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Crisis Intervention. “a highly emotional temporary state in which an individual’s feelings of anxiety, grief, confusion or pain impair his/her ability to act”. Qualities and Characteristics of a Crisis. 1) period of heightened psychological accessibility - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Crisis Interventiona highly emotional temporary state in which an individuals feelings of anxiety, grief, confusion or pain impair his/her ability to act

  • Qualities and Characteristics of a Crisis1) period of heightened psychological accessibility2) usually stimulated by an outside precipitator3) are normal reactions to emotionally hazardous situations4) individuals appraisal/perception determines the occurrence and seriousness of the crisis

  • Qualities and Characteristics (contd)5) the more seriously threatening the appraisal, the greater the likelihood for primitive coping behaviors6) persons in crisis tend to pull away from contact7) persons in crisis tend to lose all concept of time

  • How a Crisis Develops1) Stimulus/Precipitating Event

    2) Appraisal of Situation by the Individual

    3) Coping Methods and Personal Resources

  • Types of Crisis1) Developmental

    2) Situational

    Potential Crises

  • The ABC Method of Crisis Intervention (Stone)A: Achieving contact with the person in crisis.

    B: Boiling down the problem to its essentials.

    C: Coping with the problem.

  • SuicideWhy discuss suicide?

    Edwin Shneidman: father of the suicide prevention movement in the United States

  • Feelings Suicide Survivors ExperienceShame: predominant feelingGuiltAngerFear Distorted Thinking

  • Effective Listening Principles for Serving Suicide SurvivorsDos:Be an active listener, observe body language, clarify, paraphraseListen for the 5 most common concerns:The need to know why.GuiltAngerFinding someone to blame.Clients fear that they too are capable of suicide.Make appropriate referrals

  • Donts When Serving Suicide Survivors Dont answer questions that have not been asked.Dont answer exclamations as questions that require an answer.Dont answer questions that are theological, psychological or medical.

  • American Foundation for Suicide PreventionOnly national not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to funding research, developing prevention initiatives and offering educational programs and conferences for survivors, mental health professionals, physicians and the

  • Homicide/Sudden DeathSurvivor may have: sense of unreality, guilt, need to blame, helplessness, unfinished businessMedical and legal authorities.fight or flight responseIncreased need to understand Why?Follow-up and appropriate referrals.

  • SIDSOver 8000 babies/year in the U.S.Occurs in infants under 1 year.Most frequent: 2-6 monthsComplicating factors:Death occurs without warning.Absence of a definite cause.Involvement of the legal system.Meaning of the deceased child.Marital turmoil.Sadness and anger.

  • AIDSFeatures that could affect the bereavement process:ContagionStigmaLack of Social SupportUntimely DeathsMultiple LossesProtracted Illness/DisfigurementNeurological Complications


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