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<p>Presentacin de PowerPoint</p> <p>CREATIVE COMMONS</p> <p>WHAT IS CREATIVE COMMONS LICENCE?</p> <p>It is an organization without profits that offer an alternative to the complete authors right.</p> <p>The symbols that you find in the page were indicating that rights you have on this information:</p> <p> ATTRIBUTION NO COMERCIAL</p> <p> NOT DERIVATIVE WORKS SHARE WITH THE SAME LICENCE</p> <p> PUBLIC DOMAIN DEDICATION</p> <p> PUBLIC DOMAIN WORK</p> <p>WHAT MEANS USING CREATIVE COMMONS?It is a set of legal texts that serve to an author can authorize some rights on his creation.</p> <p>This have a few certain conditions saving itself the rest of the rights. </p> <p>HOW TO USE THE CC LICENSE?</p> <p>THERE ARE TWO STEPS:</p> <p>Copy and paste the HTML code into your webpage or website.</p> <p>Edit the descriptive text to suit your needs.</p> <p>Example: Website</p> <p>Example: Blog</p> <p>Example: Offline document</p>


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