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Critical Illness Insurance 15-660-02251 (7/14) Slide 2 Assurity Life Insurance Company A leader in Critical Illness Insurance Slide 3 Life insurance for the living Critical Illness insurance reduces financial stress if you are diagnosed with cancer, or have a heart attack or stroke. Slide 4 Created by a doctor, not an insurance company You need critical illness insurance not because you are going to die, but because you are going to survive. I created critical illness insurance because with medical advances, I was able to heal my patients physically but the financial stress was killing them and working against everything I was trying to do as a doctor. Dr. Marius Barnard Slide 5 Slide 6 Types of break-ins Slide 7 Who do you know? Slide 8 What CI does Provides OPTIONS Provides CONTROL Provides CHOICES Provides INDEPENDENCE (or avoids dependence) Reduces STRESS Slide 9 Ways others have used the money Uncovered medical costs Accessing medications Accessing non-traditional treatments Supplemental disability income benefits Costs to retrofit a home or car Mortgage pre-payment Comfort during treatment Slide 10 How would you use the money? Assurity Life Insurance Company Date 5/1/2014 Pay to the Order of: John Jones $50,000 Fifty thousand dollars and 0/100 dollars For: CI Claim Slide 11 Mortgage or rent protection Do you have life insurance to protect your home in the event of death? What do you think is more likely to happen while youre paying off your mortgage, death or a critical illness? Slide 12 Would it reduce your stress if you were diagnosed with cancer, heart attack or stroke, and received a lump- sum amount worth six months income? Slide 13 Simplified CI Slide 14 Simplified CI Application Slide 15 Critical illness insurance is affordable! Slide 16 Slide 17 For business owners Slide 18


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