crying stone

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Page 2: Crying stone

Listyan ....... as ........ Girl

Rika ........ as ....... MotherTya ..... as ..... Boy

Page 3: Crying stone

Once day, In a remote village, there lived a girl and her mother. The girl was beautiful. Unfortunately, she was very lazy. She did not want to helped her mother earn a living. Every day she was just dressing up. Every day, She admired her beauty in the mirror. In addition to lazy, spoiled girl too. Whatever She asked, should be granted. Of course, this situation makes her very sad.

Ohh .. I’m very beautifull ...

Page 4: Crying stone

Oh my god ... It’s very dirty.

Why my daughter is very Lazy?

I’m very sad.

Page 5: Crying stone

One day her mother asked her daughter to accompany him to the market.

Dear, let mother go to the market ... It's okay, but I don’t

want to walk together with you. Mom had to

walk behind me.

Alright ...

Page 6: Crying stone

Huu.. Huu ..Syalalala ........Hiks .. Hiks ..


So the two of them walk down the hill hand in hand. The girl walked in front, the mother walked behind, carrying the basket.

Page 7: Crying stone

Although they were mother and son, they looked different. As if they didn’t come from the same family. Why not? Her dress very nice. Being her mother looked old and very simple dress.

Hey pretty girl, is the person behind you is

your mother?

No, the person behind me isn’t my

mother. She is a servant.

Page 8: Crying stone

Every any person who greeted and asked who the old lady with her, she always answered she is a servant.

Hi! Is , is the person behind

you is your mother?

No ... She isn’t my mother. She is a servant.

Page 9: Crying stone

Over time the mother of her hurt. She also prayed.

Oh God, punish children who do not know thanks.

Mother's prayer was heard. Slowly, her legs turned to stone. Changes that occur from the feet upwards.

Mother, mother! Please forgive me.

Forgive me! ;(