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    One of Europes largest dealers in new and used heavy transport equipment


    We are pleased to introduce you to our

    company CRM Trucks & Trailers. CRM Trucks

    & Trailers is established in The Nether lands

    and predominantly trades in new, used and

    reconditioned Heavy-Duty equipment.

    We are one of the largest transportation

    equipment traders in Western Europe and focus

    our business internationally, exporting vehicles

    worldwide. We offer a wide range of trucks and

    trailers in all kinds of varieties and makes. We

    usually stock around 600 vehicles on our terrain

    of 35.000 m2, making sure the vehicle you are

    looking for is always available.


  • CRM is also the leading specialist in new and

    used side loaders. We have the biggest stock

    of Hammar, Klaus, Steelbro and Steelmac.

    In addition, we have proudly been an offi cial

    Boxloader dealer since the beginning of 2013.

    Our business differs from other companies in

    that we are able to adapt vehicles to the wishes

    of the customer. Our team of experts has the

    technical knowledge and skills to rebuild

    and adjust vehicles and equipment to your

    preferences. CRM Trucks & Trailers strives for

    quality, making sure our clients always fi nd what

    they are looking for, with the appropriate service

    and advice, for an honest price.

    Tractor units Cargo trucks Chassis cabs Low boys Fuel tankers Side loaders Tipper trucks and trailers Mixer trucks and trailers

    Flatbed trucks and trailers Fully equipped work shops Mobile fuel stations Water tankers Mining equipment NEW Toyota jeeps /


    You can fi nd the following NEW, REFURBISHED and USED equipment at CRM Trucks & Trailers:

    We can also STACK the ordered vehicles ourselves to LOWER your SHIPPING EXPENSES.

    SUPER-FAST (24 HRS) DELIVERY to Rotterdam Port is our goal to serve your business plans much quicker.

    And much more

    But that is not all. We have been doing business

    at an international level with countries all over

    the world for years, so we are specialized in the

    shipment of vehicles. Paperwork and delivery are

    all taken care of when you buy from CRM Trucks

    & Trailers. We have been doing business in

    almost every country in Africa, the Middle East

    and in many more countries

    We would like to invite you to take a look at our

    website, where you can fi nd a wide

    range of transportation equipment currently in

    stock. If you are looking for a particular vehicle

    but you can not fi nd it on our website, then

    please contact us. We have lots of contacts

    so we can always fi nd the equipment you are

    looking for.


  • 4CRM has a constant stock of more

    than 200 used tractor units. Therefore

    we can always supply you with the

    vehicle you are looking for. Of course

    we can also provide brand new

    tractor units from any make in any

    confi guration.


    Euro 2Steel Suspension

    We have a tremendous variety of tractor units in stock, for instance:

    Engine: From the simple euro 1 technology till the newest euro 6.

    Cabin: From a daycabin till a Super Space Cab

    Axles: From 4x2 8x8 Certifi cates: VLG-ADR Extras: Cranes, hydraulics Specials: Terminal tractors



    Tractor Units



    Refrigerated box

    Water / Food / ADR Tank





    LPG/fuel tank


    Mixer Pump


  • 7Vacuum

    Closed Box


    Emergency Vehicle


    Side Loader

    Chassis Cabine



    Cargo Trucks


    CRM has a constant stock of more than 400

    used and brand new semi-trailers from all kind

    of makes and varieties. We can supply you with

    any semi-trailer you need in any confi guration.

    Air or steel suspension, BPW or SAF axles, one,

    two or three axles and from container transport

    to tank trailers. CRM is the specialist in Europe in

    selling side loaders, new, used and refurbished.

    We sell these to countries all over the world, from

    the Netherlands to Madagascar. Besides that we

    can provide you many services to fi nd the solution

    for your company, for instance: new MOT,

    stacking trailers in order to reduce your shipping

    costs, refurbishing including sandblasting and

    repainting in your company colours, new

    curtains, new advertisements and much more.


    Brick Transport

    Semi / Low Boy

  • 99

    All facilities operate to a high standard of workmanship, with industry standards being the norm.

    We offer: Full and partial


    Sand blasting Painting in single or two

    pack paint

    Trailer conversions Shortening Lengthening Beaver tails Hydraulic and manual ramps Tail lifts both new and used Adjustable fl oor height Double deck of all types New sheet and curtains Full livery using sticker or

    sign writing

    Whether it will be one or one hundred units we have the capacity to meet your opera tional needs on time, every time.




    Tilt & Curtain slider


    Semi Trailers


  • 10


    This top-notch solution for fuel distribution is

    developed by CRM Trucks & Trailers and built

    in Holland to perform anywhere and under any

    condition. Entirely self-supported, mobile and

    100% customizable to your specifi cations. Our

    Mobile Fuel Station units are mainly used for

    the storage of fuel and lubricants as well as a

    fuel supply (diesel, biodiesel, petrol, kerosene,

    ethanol, bioethanol and vegetable oils) for trucks,

    cars, construction machines, mining machines,

    diesel locomotives, airplanes, boats and yachts.

    European approved


    Self supporting

    Your fuel distribution solution anywhere, anytime.

  • 5.000 liter Up to 47.000 liter

    10 ft container Up to 45 ft container

    Standard Fully equipped

    For more information please contact us:


    Your tailor-made Mobile FuelStation starts with an offer from one of our specialists.


    Mobile Fuel Station

  • 12

    CRM is the leading specialist in Europe in new

    and used side loaders with the largest stock.

    We are also an offi cial dealer of Boxloader.

    We can offer you used side loaders of any make

    for any size container. From 20 ft. up to 45 hc.

    We sell well-known makes with the best quality,

    like Boxloader, Hammar, Steelbro, Steelmac,

    Klaus, Invepe and Jalusso. We can deliver these

    with an engine to work seperate from the tractor

    unit, or we can modify the tractor unit by

    mounting hydraulics to drive the side loader


    If you want a complete solution for a 20ft

    sideloader mounted on a truck in any axle

    confi guration, CRM is also your supplier.

    All the side loaders are tested in our highly

    qualifi ed workshop.


    We sell well-known makes of the best quality, like Boxloader, Hammar, Steelbro, Steelmac, Klaus, Invepe and Jalusso.

  • 13

    CRM, your specialist in new and used side loaders.

    Side Loaders

  • 14


    All models in any type you want:

    Gasoline/diesel Manual/automatic


    Single/double cabin Basic/fully equipped Ambulance/mining/

    armor equipment

    HZJ 78 13 SEATS

    CRM can supply you with any type of brand new or unused

    Toyota you need. We stock all models and types, from a

    Hilux single cabin to a Coaster bus 30 seater. And all this

    at very competitive prices.HZJ 76


    Hiace 15 SEATSLandcruiser 200

  • 15


    Sand blasting and repainting in your own company colours Service packages with fi lters Rebuilding chassis Full technical refurbishment Full optical refurbishment Building any type of construction on any kind of chassis We can fi nd the best solution for your logistic problems








  • 16


  • 1717

    Full refurbishment possible like:

    Sandblasting Repainting Engine check-up New tracks Hydraulics check-up Cleaning


    CRM can supply you with any type of Used or New Construction Equipment you need. 17

  • 18

    From Utrecht:

    Take the A12 to Den Haag Exit 7 to Zoetermeer Directly left on the viaduct Follow the road till the roundabout First exit on the roundabout After 400m right

    From Rotterdam:

    Take the N471 to Zoetermeer First exit on the roundabout

    to N470 to Zoetermeer

    Third exit on the roundabout After 400m right

    From Amsterdam:

    Take the A4 to Rotterdam/Den Haag Interchange 8 to A12 to Utrecht Exit 7 to Zoetermeer Right at the traffi c lights Follow the road till the roundabout First exit on the roundabout After 400m right


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