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Gearbox Creativity journey Nhon Vo Sam Robertson Brandon Lay Pandanikum Darren

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Gearbox Creativity journey

GearboxCreativity journey Nhon VoSam RobertsonBrandon LayPandanikum Darren

Creativity journey Refining problem Solution: Tools and resources Initial design Future consideration

Refining problems1To design a gearbox that raises at least 8kg 1 metre as fast as possible, as small as possible and that uses the least electrical power.

How can we lift?

How can we achieve this?By exploring a large array of gearing systems and choosing an appropriate solution that is efficient and effective.

Types of Gears Spur gearsWorm gearsBevel gearsHelical gearsEpicyclic gears

Spur gearsAdvantages:Easily producedReliable and efficientParallel to its axisDisadvantages:SlowTeeth stressCan only transfer power parallel shafts

Worm gearsAdvantages:Compact designMeshing efficientHigh ratios are achievable in single stepDisadvantages:Difficult to manufacturePotential for high power loss

Bevel gearsAdvantages:Different operating anglesScalableDisadvantages:Difficult to machineMust be precisely mounted

Helical gearsAdvantages:DurabilityLoad distributionCan transmit motion to either parallel and right angle shaftDisadvantages:Difficult to machine

Epicyclic gearsAdvantages:Compact designHigh power densityHigh efficiencyDisadvantages:No room for errorAccuracy essential for assure load sharingCan only transfer power parallel shafts

Tools and resources2

SolidworksVisualising designs and drawingsFinite element analysisVisualising motionsAnalysing material,cost and sustainability.

Mathematical modelOptimizing the systemManipulating variablesAnalysing data

ReferencesEBSCOHOST Online researchTutor and lecturer

Initial design3

Reducing maximum axial lengthTriangular design improves compactness61 mm in picture shown61 mm can be further reduced

Prolong gear lifeMore cycles =fatiqueNon integer gear ratios between mating teethPrevious is 42:19On the left is 48:13

Future consideration4

Life cycle

Mathematical Modeling Energy analysisFatiqueEfficiencyDerivation of overall tooth ratio

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