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Page 2: Crying - Hypothetical Brief Pitch

‘Crying’ is a piece of video art, based on a simple idea.

‘Crying’ consists mostly of a large, smiling sun, pulsating on top of an

orange background. The sun constantly grows and shrinks.

Page 3: Crying - Hypothetical Brief Pitch

Underneath the sun is a thin strip of video, showing people running around with their hands in the air, worshipping the sun.

There will be roughly thirty seconds of

this footage,before it loops.

Page 4: Crying - Hypothetical Brief Pitch

The footage will then loop, at a much faster speed. The footage will

continue to loop, getting faster every time. The smiling sun will make

bigger pulsations, depending on how fast the clip of people worshipping it


Page 5: Crying - Hypothetical Brief Pitch

The art will play for two minutes.It will be projected onto a radiator.

Page 6: Crying - Hypothetical Brief Pitch

‘Crying’ represents the idea of warmth, and how it is loved by everyone. By putting happy people and a smiling sun onto a radiator, a strong sense of warmth and joy is created.

‘Crying’ completely ignores narrative, and focusses solely on expressionism.

Page 7: Crying - Hypothetical Brief Pitch

The art has been named ‘Crying’, in order to intentionally contrast

with the content of the art. Knowing that the art is called

‘Crying’, an audience will expect a sad piece, but will instead be


This may also lead an audience to think of the art when they see sadness, allowing them to feel happier.

Other working titles for the art include‘Divorce’, ‘Miscarriage’, and ‘Graveyard’.

Page 8: Crying - Hypothetical Brief Pitch

‘Crying’ would be exhibited in video art galleries, in a place where people would believe a radiator was there anyway.By putting the radiator in a normal place, it gives theimpression thateverything inthe gallery is art.

Page 9: Crying - Hypothetical Brief Pitch

‘Crying’ could be seen as a side event in these galleries, as it would

be at a lower level than the other pieces of art, and it will be less


Page 10: Crying - Hypothetical Brief Pitch

Exhibiting ‘Crying’ can be achieved simply by directing a projector

towards a radiator.

Page 11: Crying - Hypothetical Brief Pitch

Filming ‘Crying’ will take less than an hour, as little live footage is needed.

Editing the pulsating sun should not be difficult, and we will create a sun in Photoshop.

We will look for very happy free music, under Creative Commons.

Page 12: Crying - Hypothetical Brief Pitch

Thank you very, very much.