars this school year, the Catanduanes State Colleges higher education admission this first semester,2010-2011, has increased by 12.19%. Basedfromofficialreportsofthe Registration and Admission Services, the enrollment for the higher education this semester reached 5, 880 compared to last semesters 5, 163 record. The CSC Main Campus has 5, 303 enrollees while the CSC Panganiban Campus recorded 577 enrollees. The colleges with highest increase in enrollees are College of Business and Accountancy (CBA), College of Technology (COT), College of Health Sciences (CHS), College of Education (CED) and CSC Panganiban Campus. However, the College of AgriFisheries (CAF) and College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) enrollees declined this semester. Inversely proportional Unexpectedly, the 34.14% decrease in the number of scholars this semester, from last years 2, 853 to 1,879, asshowninthepartialdatafromtheOffice of the Student Services (OSS), did not affect the enrollment rate. The regular scholarship programs that do not have beneficiaries this semester are the Congressman Joseph Aldea Santiago Scholarship Program, Catanduanes Provincial Government Scholarship Grant (CPGSG), Regional Scholarship Program, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Ladderized Program and Atty. Eleanor A. Tabuzo Scholarship Grant. Dr. Lourdes V. Rodriguez, the Director of Student Services, said that the Office of the Registrar has implemented zero scholars upon enrollment which means all the students have paid their tuition and miscellaneous fees regardless of what scholarship program they have availed last semester. But the amount they have paid during the enrollment will be reimbursed after the funds from these different educational assistance have been transferred to the CSC except the JAS Scholarship Program, she added. Replacement, reinforcement Mr. Rudy M. Rojas Jr., chief political affairs officer of Congressman Cesar V. Sarmiento clarified concernsTurn to page 24</p> <p>CBO expects 26.75% increase in gross incomeby Ezekiel V.Tanael</p> <p>F</p> <p>ollowing the completion of the P6, 972,078.18 worth Corporate Business Office (CBO) Building on January 18, 2010, the CBO expects an increase in their gross income of 26.75% or an equivalent of P1, 615,815.28. Last year, the CBO earned 6, 040,204.12 in gross income and resulted in a net income of P1, 124, 487.83 which is a 21% return on investment. This is largely attributed to the additional income that would be generatedbytheleasesinthe1stfloorofTurn to page 5</p> <p>CSC produces new licensed NDs, agriculturistsby Dyan Camille L. Quintal Kyle Rochelle B. Teves</p> <p>F</p> <p>ALL NEW. CBO building is now catering the clientele of CSC with 9 business establishments including a computer shop that was earlier alleged of operating computer games, violating a municipal order. Yet this shop saves the students the trouble of going out of the campus to avail Internet and printing services.(Photo by J.E.T.)</p> <p>or producing 18 passers, the CSC achieved a 72 percent passing rate in the July 2010 Licensure Examination for Nutritionist-Dieticians. The said passing rate is above the 70% national passing rate. Eleven of the 25 CSC examinees from CSC were March 2010 graduates. The new CSC licensed nutritionist-dietitians are: Araojo, Jonalyn A., Bernal, Jay Ryan C., Bernal, Lovely Grace V., Corro, Hannah Jasmine C., Delos Santos Merelyn P., Evangilista, Ellen May O., Holgado Judee S., Pantallon, Jane T., Presentacion, Syrel B., Santelices, Michelle O., Socito, Mari Khrisna D., Sorreta, Mary Antonette T., Tanael, Mytte Rose T., Tarnate, Gaylen T., Tayo, Manilyn T., Tuazon, Jonna B., Tusi, Graciel O., and Vargas, Vanessa. On the other hand, College of Agriculture and Fisheries earned two passers in the Licensure Examination for Agriculturist (LEA) on July 20-22, 2010. Reyes,JoselB.andSantelices,RonaldT.arebothfirst time examinees from the 19 takers.</p> <p>4 NEWS</p> <p>Vol. XIX No. 1</p> <p>JuneAugust 2010</p> <p>CED now a Center of Developmentby Marjorie Arcilla</p> <p>F</p> <p>or successfully meeting the CHED criteria, the CSC College of Education was declared Center of Development in Teacher Education Program in the Philippines. The evaluation was conducted by the Commission on Higher Education Technical Panel for Teacher Education for around two days on July 3-4 and the result of the evaluation was released by CHED Central Office on July 14, 2010. CED was evaluated based on the strength of its extension and linkages, research, publication and institutional qualification. As Center of Development, the CSC College of Education is now entitled to certain grants and benefits. It will also be the priority in the selection of CHED institutional partners with regards to CHED developmental projects. The college is also entitled to other non-monetary subsidies and awards such as faculty scholarships for graduate studies, priority for research grants and avail financial assistance from CHED. CED is also directed to accelerate the development of the Teacher Education Programs, develop quality instructional programs, and undertake basic and applied research on emerging trends and developments in the field of Teacher Education. It is also expected to undertake extension and linkages and to establish linkages with Center of Excellence in Teacher Education to further improve instructional and research capabilities to undertake research in the said programs.</p> <p>DOWN TO HALF. Though there was an increase in ROTC enrollees, program officials admitted that almost half of it are no longer active. Most they say didnt show up for three consecutive meetings and some dropped out already. (Photo by J.E.T.)</p> <p>DUE TO INCLUSION OF CPIC CADETS</p> <p>CSC ROTC enrollment increases by 292 percentby Dyan Camille L. Quintal Ma. Theresa Q. Dela Rosa</p> <p>N</p> <p>inety nine Christian Polytechnic Institute of Catanduanes (CPIC) cross-enrolled cadets joined forces with the 554 Catanduanes State Colleges Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) students this First Semester, SY 2010-2011. This dramatically increased the CSC ROTC enrollment by 292 percent compared to last SY 2009-2010, which had 214 enrollees. CPIC is the first school allowed by the CSC management to cross- enroll in the CSC ROTC program. This arrangement is due to the inability of CPIC to have a minimum of 350 cadets to master ROTC training program which is a pre-requisite in their criminology course. CPIC and CSC management agreed upon a 50-50 share of NSTP fee from the cross enrollees of the said school. As such, CSC will receive from CPIC enrolled cadets the half of Php. 300.00 NSTP fee. NSTP has a corresponding 3 units credit or 100 pesos per unit. On the other hand, the cross-enrollees are required to wear the camouflage ROTC uniform while CSC ROTC students only wear t-shirt and pants. This is not our choice; this is the decision (wearing of uniform) of the CPIC management, CSC-ROTC Coordinator Jose Tabligan clarified.</p> <p>JuneAugust 2010</p> <p>Vol. XIX No. 1</p> <p>NEWS 5</p> <p>Araojo, Tidon, elected SSC President, VPby Kyle Rochelle B. Teves Karen Ailene P. Benavidez</p> <p>New Magna Carta of Women will prevail over existing school policies Atty. Sarmientoby Jann Marvin Posada The new Magna Carta of Women will prevail over existing school policies. This was emphasized by CSC Legal Officer Greg Sarmiento Jr., since R.A. 9710, also known as Magna Carta of Women, already carries provisions that might supersede admission policies of the school, specifically the barring from enrolment of unmarried pregnant students. Section 16 of Magna Carta of Women, which was signed into law by former president Gloria M. Arroyo last August 15, 2009, and whose Implementing Rules and Regulations took effect on March 30, 2010, states there must have an equal access and elimination of discrimination in education, scholarships and training. Specifically, the law provides that no female student shall be expelled, dismissed, suspended, refused or denied of admission or forced to take a leave of absence in any educational institution solely on grounds of pregnancy outside marriage during her school term. When needed, students who are pregnant shall be accorded with special leave of absence from school upon advice of the attending physician, and be given an opportunity to make up for missed classes and examinations. Pregnant students shall be assisted through available support services while in school such as but not limited to counseling to ensure completion of their studies. On the other hand, the College of Health Sciences has a policy which provides that a pregnant student nurse or midwife is not allowed to go on duty in the Related Learning Experience (RLE) regardless of the age of gestation as it will endanger the health of both the mother and the fetus and may hamper the ativity of the student. Waiver to this effect shall not be accepted. This is provided for under CSC Board Resolution No. 19, S. 2008. ThenewlawhoweverdefinesDiscriminationAgainst Women as any gender-based distinction, exclusion, or restriction which has the effect or purpose of impairing or nullifying the recognition, enjoyment, or exercise by women, irrespective of their marital status, on a basis of equality of men and women, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic,social,cultural,civil,oranyotherfield. The Magna Carta adds that discrimination includes any act or omission, including by law, policy, administrative measure, or practice that directly or indirectly excludes or restricts women in the recognition and promotion of their rights andtheiraccesstoandenjoymentofopportunities,benefits,or privileges. Dr. Mila Vela, dean of the College of Education, said the college observes a silent policy or there is no approved policy about disallowing unmarried pregnant students from enrolling at CoEd, only that they are supposed to maintain a high standard of morality as stated in Code of Ethics of Teachers. But the dean also reiterated that although the teachers code of ethics is not applicable to students, it still applies to the latter since they will become professional teachers someday. However the new Magna Carta directs the DepEd, CHED and TESDA to monitor and ensure compliance of educational institutions that women faculty who become pregnant outside of marriage shall not be discriminated by</p> <p>D</p> <p>espite the conflict between Piglas-Tugon Party candidates and Commission on Election (COMELEC) Officials, a new set of Supreme Student Council (SSC) and Student Body Organization (SBO) Officers were finally declared after the polls on June 14, 2010. Elected as the new SSC President was Joshua Paul L. Araojo who garnered 1887 votes while the new Vice President was John Alrey V. Tidon, bo...</p>