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Creative Branding

Brand identity is the overall look of all communications.

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Successful brands use consistent visualization to create a distinct brand identity.

Fonts, colors, and graphic elements matter, and at the core of every brand identity is a brand mark, or logo.

Why is a consistent, attractive visual identity important? People like it. You will..

Increase brand awareness Gain a favorable reputation Attract a new audience and Maintain a competitve edge

Brand AwarenessAudiences need visual stimulation to feel a connection with your brand. An attractive, succinct identity promises complete awareness.

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Do you know these brands?

Favorable Reputation Audiences feel a company is more established, successful, and trustworthy when their visual identity is solid and consistent.

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They say Coca-Cola classic for a reason.

Attract an audienceAudiences want to relate to your brand, and each other. Broadening your audience will boost your success among competitve brands.

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Print triggers online searches.

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Competitve EdgeAudiences want the best. By being the best and broadening your au-dience, your business will prevail among the competition.

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Outdo your competitors.

Why is LARGE SCALE printing a valuable investment? You will stick out. You can..

Take your brands message to the next level Create a conversational buzz Expand your reach and Stay innovative in an ocean full of media

Take your brands message to the next level.In a world full of advertisements, your brand needs to stick out. Look at what your competition does and do something BIGGER!

ThinkBIGGER at all times.

Create a conversational buzz.When you make bold moves, people start talking. This Unicef campaign did not create any silence. The buzz created awareness.

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How can youmake a BIG impact?

Expand your reach.Are you reaching all of your potential customers? When you think BIG, you can reach an audience that you never thought relevant.

Daily Newspaper Readership= 32 minutes PedestrianTraffic(Past7Days)=6.1miles Vehicle Driver/Passenger (Past 7 Days)= 302 miles Average Daily Commute (Round-Trip)= 54 minutes DailyRadio=2hrs.57mins. MorningLocalTVNews(DaysWatchedPast7Days)=2.1 EveningLocalTV(DaysWatchedPast7Days)=3.5 Late-NightLocalTVNews(DaysWatchedPast7Days)=1.8


So.. do your targets drive?

Stay innovative in an ocean full of media.Print is not dead! Even with the growing number of channels, printing BIGcreatessomeofthebiggestresults.Itsallaboutinfluence.

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Is their website this cool?

Dont treat your windows as something to be looked through - turn them into giant billboards to attractattention.

Blank walls are a missed opportunity! Why not highlight your strengths or provide an aesthetically pleasing environment for your customers?

Donttreatyourfloorsassomethingtobesteppedon,turn them into eye-catching displays.

When youre thinking about creative branding ask yourself, how can I make a BIG IMPACT? The possibilities are endless. Be creative and


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