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<ul><li> 1. Health Crisis Intervention<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Why?<br />If you were one day, to go to the doctor and find out that you have a serious illness, how would you feel? Now, say you had a hard year, you barely made enough money to make ends meet, and you find out that you have this illness. What would you do? How do you think youd be able to cope? Do you think youd be worried? Do you think youd be able to handle things rationally, take care of everyday tasks, and still be able to heal, and be open with your friends and family?<br /> 3. Diseases<br />Terminal vs. Chronic<br />Lyme disease<br />Epilepsy<br />Parkinson's<br />Schizophrenia<br />Diabetes<br />Hepatitis B<br />Cancers<br />Pancreatic<br />Lung<br />Leukemia<br />Pulmonary Fibrosis <br /> 4. HIV/AIDS<br />It is estimated that more than one million people are living with HIV in the USA and that more than half a million have died after developing AIDS.<br />In 2007 there were 599,819 people living with a diagnosis of HIV infection. However, the total number of people living with an HIV infection in the U.S. is thought to be around 1.1 million<br /> 5. Pre-crisis<br />Depression<br />Family Problems<br />Financial Difficulties<br />Stress (unusually high levels)<br /> 6. father<br />friend<br />Family friends<br />uncle<br />husband<br />victim<br />daughter<br />mother<br />spouse<br />aunt<br />Whos Effected?<br /> 7. Getting Help<br />Actively seeks help<br />Seeks information<br />Expresses feelings openly<br />Makes effort to cope<br />Willing to work with a professional<br /> 8. The victim will usually display some verbal and nonverbal cues as to what or how they feel. <br />The Victim<br /> 9. Verbal<br />anger<br />Yelling<br />Whispering<br />fear<br />Language<br /> 10. Non-verbal<br />Biting lips- anxious<br />Rubbing their eyes- anxious<br />Empty look- sad or in shock <br />Furrowed brow- anger<br />Talking through pursed lips- anger<br />Darting eyes, wide eyes- anxious<br />Rocking themselves- acutely in shock<br /> 11. Cultural Differences<br />Asian American <br />Rigid traditional family roles and structure<br />Formal, problem focused counseling, not feeling focused<br />Instead of focusing on talking about the individual, talk in terms of helping the family unit.<br /> 12. Mexican American Families<br />Language barriers<br />Negative acculturation<br />Enmeshed family structure<br />Strong Catholic religious focus<br />Different levels of acclimation among multi-generational family systems<br />African American Families<br />Distrust of the mainstream institutions<br />Group with the most salient differences from the mainstream group<br /> 13. Skills Needed<br />Active listening- listening to what isnt being said<br />Look for consistency in their nonverbal and verbal behaviors.<br />Eye contact<br />Never ask why<br />Metaphor describing the process of questioning<br /> 14. Types of questions: open vs closed ended<br />Open ended- what, when, who, where, how<br />Closed ended shuts the conversation down<br />Seek victims meaning of words/phrases<br />Paraphrasing- let the victim know you understand what theyve say<br />Clarification Can you tell me what that means to you?<br />Reflection of feelings <br />Summarization<br /> 15. With Treatment<br />Improvement occurs with the cognitive reconstructing, drawing, on past successes and strengths<br />One step at a time approach, short term decision making is empowering<br />The patient can learn to cope, thrive and build on their relationships and live life to itsfullest.<br /> 16. Without Treatment<br />Patient might eventually learn to cope, with help of friends and family<br />Patient may not learn to cope properly and start tobecome depressed.<br /> 17. Conclusion<br />Crisis Intervention can help a lot of people to properly cope after being diagnosed with chronic or terminal illness.<br />Crisis Intervention is for those who cannot cope with their diagnosis, and need help to do so.<br /></p>


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