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  •*Creative teaching for uncreative teachers!

    Catherine MorleyBritish Council Alcal de Henares*


  • Starting and finishing lessonsUsing basic materialsExploiting photos

  • Starting lessonsBall to recycle vocabulary / practise questionsThree things that went well todayVocabulary bag activities*

  • Starting lessonsHow do YOU normally begin lessons? Tell a*

  • /defntli/*

  • /mbrs/*

  • /ks/*

  • /sutkes/*

  • /rlabl/*

  • /wd/*

  • /nst/*

  • /kmftbl/*

  • /ntrprn/*

  • /ssati/*


  • Basic classroom materials Mini-whiteboardsTip! For team games with MWBs, give each team a different colour pen and call them the green team etc. Much easier to keep score!

    Phonemic script gameVocabulary quizzesLiven up grammar exercises (read out the sentences in a different order!)Collocation sentences*

  • Basic classroom materials Mini-whiteboardsHow do you / could you use MWBs in your lessons?*

  • A4 Magic*

  • Basic classroom materials scraps of*

  • Basic classroom materials DiceElicit 6 topics students throw a dice and speak for one minute6 sentences / questions using a grammar structure that you want students to practise*

  • A food or drink you didnt use to like (but you do now).Something you used to do every day when you were 10 years old.A hobby you used to have.A school you used to go to.Something your parents used to make you do that you didnt like.Something you didnt use to like about your school.*

  • Basic classroom materials scraps of paper / diceHow do you / could you use scraps of paper / dice in your lessons?*


  • Photos

    Shes in her late 60s. Shes medium-height and overweight. She looks happy. She has long, grey hair.

  • She cant be your sister because she doesnt look like you.

    She might be your friend because youre having a drink*

  • Photos

    Could you use students own mobile phones in your teaching context? If not, what are the alternatives?

    What other activities can you think of using photos from students mobile phones?*

  • Photos*

  • Finishing lessons

    Do you do anything special at the end of your lessons?*

  • Catherine*