Criteria for the 10th Birthday Card Competition

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Guidelines about birthday card competition.


<ul><li><p>We are 10!Competition Criteria</p><p>Your Chance to Exhibit at The New Art Gallery Walsall </p><p>The gallery is 10 years old in 2010, we are inviting pupils to make an originalbirthday card and send it to the gallery. Selected entries will be put on display.</p><p>Who can enter?</p><p>Anyone from Reception to Further Education Colleges</p><p>How do I enter or find out more information?</p><p>Just contact the Education team on 01922 654 411 or email Assistant Education Curator, Keiko Higashi, andwe will post/email you an entry form, or you can download one directly from thegallery website</p><p>When do I submit my work?</p><p>Works will be accepted at gallery reception throughout January 2010. </p><p>When will the work be selected?</p><p>The selection date is on Monday 1 February. We will notify winners by emailby the 7 February 2010. Chosen works will be exhibited during Spring Summer 2010.</p><p>Competition Criteria: </p><p> To design a birthday card for The New Art Gallery Walsall. A5 size only 2D or relief 1 birthday card per person Any medium</p></li></ul>