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<ul><li><p>CO</p><p>MP</p><p>RE</p><p>HE</p><p>NS</p><p>IO</p><p>N </p><p>TE</p><p>ST</p><p>3 Who said this? Who did they say it to? Dora, Krishna, Granny, his wife, Acayo, the husband, Nan, Amma, Sonny, the vet</p><p>a Old man, come here. You hungry? to b Dont be sorry. You have to do it. to c All your life you will have to work for him. to d Keep the 50, it is for your assistant, Mbambo. to e Perhaps I will get a new one after all. to </p><p> 20 marks</p><p>4 Fill in the gaps using: where, and, at, in, who, down, with, into, over, of</p><p>Years are gone, a young woman a curved eyebrow cooks rice a pot an open flame. Her daughter shakes her little feet the sky. The woman sees the long feet of a child will never know they came from. The tears run her cheek, falling the steaming pot rice. </p><p> 20 marks</p><p>5 Match a number from A with a letter from B to make full sentences.</p><p> A</p><p>1 ___ I look down to the ground ...2 ___ When I finished ... 3 ___ I kiss Leonard ... 4 ___ He only saw her once ...5 ___ She will never find a good husband ...</p><p> B</p><p>a ... and give him the scarf.b ... because I dont want her to see the tears in my eyes.c ... but he remembered her eyes.d ... if people know her secret.e ... there was a crowd of people watching.</p><p> 20 marks</p><p> Total marks</p><p>OXFORD BOOKWORMS LIBRARY STAGE 2 11 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS PHOTOCOPIABLE</p><p>Cries from the Heart:Stories from Around the World Retold by Jennifer Bassett</p><p>1 Which story do these sentences come from? The Photograph, Leonard, A Pot Full of Tears, The House, Doras Turn, Callus, Nimble Fingers, The Festive Season in a Part of Africa</p><p>a He took off the soft blue scarf that was the same colour as his eyes. b The boy will eat well every day, he will have the love of a family around him. c Then I looked at the cow and found that the calf was still alive, and very, very big. d My friend Dora also tried to escape, and shell be next. e He put his mouth close to her ear and whispered thank you. f The teenager feels the fat at the top of her legs. g She watched him pack his clothes and his wedding suit into his old suitcase. h The girl caught the photographers eye. i I took the money from her with my open hands side by side, in the proper Zulu way. j I love to watch Weaver-Maama working. </p><p> 20 marks</p><p>2 Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?</p><p>a ___ The photographer has a protein bar.b ___ The child will never see the long feet of his father.c ___ Mad Tiger kills Dora.d ___ The husband never had to complain about his wife, not once.e ___ Sonny wants his children to have a place where they have a better life.f ___ Leonard thanks his wife for the scarf she has knitted him.g ___ A helicopter gunship has found Mad Tigers group.h ___ Krishna can work with Weaver-Maama.i ___ The blue scarf was the first gift Leonard gave to his wife.j ___ Granny gave the vet four of the 200 rand notes.</p><p> 20 marks</p><p>OBW2_Tests_MT_revised3pps.indd 11 3/12/07 14:50:44</p></li><li><p>MU</p><p>LT</p><p>IP</p><p>LE</p><p>-C</p><p>HO</p><p>IC</p><p>E </p><p>TE</p><p>ST</p><p>OXFORD BOOKWORMS LIBRARY STAGE 2 60 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS PHOTOCOPIABLE</p><p>SettingChoose the best answer.</p><p>1 The food trucks bring bags of _____. a c protein bars b c rice c c films d c dust2 The magazines found beautiful African _____. a c models b c journalists c c teenagers d c boys3 My hands are _____ but I want to knit a scarf. a c soft b c tired c c hurt d c crooked4 Leonard goes to a day-care _____. a c concert b c shop c c centre d c house5 They travel to a country at war because _____. a c she is no good b c they have lots of money c c they are happy d c they want a baby6 The church _____ people with drink problems. a c took b c helped c c explained d c forgot7 The children want to _____ Mad Tiger. a c escape from b c help c c find d c watch 8 Not everyone is _____ enough to have two wives. a c soft b c good c c old d c rich9 Krishna works in a factory because of _____ debt. a c his mothers b c Weaver-Maamas c c his grandfathers d c Thangachis10 The sweet wild fruit grows around the _____ in the festive season. a c kraals b c cow c c huts d c clinic</p><p> 20 marks</p><p>CharactersChoose the best answer.</p><p>11 The _____ girl falls under the boys feet. a c cruel b c dusty c c starving d c hot12 The teenagers parents are African but she _____. a c never eats too much b c has never travelled out of America c c likes Disney films d c is a Nigerian model13 Leonards eyes come alive when he _____. a c touches the scarf b c speaks c c eats dinner d c goes to the day-care centre14 The old man wants his daughter to _____. a c hold the baby b c say goodbye c c find a good husband d c stay with him</p><p>15 A wife who _____ is no use to the family. a c is barren b c loves her husband c c talks softly d c wants to die16 Nan was going to agree because she _____. a c cared about Tanya b c trusted Sonny c c was hungry d c sold fruit on the street corner17 Acayo cannot kill _____ because they are friends. a c the other commanders b c Mad Tiger c c the little boy d c Dora18 She wanted to tell her husband about _____. a c the cologne b c the pillows c c her feelings d c the suitcase19 Amma is unhappy because Krishna _____. a c has nimble fingers b c has to work for Saami c c wants to work for Weaver-Maama d c asks the same question20 The vet _____ but he still asked for 750 rand. a c put the cow to sleep b c walked for an hour c c carried his bags d c made a mistake</p><p> 20 marks</p><p>DialogueWho said this?</p><p>21 The boys wont have to hustle like me. a c Nan b c Sonny c c Jake d c Tanya22 Do you still want to be a doctor? a c Dora b c Mad Tiger c c the commander d c Acayo23 Why can I not work with Weaver-Maama? a c Amma b c Saami c c Krishna d c Thangachi24 I happy to see that you alright now. a c Nan b c Sonny c c Jake d c Tanya25 I can see you are a clever young man. a c the vet b c Granny c c the schoolboy d c Mbambo26 There will be more sons to continue the family name. a c the new wife b c the husband c c the wife d c the family27 It looks good if you dont look too closely. a c Leonard b c the niece c c the wife d c Dan28 Your suitcase. Its old. You need a new one. a c the new wife b c the husband c c the wife d c the family</p><p>Cries from the Heart:Stories from Around the World Retold by Jennifer Bassett</p><p>OBW2_Tests_MT_revised3pps.indd 60 3/12/07 14:51:01</p></li><li><p>MU</p><p>LT</p><p>IP</p><p>LE</p><p>-C</p><p>HO</p><p>IC</p><p>ET</p><p>ES</p><p>T</p><p>OXFORD BOOKWORMS LIBRARY STAGE 2 61 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS PHOTOCOPIABLE</p><p>Cries from the Heart:Stories from Around the World Retold by Jennifer Bassett</p><p>29 Hit him harder! Get closer to him! a c Dora b c the little boy c c Acayo d c Mad Tiger30 We must talk about money. Is business now. a c the vet b c Granny c c the schoolboy d c Mbambo</p><p> 20 marks</p><p>VocabularyChoose the best answer.</p><p>31 money that you must pay back to somebody a c diamond b c garbage c c debt d c drug32 very surprising a c amazing b c crooked c c pale d c wild33 to shake because you are cold, afraid, or ill a c hustle b c scare c c breathe d c tremble34 the soft part of the face below the eyes a c throat b c eyebrow c c cheek d c neck35 something (e.g. anger, fear) that you feel inside yourself a c flame b c feelings c c cologne d c future36 a disease which causes pain in the joints of the body a c arthritis b c assistant c c flame d c anniversary37 to say you dont like or are unhappy about something a c trust b c complain c c weave d c joke38 something that you do or say to make people laugh a c spin b c admire c c joke d c scare39 a dangerous thing that people put in their bodies because it makes them feel happy, excited, different, brave, etc. a c diamond b c drug c c drunkard d c date40 fighting between countries, or between groups of people a c whip b c garbage c c government d c war</p><p> 20 marks</p><p>PlotChoose the best answer.</p><p>41 His wife _____ the scarf when Leonard goes to the day-care centre. a c feels b c takes off c c knits d c kisses42 The young woman cries for her _____ with long feet. a c daughter b c grandson c c father d c child43 The teenager is careful about what she eats because she wants to _____. a c be thin b c go to Africa c c be fat d c take photographs44 Acayo feels ill because _____. a c she smokes b c she wants to escape c c she is hungry d c she doesnt want to kill Dora45 The Chinese wife wanted to talk to her husband about _____. a c the business b c his family c c the pillows d c her feelings46 Sonny wanted to give the house to _____. a c street people b c his children c c Jake d c the church47 When Amma is _____ she hits her head with her open hand. a c happy b c free c c brave d c unhappy48 The government army guns give Dora and Acayo the chance _____. a c to kill Mad Tiger b c to talk c c to escape d c to come to life49 Granny is happy to pay the vet _____. a c because he has saved the calf b c a handful of notes c c because it is the Festive Season d c 1,000 rand50 Nan helped _____ when they needed someone. a c street people b c Sonny c c Jake d c Tanya</p><p> 20 marks</p><p> Total marks</p><p>OBW2_Tests_MT_revised3pps.indd 61OBW2_Tests_MT_revised3pps.indd 61 9/5/08 12:59:579/5/08 12:59:57</p></li></ul>