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Pre-conference document to support swap-shop at IATEFL Harrogate, UK April 2010


  • CROWD WISE Pre-conference document Karenne Sylvester Kalinago English IATEFL2010
  • Aimed at current and potential educational e-community leaders, a mini presentation of some of the psychological, historical and evolutionary aspects of real-life communities followed by a swap- shop (an exchange of minds): reviewing the key roles of e- participants; discussing group life cycles, net-i-quette issues and conflict resolution; comparing web platforms and sharing tips for accessing the wisdom of the crowd.
  • Pre-Conference - blog series: - pre conference document with questions to ponder on - IATEFL session forum comments/questions @ IATEFL Conference -mini presentation -swapping experiences, opinions & ideas through -commuhnity building simulation -interactive discussion activity Post-Conference Downloadable ebook of blog postings, selected comments & discussion at IATEFL
  • Questions...
  • Why do people join e-communitiies?
  • Why do people create e-communities?
  • What personal qualities should e-leaders & moderators possess? (From top: Carla Arena, David Deubel, Duncan Baker, Gladys Baya, Tara Benwell & Vance Stevens)
  • Which online platform do you generally prefer working on? Why?
  • Should e-communities create mission statements?
  • How much does the size of your community matter?
  • Is it better to work together in private or in public?
  • Do y Are rules necessary?
  • What percentage of members in an edu- community participate actively?
  • Why do some members 'lurk'?
  • What is Ego-Boo? Why should we pay attention to this?
  • How do we stay on top of and respect our cultural differences?
  • What are some of the differences between working online with learners and working with teachers?
  • What do we do with trolls... pirates, kidnappers & other threats to e-community life?
  • Do you know of great activities or tips which help build a global team?
  • Should e-communities be available for free? Did you pay for the platform(s) you use? Why? Why not?
  • What books or resources on PLNs/CoPs & e-community life have you read and recommend?
  • Answers...
  • Join the conversation: Online via the blog series: Online via IATEFL-BritishCouncil Forums Session Comments @ IATEFL Harrogate 2010 Date: April 08 2010 Venue: Harrogate International Centre, UK Room: Studley 16.05 - 17.05 Limited seating: 30 participants only
  • Your host: Karenne Sylvester Edu-blogger, ESP:IT teacher, Edtech teacher-trainer Former academic director of two non-profit educational organizations: Summerbridge, Hong Kong and EIL, Ecuador. Karenne has extensive real-life community experience and is a member of Triiibes: Seth Godin's exclusive tribe about tribes. She actively participates in many global edu-communities and is the NingMistress of BELTfree (edu-blogging). She runs private web2.0 communities with language learners. Connect with Karenne on twitter @kalinagoenglish