creature feature. spotted hyena (crocuta crocuta)

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  • Creature Feature
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  • Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta)
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  • Fast Facts Largest of 4 species Live in large clans (>80 individuals) Weigh ~ 90-140 lbs 2-5 feet tall 2-4 feet in length Females are larger than males Known for their laughter
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  • Range
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  • Behavior Rest and give birth in dens Rarely dig themselves Use abandoned lairs of warthogs A single den can house several females and dozens of cubs at once Spotted hyena societies are more complex than those of other carnivorous mammals Packs are led by an Alpha female
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  • Feeding Highly intelligent have very good eye sight Scavenge as well as hunt for food Mainly hoofed animals (wildebeest, antelope) Follow vultures to carcasses Can digest everything from fur to bone Frequently clash with lions over food
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  • Reproduction Breed year round Males do not contribute to parental care Birth is difficult - 10% of first time mothers die during labor Cubs are born with their eyes open and 2 in. canine teeth Cubs will attack each other from the moment they are born
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