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<p>Crystal Group of Companies Crystal Group of Companies founded in 1992(until 2002 it was AIF firm) as a land investment and development company. The Group is one of the largest land investors in Baku and is currently expanding this activity. Crystal Group includes prestigious local companies such as Crystal Construction, A.I.F. Car Parking, Crystal Motors, Sabacars, Caspian-Crystal, Caspian Petrol, Caspian Petrol-1, Gastronomy, Indigo, Wine City. Websites to see the companies profile: AIF Car Parking Crystal Motors Sabacars Caspian Crystal(includes Crystal Restaurants, Gastronomy supermarkets and Wine City) Indigo publishing</p> <p>Crystal Group of Companies A.I.F. Car Parking has already constructed the first automatic Car Parking in the centre of Baku city. This year the company is planning to construct 10 Automatic Car Parks which will cost for A.I.F. Car Parking approximately for 11,000,000 AZN(all these are government orders). In addition to car parking Crystal Group receives orders for civil buildings and business centers. In its turn Crystal Group gives these orders to Crystal Construction to build. In 2012 Crystal Construction's spends is calculated approximately 60,500,000 AZN (including government buildings)</p> <p>Caspian Petrol is a producing company, and Caspian Petrol-1 is the distributor of this company in Azerbaijan and Caucasus. Their total forecasted turnover for 2012 is 9,000,000 AZNCaspian Crystal includes prestigious Crystal Restaurants, Gastronomy supermarkets, Wine City markets, Caspian Crystal business centers, Lotus Plaza, Crystal Plaza and Crystal motel. Caspian Crystals annual turnover is over 72 million AZN. Indigo is a publishing house whose annual turnover changes between 2.5 and 3 million AZN.</p> <p>Crystal Group of Companies Sabacars which was under Crystal Motors until 2008 is engaged in importing into Azerbaijan different types of vehicles of different brands and meantime is the official dealer of Mercedes-Benz in Azerbaijan from 2002. At the moment Sabacars uses 3 little showroom for Grey market and 1 big showroom for only Mercedes-Benz and Brabus. On its own Sabacars has an agreement with the local distributor of Mercedes-Benz for the service of sold vehicles. In 2013 Saba Cars gained a status of official dealer of Citroen cars in Azerbaijan. In 2008 when talks began on getting the importer ship of the Jaguar Land Rover in Azerbaijan, Sabacars was separated from Crystal Motors and Crystal Motors as a separate company began distributing Jaguar Land Rover in Azerbaijan as it was asked by Jaguar Land Rover. At the moment Crystal Motors a 3S showroom for Jaguar Land Rover, 1 temporary showroom for Maserati and Ducati and 2 service centers where 50 vehicles can be served at the same time.</p> <p>CRYSTAL MOTORS LTD The Crystal Motors Sabacars was founded in 1993 in order to import vehicles for sale in Azerbaijan where there was both the demand and the money for them. After strong growth, Crystal Motors Sabacars was owned by Crystal Group in 2008. Crystal Motors Sabacars currently owns 4 modern Showrooms in Baku selling many high-end luxury cars. The subsidiary of Crystal Motors called Sabacars is the exclusive dealer of Mercedes-Benz and the exclusive distributor of Brabus in Azerbaijan and Citroen in 2013. Crystal Motors is the exclusive importer of Maserati, Ducati, Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles in Azerbaijan and this importer ship has begun from 17th July 2010. Total vehicle sales in 2012 exceeded 1382 units.</p> <p>In order to take a further step forward, Crystal Motors is now seeking a new foreign manufacturing partner with a range of vehicles and are prepared invest heavily to fully develop and support the brand in Azerbaijan for the long term.</p> <p>Crystal Group of Companies StructureCrystal Construction A.I.F Car Parking Caspian Petrol</p> <p>Crystal Motors</p> <p>Crystal Group</p> <p>Sabacars</p> <p>Caspian Crystal</p> <p>Indigo</p> <p>Caspian Petrol-1</p> <p>AIF Management StructureCrystal Group Caspian CrystalManaging Director</p> <p>Mr. Fuad HajiyevCrystal MotorsManaging Director</p> <p>IndigoManaging Director</p> <p>Mr. Sadig AliyevSabacarsManaging Director Mr. Damir Abdullayev</p> <p>Mr. Tariyel Salahov</p> <p>Crystal Group of CompaniesOwner</p> <p>Caspian Petrol-1Managing Director</p> <p>Mr. Sahib AgayevCaspian PetrolManaging DirectorMr. Shahin Mahmudov</p> <p>Mr. Anar MahmudovA.I.F. Car parkingManaging Director</p> <p>Mrs. Samaya NagiyevaCrystal ConstructionManaging Director</p> <p>Mr. Namig Seyidov</p> <p>Organizational Chart of SabacarsManaging Director</p> <p>Damir Abdullayev</p> <p>Executive Director</p> <p>Rovshan Seyidov</p> <p>Secretar-assistant</p> <p>Sales and Marketing Manager</p> <p>Sales Manager</p> <p>Gunel Gasimova Agil Guliyev</p> <p>Ramin Guliyev</p> <p>Sales Manager</p> <p>Amir Gasimov Doctor AdviserSales Manager</p> <p>Zaur Valiyev</p> <p>Anar Ahmadov</p> <p>Sales Manager</p> <p>Vusal Isgandarov</p> <p>IT Administrator Zaur Dadashov</p> <p>Sales Manager</p> <p>Seller</p> <p>Parviz Guliyev</p> <p>Orkhan Mikayilov</p> <p>Organizational Chart of Crystal MotorsManaging Director</p> <p>Sadiq Aliyev</p> <p>Deputy Director Adil Akhundov</p> <p>Land Rover Sales Manager</p> <p>Farrukh Zeynalov</p> <p>After sales Manager Elchin Shikhaliyev</p> <p>Marketing and PR Manager Nigar Kamalova</p> <p>Financial Manager Samir Mustafayev</p> <p>Seller Farid Abbasov</p> <p>Seller Parviz Aliyev</p> <p>Next SlideMarketer Gunay Zeynalova Financist Ruslan Yusubov</p> <p>Seller Tural Huseynov</p> <p>Seller Elchin Abbasov</p> <p>Customer Care Hasan Farhadov</p> <p>Accountant Khanim Guliyeva</p> <p>Jaguar Land Rover Service centre &amp; Showroom</p> <p>situated in Baku</p> <p>Current service facility for Jaguar Land Rover</p> <p>Crystal Motors Showrooms</p> <p>Crystal Motors Showrooms</p> <p>Planned showroom for Maserati S.P.A</p> <p>AIF GROUP New Head Office</p> <p>Caspian Business Centre</p> <p>Crystal Plaza</p> <p>Gastronomy</p> <p>Wine City</p> <p>Indigo</p> <p>Car Parking</p> <p>Caspian Petrols</p> <p>Gastronomy 2</p> <p> Thanks for your attention.</p>