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  • 1. Credit Expert - 8 Things You Need to KnowIt is likely that you have probably heard the term credit expert before. But what is a creditexpert, what is their job, and how can one help you? An expert is extremely knowledgeable about credit and financial endeavors. Just like you would ask a doctor about your physical health, an expert can help you improve your financial health by proposing activities to help raise your score. An expert provides unbiased advice to help you maintain, repair, or review your credit report file. An expert can also help you contact the reporting agencies to accurately dispute or correct transactions appearing on your report. In addition, an expert can help you talk to your creditors and come up with a fair settlement amount. If you are considering hiring an expert, be specific with him or her about what you want them to review. If it is ways to improve your score or how to dispute a record on your report, be sure to say so. Know that experts are there to help your financial well-being, not cause harm. If a so-called expert ever suggests something illegal or dishonest, then you might consider severing business ties with them. Most experts are members of organizations that strive to help individuals repair their credit. It is always okay to ask an expert for credentials or references. (After all, you would want to make sure your family physician had truly been to medical school, right?)

2. To find a local credit expert in your area, check online for organizations on credit repairthat can refer you to one of their members. Now that you are empowered with newinformation, go out there and find your expert.If you want to get the best credit ever, get approved for your dream home, car and stopcollectors from harassing you on a daily bases, then its time to take action by signing up foryou free Self Credit Repair E-Class by Clicking Here .Once you sign up, you will receive twofree gifts: 1-Special Report on Stopping Debt Collectors. 2. Listen to the First Chapter of theAudio Book Hidden Credit Repair Secrets. Mark Clayborne is Amazons best-sellingauthor of Hidden Credit Repair Secrets and a credit repair expert with 10 years ofexperience assisting consumers with credit related issues. He is also the radio host of theshow Who Else Wants Better Credit on blog talk radio every Tuesday at 7:30PM-PST.