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Criteria #8 - Table of Contents Youth EŶgageŵeŶt aŶd DeǀelopŵeŶt ;YEDͿ Page ϭ SĐhools Without Borders—Algoŵa PuďliĐ Health Page Ϯ Art OrgaŶizaioŶs—Youth DeǀelopŵeŶt Page ϰ Algoŵa Youth EŶgageŵeŶt Theatre Page ϳ Art Moď—Algoŵa Art Gallery Page ϴ Youth EŵpoǁerŵeŶt CouŶĐil—UŶited Way Page ϵ Wasa NaďiŶ—IŶdiaŶ FrieŶdship CeŶtre Page ϭϬ YOUŶioŶ—ProjeĐt DesĐripioŶs Page ϭϭ Algoŵa Faŵily SerǀiĐes—Youth SerǀiĐes Page ϭϮ Youth GaŵďliŶg AǁareŶess Prograŵ ;YGAPͿ Page ϭϰ Posiiǀe Youth DeǀelopŵeŶt IŶiiaiǀes Page ϭϱ Graii Refraŵed Workshops Page ϭϴ Suŵŵer CoŵpaŶy—EĐoŶoŵiĐ DeǀelopŵeŶt CorporaioŶ Page ϭϵ Joďs for youth—EŵployŵeŶt SoluioŶs Page ϮϬ SoĐial EŶtrepreŶeurship EǀoluioŶ Page Ϯϭ Naǀy League Cadets Page ϮϮ Air Cadets Page Ϯϯ Arŵy Cadet League Page Ϯϰ

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  • Criteria #8 - Table of Contents

    Youth E gage e t a d De elop e t YED Page

    S hools Without BordersAlgo a Pu li Health Page

    Art Orga izaio sYouth De elop e t Page

    Algo a Youth E gage e t Theatre Page

    Art Mo Algo a Art Gallery Page

    Youth E po er e t Cou ilU ited Way Page

    Wasa Na i I dia Frie dship Ce tre Page

    YOU io Proje t Des ripio s Page

    Algo a Fa ily Ser i esYouth Ser i es Page

    Youth Ga li g A are ess Progra YGAP Page

    Posii e Youth De elop e t I iiai es Page

    Graii Refra ed Workshops Page

    Su er Co pa yE o o i De elop e t Corporaio Page

    Jo s for youthE ploy e t Soluio s Page

    So ial E trepre eurship E oluio Page

    Na y League Cadets Page

    Air Cadets Page

    Ar y Cadet League Page

  • Criteria #8 1

    Youth Engagement and Development (YED)

  • Criteria #8 2

    Schools Without BordersAlgoma Public Health

  • Criteria #8 3

    Schools Without BordersAlgoma Public Health

  • Criteria #8 4

    Art OrganizationsYouth Development

  • Criteria #8 5

    Art OrganizationsYouth Development

  • Criteria #8 6

    Arts OrganizationYouth Development

  • Criteria #8 7

    Algoma Youth Engagement Theatre

  • Criteria #8 8

    Art MobAlgoma Art Gallery


    OF ALGOMA Get involved with the AGA with Art Mob!

    Strengthen your leadership skills,

    have fun working with peers, enhance your art education

    and have a fun summer experience. For Youth 13 29

    year olds who want to think outside the box, and

    are committed to making your community a better

    place to live. Participants will be given the opportunity

    to practice their skills in a supportive environment & will

    be provided with mentoring and feedback.

    Here are some volunteer opportunities when you

    join Art Mob!

    Art Mob Delegate

    Assisting with functions and special events that happen

    at the AGA all year long...for example:

    Summer: Fresh Art & the AGA Rotary Fest Family


    Throughout the year: AGA Family Day Series,

    exhibition openings

    AGA SumMerArt Programs Assistant

    Work with our summer art councilors assisting in the


    One week commitment:

    morning session for children 6-8 @ 9:30 11:30AM

    each day or afternoon session for children 9-12 @ 1:30

    3:30PM each day

    AGA Street Beat

    As a Street Beat Volunteer you will be out and about

  • Criteria #8 9

    Youth Empowerment CouncilUnited Way

  • Criteria #8 10

    Wasa NabinIndian Friendship Centre

  • Criteria #8 11

    YOUnionProject Descriptions

  • Criteria #8 12

    Algoma Family ServicesYouth Services

  • Criteria #8 13

    Algoma Family ServicesYouth Services

  • Criteria #8 14

    Youth Gambling Awareness Program (YGAP)

    Gambling Rap

    Gambling is an addiction

    Its true, this ai t fi tio Always felt like the great bambino

    When I walked up in the casino

    No I lo i g all o e I have no more to spend on my honey

    Lost all my money on the slots

    The whole time thinking this was my spot

    Just dropped a couple grand down the drain

    No I starti g to feel the pai

    I lost my kids, my wife, and my house

    Yall do t e e k o hat this is a out Though my dreams were always the next pull away

    No all of a sudde I all alo e with nothing left to say

    What you know about losing your life

    A stab in the chest like the sharp edge of a knife

    Roulette ta les spi i o e ar ed a dits rolli di e No I realize this ai t o a to li e life

    I wish I would have known to set limits

    But I ould t see past all the flash gi i ks Should of kept it to what I could actually spend

    Not always asking friends and family for what they would lend

    No I hopi g to i ut e pe ti g to loose Should of known the casino would have me singing the blues

    If I can give you one piece of advice

    Pla safe a d pla s art, do t ake sa rifi e

    What you know about losing your life

    A stab in the chest like the sharp edge of a knife

    Roulette ta les spi i o e ar ed a dits rolli di e Now I realize this ai t o a to li e life

    Roulette ta les spi i o e ar ed a dits rolli di e No I realize this ai t o a to li e life

  • Criteria #8 15

    Positive Youth Development Initiatives

  • Criteria #8 16

    Positive Youth Development Initiatives

  • Criteria #8 17

    Positive Youth Development Initiatives

  • Criteria #8 18

    Graffiti Reframed Workshops

  • Criteria #8 19

    Summer CompanyEconomic Development Corporation

  • Criteria #8 20

    Jobs for YouthEmployment Solutions

  • Criteria #8 21

    Social Entrepreneurship Evolution

  • Criteria #8 22

    Navy League Cadets

  • Criteria #8 23

    Air League Cadets

  • Criteria #8 24

    Army Cadet League

  • Criteria #9 - Table of Contents

    YMCA Leadership De elop e t Page

    Youth E po er e t Cou il Page

    Youth E po er e t Cou ilCha ge the World Page

    Ta les Tee s Page

    Mill Market a d E to i a Volu teers Page

    YOU io Page

    We S are Hu ger Page

    Big Blue Bo Dri e Page

    Red CrossLeadership De elop e t Page

    Algo a Distri t S hool Board Page

    Huro Superior Catholi Distri t S hool BoardPe ies fro Hea e Page

    Mi ute Makeo er Page

    Volu teer Sault Ste. Marie a d Volu teer Algo a Page

    Youth So ial I frastru ture Colla orai e Page

    Algo as Far ers Market Page

    Faith Based Orga izaio sLeadership De elop e t Page

    Rotar Clu Volu teers Page

    Clea North Volu teers Page

    Sault Area Hospital Volu teers Page

  • Criteria #9 1

    YMCALeadership Development

  • Criteria #9 2

    Youth Empowerment Council

  • Criteria #9 3

    Youth Empowerment Council

  • Criteria #9 4

    Youth Empowerment Council

  • Criteria #9 5

    Co u ity Car Wash

    Youth Empowerment CouncilChange the World

  • Criteria #9 6


    Help change the world, get your car washed

    Friday, May 10, 2013 by: Good Deeds

    Welcome to SooToday's web feature we like to call the Good Deeds page. If you know of any unsung do-gooders that deserve some recognition for making a difference in our community, e-mail [email protected] with information and pictures, and you could be featured next time!

    For only five bucks, theyll wash your cars and trucks!

    For yet another year, students from four local high schools will be participating in the 6th annual ChangeTheWorld: Ontario Youth

    Volunteer Challenge.

    ChangeTheWorld is a 4-week long campaign that provides an opportunity for youth to get involved in their community. It is meant to plant the seed of volunteerism in young individuals who are interested in social change.

    The campaign is supported through the Ontario Governments Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI), Volunteer SSM, the Youth Empowerment Council (YEC), and United Way of Sault Ste. Marie and district.

    One of the most successful local volunteer activities is the Community Car Wash for Charity. The students are encouraged to host the most successful car wash by raising money to support a charity of their choice. The money that is raised from the car wash is then donated to a charity, by decision of the students.

    This years participating high schools include:

    Korah Collegiate and Vocational School Charity: Paulines Place Date: Saturday, May 11th, from 10am-4pm Location: Korah Collegiate Parking Lot

    Superior Heights Collegiate and Vocational School Charity: ARCH Date: Sunday, May 19th, from 10am-4pm Location: Superior Heights Parking Lot

    St. Marys College Charity: Christmas Cheer Date: Monday, May 20th, from 11am-2pm Location: SSt. Mary's College Parking Lot

    cole Notre-Dame-du-Sault Charity: Canadian Cancer Society (Relay for Life) Date: Saturday, May 25th, from 10am-3pm Location: cole Notre-Dame-du-Sault Parking Lot

    So, come out and support the youth of our community, get your car washed and donate to a charity!

    Make sure to check out our archive for

    more Good Deed Stories

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    Youth Empowerment CouncilChange the World

  • Criteria #9 7

    Local News

    Building picnic tables for a good cause

    Monday, May 19, 2014 by: Kenneth Armstrong

    White Pines grade 9 student Elizabeth Gagne volunteered to build picnic tables because she prefers volunteer work that is hands-on. It gets you involved in your community and helping, gets you outside and its for a good cause, said Gagne. Tables by Teens was one event organized by United Way Sault Ste. Marie and District project coordinator Kaitlyn Irwin and involved about a dozen local high school students building picnic tables in the Home Depot parking lot on Saturday. We try to create volunteer initiatives for students to participate in and this is one of them, said Irwin. Irwin is organizing local events for ChangeTheWorld: Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge, which runs between April 6 and May 19 across Ontario. The events are intended for students age 14-18 and are being organized through volunteer Sault Ste. Marie.

    The students can apply the hours volunteered toward the 40 hours required to graduate high school in Ontario. The picnic table kits were donated by Home

    Depot and sold for one-hundred dollars each, the money from which will go toward whatever project or charity the children decide. Giving back to the community is one of Home Depots core values, says store Manager Susie Furchacher. The teens get to learn some life skills by actually assembling the tables, said Furbacher. For some of these kids they have never had an opportunity to do this kind of work, and this is a great opportunity for them to give back and help each other. It gives them a sense of pride in their work, said Furbacher. Any tables that were left over from the event were to be donated to local charities, said Irwin. Irwin is hoping to make Tables by Teens an annual event, possibly adding Muskoka chairs in the future.

    (PHOTO: Emma Stafford and Paige

    Furbacher, both Grade 9 students at Korah

    Collegiate and Vocational School, assemble

    picnic tables for the United Way May 17,

    2014 at Home Depot. Armstrong)

    Youth Empowerment CouncilChange the World

  • Criteria #9 8

    Youth Empowerment CouncilChange the World

  • Criteria #9 9

    Youth Volu teer at E to i a

    Mill Market & Entomica Volunteers

  • Criteria #9

    Profile: Algoma Family Services Posted on February 19, 2014 by admin

    Leave a Comment

    Group Name: YOUNION: youth voice, working together

    Location: Sault Ste. Marie

    What makes your group unique?

    We are a constantly changing and growing group. Depending on where our individual passions lay, we choose

    different projects depending on our current group members talents and abilities. If someone has an idea or a

    cause that they are particularly passionate about, we do what we can to accomplish something with that topic

    as a particular focus. We have a fun, discrimination-free environment, with lots of games, food and activities.

    We have a youth room that we schedule for activities. We do art expression, skill development and work on our

    various projects on the evenings that our youth room is open.

    Projects in the works:

    We are developing a youth speakers bureau to share our passions with the community.

    Childrens mental health awareness week is happening in May and we are planning an awareness campaign in

    our schools and the community.


  • Criteria #9



  • Criteria #9

    We Scare Hunger

  • Criteria #9

    We Scare Hunger

  • Criteria #9

    Big Blue Box Drive

  • Criteria #9

    Red CrossLeadership Development

  • Criteria #9

    Algoma District School Board

  • Criteria #9

    Algoma District School Board

  • Criteria #9

    Local News

    St Mary's adds a kick to Pennies from Heaven campaign

    Tuesday, December 03, 2013 by: Staff


    *************************** Giving back and staying fit

    SAULT STE. MARIE - Looking for the perfect way for you and your kids to give back to the community this holiday season while having fun and staying fit?

    The 2013 St. Mary's College Pennies from Heaven Indoor Soccer Tournament will be held at the school on December 13 and 14.

    The weekend event promises to be fun-filled and memorable for all those involved.

    Alongside the soccer tournament will be door-prizes, giveaways and special guest appearances which are sure to get the whole crowd involved!

    Proceeds from the fund-raiser will be donated to local charities and families.

    Last year, SMC's Pennies from Heaven raised approximately $18,000 for those in need.

    Girls and boys categories are available for children born in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

    Teams may enroll as a single-gender or co-ed entries.

    Teams entering the round-robin event are guaranteed a minimum of three games, with the top entrants advancing into the playoffs.

    The sign-up cost of $20 per player includes registration, two pieces of pizza and a player prize from St. Mary's College.

    Visit SMC's official website for the registration form.

    Deadline to enroll your team has been extended to Wednesday, December 4 by the end of day.

    Be sure to drop off your child's form to SMC as soon as possible to ensure you get one of the remaining spots!

    Additional information is available by calling St. Mary's College event staff at 705-945-5540.

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    Huron Superior District School BoardPennies from Heaven

  • Criteria #9

    20 minute Makeover

    The 0 i ute akeo er is a olu teer dri e e e t. The i te t of the e e t is to pro ote i i pride a d o u ity eauii aio , a d ele rate Earth Day!

    Sault College Stude ts

    YMCA Tea Clea

  • Criteria #9

    Volunteer Sault Ste. Marie & Volunteer Algoma

  • Criteria #9

    Algomas Farmers Market

  • Criteria #9

    A u er of faith ased orga izaio s i Sault Ste. Marie pro ide leadership de elop e t opportu iies through their youth groups. A sa ple is i luded.

    Faith Based OrganizationsLeadership Development

  • Criteria #9

    Faith Based OrganizationsLeadership Development

  • Criteria #9

    Rotaryfest is a day su er fesi al hi h is olu -teer dri e . E e ts su h as the kids zo e are orga ized a d fa ilitated y youth.

    Rotary Club Volunteers

  • Criteria #9

    Rotary Club Volunteers

  • Criteria #9

    Youth Volu teers at Christ as Tree Recycli g

    Clean North - Volunteers

  • Criteria #9

    Sault Area Hospital Volunteers

  • Criteria # - Table of Contents

    Sault Ste. Marie Youth E gage e t Foru Page

    Algo a Youth E gage e t Net ork Page

    The Do to Dialogue Page 7

    Neigh ourhood Resour e Ce tre Page

    Soup Ste. Marie Page

    Ears a d Eyes Sault Musi a d Art Co u ity Page

    E erge y Fesi al Page 9

    Christys Light Fou daio Page

    Delta Sault Ste. Marie Page

    Sto es Oi e Supply Page

    Sault U ited Foot all A ade y Page

  • Criteria #10 1

    Sault Ste. Marie Youth Engagement Forum

  • Criteria #10 2

    Sault Ste. Marie Youth Engagement Forum

  • Criteria #10 3

    Sault Ste. Marie Youth Engagement Forum

  • Criteria #10 4

    Algoma Youth Engagement Network

  • Criteria #10 5

    Algoma Youth Engagement Network

  • Criteria #10 6


    Name: Algoma Youth Engagement and Development Network

    Purpose/Goal: To foster a collaborative and synergistic approach to YED in Algoma to maximize positive youth outcomes

    Objectives: To facilitate information sharing of youth engagement and development practices and resources amongst network members

    To Identify membership needs in employing effective youth engagement and development practices

    To develop membership capacity in youth engagement and development practices

    To build community capacity for youth engagement and development practices

    To assist in the development of partnerships amongst the diverse disciplines of network members on local youth engagement and development initiatives

    Chair: Appointed by the membership for a 1 year term. Role is run an effective meeting. Algoma Public Healths Youth Engagement Coordinator will draft agenda, book room.

    Recorder: Youth Engagement Coordinator - Algoma Public Health

    Membership: Community organizations involved with or interested in youth engagement and development practices

    Reporting to: Membership will report within their individual agencies.

    Frequency: Monthly

    Term: Reviewed annually

    Decision-making Format:

    Consensus is preferred, where possible.

    Distribution of Minutes: Distribute to members.

    Algoma Youth Engagement Network

  • Criteria #10 7

    The Downtown Dialogue

  • Criteria #10 8

    The Downtown Dialogue

  • Criteria #10 9

    The Downtown Dialogue

  • Criteria #10 10

    The Downtown Dialogue

  • Criteria #10 11

    Downtown Dialogue

  • Criteria #10 12

    Neighbourhood Resource Centre

  • Criteria #10 13

    Soup Ste. Marie

    How will you Change the Downtown? Thursday, November 14th 2013

    180 Gore Street, 6pm 8:30pm


    Application due date: Friday, November 8th 5:00PM EST

    *All entrants will be notified by Monday, November 11th if they

    have been selected to present at the event on November 14th.

    Theme: How will you Change the Downtown?

    Grant Amount: Prize amount dependent on attendance.

    Criteria: The Soup committee made up of community members

    will choose between 5-6 presenters or partisoupants based on the following criteria:

    Community benefit Achievability Creativity Strong connection to the theme: How will you Change

    the Downtown?

    Presentations: Projects may be presented by individuals,

    groups or organizations. At least one member of your project

    must be physically present at the Soup Ste. Marie event on

    November 14th, 2013.

    Presentations will be 5 minutes in length followed by a 5-

    minute Q&A.

    Project Submission: Each Partisoupant may submit a maximum

    of 2 projects. Projects can be submitted by email to

    [email protected] or submitted in person at 180

    Projects located at 180 Gore Street.

    There is no entry fee. Late or incomplete entries will not be




    Soup Ste. Marie is a public dinner

    designed to use community-driven

    financial support to democratically

    fund projects led by individuals,

    businesses and groups of

    community members. It is a

    recurring micro-grant model based

    on the international Sunday Soup

    program which funds creative

    projects through community meals.

    The idea is simple:

    Each Soup Ste. Marie event will have a different focus, but one

    that will encourage imaginative

    projects that benefit the

    community. $10 entrance fee

    gets you a bowl of soup and a

    vote on a project.

    Community Partisoupants showcase their projects

    through a 5-minute

    presentation a 5-minute Q&A.

    Attendees get to listen to presentations, engage with

    Partisoupants and cast their

    vote to grant the proceeds to

    the most inspiring project.

    No one but the winning presenter makes money from

    these events. However, this is a

    unique opportunity for

    partisoupating projects to

    showcase their work and

    network with attendees.

    Soup Ste. Marie is more than just a

    funding mechanism, it is a platform

    from which we can generate ideas

    and discussion about what is happening in our community.

    It gives Partisoupants an

    opportunity to network with

    potential collaborators and to raise awareness about the needs and

    resources that help make

  • Criteria #10 14

    Soup Ste. Marie

  • Criteria #10 15

    Ears and Eyes Sault Music and Art Community

  • Criteria #10 16

    Ears and Eyes Sault Music and Art Community

    Sault Music and Art Community

  • Criteria #10 17

    Ears and Eyes Sault Music and Art Community

  • Criteria #10 18

    Ears and Eyes Sault Music and Art Community

  • Criteria #10 19

    The Emergency Festival

  • Criteria #10 20

    The Emergency Festival

  • Criteria #10 21

    The Emergency Festival

  • Criteria #10 22

    Christys Light Foundation

  • Criteria #10 23

    Delta Sault Ste. Marie

  • Criteria #10 24

    Stones Office Supply

  • Criteria #10 25

    Sault United Football Academy