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  • Crestwood Cricket The Newsletter of Crestwood Elementary School

    Principal News

    Greetings Crestwood Families,

    By now Im sure youve heard the news that Crestwoods new principal for next year

    will be Britta Hanson. Britta has over twenty years of experience as a leader in education.

    She currently serves as the principal of Franklin Elementary School, and has also worked

    coaching teachers at two other Madison elementary schools. She has more than ten years

    of teaching experience herself. Britta has a masters degree in curriculum and instruction

    from the University of Wisconsin Madison. I am looking forward to working with Britta

    as we make this transition. What a wonderful school and community she is entering into!

    CONGRATULATIONS to Tyler Steinmetz who won the Crestwood Spelling Bee and

    finished in the TOP TEN in the recent All City Spelling Bee held at Madison Area

    Technical College. The top spellers from schools all over Madison were represented.

    These spellers ranged in grades from 4th through 8th. Tyler was the ONLY 4th grader

    who finished in the top ten, obviously quite an accomplishment! I would also like to

    congratulate Gillian Gullen who finished second in our Crestwood Spelling Bee.

    The Foundation for Madison's Public Schools' School Endowments provides each

    school with annual income to fund creative and innovative programs and projects. This

    year Crestwood received $1422 in endowment income to use to make grants for

    imaginative programs and projects that propel student learning. The grants committee

    decided to fund these two projects:

    1) Print Path Project - a handwriting curriculum for Kindergarteners and first graders that

    complements the Mondo Literacy program, and

    2) Hip Hop Dance Project - A project that provides every student with the opportunity to

    participate in a week of hip hop dance instruction led by Kevin Admundson, a

    professional choreographer and dancer. Our students totally enjoyed the All School

    Assembly that we had on March 6 where they had the opportunity to showcase their

    dancing talents.

    Im looking forward to seeing all of you at our Parent-Teacher Conferences that will be

    held on March 19!

    Bring on those spring flowers,

    David Bray

    Interim Principal

    If your child is ill or

    is going to be

    absent or tardy for

    any reason, please

    call 204-1127 before

    8:45am to leave a


    April 2015 - Volume

    63, Issue 7

    April 7 end of spring break - school resumes

    April 17 Staff Development early release 11:35 am May 1 - 10:00am 3rd Grades to Olbrich Botanical Gardens - Thomas, Miller, Ridel May 7 - 9:00am - All 2nd and 3rd Graders to Haag Farm, Lodi WI May 8 - 9:45am 5th Grades Visit Cherokee Marsh, Greenwalt, Thomas, Miller, Jalensky May 14 - 8:45am - 2


    grade overnight at Jackson School Forest May 15 9:45 am -2


    grade overnight at Jackson School Forest May 15 - 10:00am 5th grades to Humane Society Shea, Waity May 22 - 10:00am 5th grades to Humane Society Jalensky (sub),Miller, Greenwalt May 25 Holiday no School The Cricket is published

    by the Crestwood

    Association of Parents

    and Teachers (CAPT)

    Dr. David Bray, Interim Principal

    If your child is ill or is going to be absent or tardy for

    any reason, please call 204-1127 before 8:45am to

    leave a message.

  • CAPT Contacts Co- presidents:

    Jaime Harkrader - (972)800-6415,

    Stefany Grainger - (805)835-3759,

    Co-vice presidents

    Rebecca Auerbach (Tietge), 238-7585,

    Ben Daggett -


    Laurie Reinhardt, 608-233-1389,


    Mike Kollath, 279-4099,

    Chantel Schmitz, 203-5355,

    Interim Principal: Dr. David Bray, 204-1124,

    Teacher representatives: Karen Lenoch, 204-1120,

    Andy Waity, 204-1120,

    Save the Date June 2, 2015

    Crestwood Elementary Fun Run and


    Crestwood Cricket

    Published by the CAPT. Vol. 63, no. 7,

    April 2015

    The Crestwood Cricket welcomes articles or

    items of interest from teachers, CAPT

    committee members, students and parents.

    Please e-mail articles for publication to Terri

    White, Deadline for

    the May issue of the Cricket is Friday,

    April 10, 2015.

    Crestwood web site:

    CAPT listserv:

    To subscribe, send an email request to: The listserv is

    moderated and all messages are previewed by

    the CAPT Board

    5th Grade Graduation


    On Wednesday, June 10th, the 5th graders will

    celebrate their last full day of elementary school

    with a recognition ceremony at 8:45 am at

    Crestwood. Parents and families are welcome to

    attend the ceremony.

    This will be followed by a 5th grade field trip to

    Vitense Golfland, lunch and splash time at

    Lakeview park. More to come in backpack


    Contact Rachel at or

    Shaun at if you would

    like to help.

    5th Grade Pictures needed for

    Memory Book

    Fifth grade parents...The Fifth Grade Memory

    Book and DVD need your pictures! If your have

    pictures from fifth grade events this year, or fifth

    graders in classroom events in past grades at

    Crestwood, please send them to Shaun OKeefe

    at as soon as possible.


    Crestwood Annual Budget Meeting

    Please attend our annual budget meeting on

    Tuesday April 21, 7-8 pm in the LMC. Families

    of Crestwood students are invited to learn more

    about the budget process and approval. Childcare

    is available.

  • Hip Hop at Crestwood!

    Crestwood Elementary students participated in a week long dance program during all physical education classes during the first week in March. Kevin Andrews, a dancer and choreographer

    from Nashville, Tennessee, taught our students hip hop/pop dances. Each class learned a dance and then performed it in our school wide dance party on March 6th. Our staff show cased a dance of their own too during the dance party. This program was made available to our students

    through a Madison Foundation grant.

    By: Avanish, Stan and Francisco Everybody in Crestwood has been taught hip-hop dance in P.E. The person who taught it to us is

    Mr. Kevin. He taught us dances to the songs such as, Turn Down for What and Everything is Awesome. There were also more dances for different classes and grade levels. We thought it was very fun with cool dance moves and energetic style. After we learned the dances, the whole school

    performed their dances on Friday in an all school dance party. This is the second time with Mr. Kevin. The whole school really loves this!


    Crestwood families, we did it!! The Jurassic Schoolhouse Caper was an amazing success, raising more than $7,000

    gross revenue which all will go back to the school!!! All of this was because of our room leads, volunteers, and

    amazing families whose creative minds helped us transform our school into a Jurassic schoolhouse. It was a fun an

    exciting event for all ages with Jungle scenes, a massive volcano, the amazing Styraco soda ring toss and many other

    great scenes for all to take in. While all of this was happening in our gyms we can all thank Camille Zanoni for her

    coordination of the very popular Dino Diner. Many other thanks are also in order. Thanks to Paty Montero for hours

    spent translating flyers and caper information into Spanish. Thanks to Nicole Schneider our prize czar; Anne Olson for

    a tasty bake sale (and all those that donated tasty treats); Andrea Romines for another great raffle; and Chantel Scmitz

    and Mike Kollath for managing the money. It wouldnt have been possible without the Memorial Spartan Youth

    Service who acted as fill in volunteers wherever needed. A big thanks to Danielle Burdick for being a great sport while

    kids taped her to the wall, something that will not soon be forgotten. And we cant forgot to thank everyones favorite

    custodial staff (Toby, David, and Scott); Joe House and crew for set up and take down of the framework; Dr. Bray for

    all his help and support; Cindy Koratko and the rest of the office for letting us take over your space for the day.

    Thanks to our CAPT co-presidents, Jaime Harkrader and Stefany Grainger, for all their help trouble shooting and

    problem solving. A final shout out to all of you who volunteered, bought raffle tickets, punch cards, and auction