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Creative Nonfiction programs across the country


  • RethinkingCReative WRiting

    Stephanie Vanderslice

  • Rethinking Creative Writing in higher education: Programs and Practicesthat Work

    Stephanie M. vanderslice, M.F.a., Ph.D.

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  • This book is dedicated tothe writers of the future.

  • table of Contents

    vii index xi abstract

    xii Series information

    xiii Foreword by Dr Steve May

    1 Chapter One: Creative Writing in higher education: Reflection, innovation, accountability

    18 Notes from the Field: Storming the garret

    26 Chapter two: Undergraduate Creative Writing Programs

    45 Notes from the Field: grasping ariadnes thread: Wendy Bishops Stories

    and My Own

    55 Chapter three: graduate Programs: Creative Writing Comes of age

    78 Notes from the Field: Once More to the Workshop: a Myth Caught in time

    86 Chapter Four: Workshopping the Workshop

  • 98 Notes from the Field: a Place to Start: a Brief narrative Bibliography of

    Creative Writing theory and Pedagogy

    105 Chapter Five: Creative Writing Programs in the World

    121 afterword: Looking inward and Outward

    126 appendix: honor Roll of graduate Creative Writing Programs

    127 imprint information and Credits

    128 acknowledgements

    130 References

    Rethinking Creative Writing in Higher Education


  • index


    Most of the headwords provided in the index are actual words or phrases from the text. Where this is not the case, the reader is always referred to words and phrases as they appear in the text.

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    Rethinking Creative Writing in Higher Education

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    Rethinking Creative Writing in Higher Education

  • abstract

    Creative writing as a discipline is a victim of its own success. the discipline needs now to demythogize and revitalize itself. Undergraduate and graduate programs need to be further differentiated. Programs over-reliant on the traditional creative writing workshop, with its focus on craft and on building community, are ill equipped to prepare students for the new realities of the creative economy. Programs need not only to improve the workshop experience of students, but also employ a more diverse, outward-looking, outcomes-oriented pedagogy and to make a more direct contribution to the development of a literate society. Much can be learnt from good practice including distinctive and visionary programs developed on both sides of the atlantic and in australia.

    keY teRMScreative writing; literacy; pedagogy; programs; reflective; reform; teaching; visionary; workshop


  • Series information

    Rethinking Creative Writing in Higher Education forms the first title in the international series, Creative Writing Studies. the series comprises titles on creative writing designed for use by scholars, students, and teachers in higher education settings.

    Further titles commissioned for the series include:Researching Creative Writing by Jen WebbTeaching Creative Writing, edited by elaine WalkerCreative Writing, edited by amal Chatterjee