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  1. 1. Monday, August 15, 2011 Creation by Brahma Ganpati Bappa Morya! With Mumbaieagerly awaitingthearrivalof its favoriteGod, therereally couldn't be a better time to write abouttheBeginningofCreation whilewaitingfor the LordofAuspicious Beginnings to arriveat ourHomes :o) There has always beenan argument in theScientific world - Whether an Intelligence created this World or, theWorld ledto thecreation ofIntelligence. Sounds likea Chicken & Egg situation there! However in Hindu Cosmology,theprocessofcreationis morepurposeful than a random explosion in nothingness. In the current post,I'm gonna sharetheCreation Phenomenon as per Hindu Scriptures and will take youthroughtheTheological as well as Evolutionarydetailshiddenin them.Swami Vivekananda,one of the most intellectualproponents ofHinduism says - Indian philosophy goes beyond both Intelligence as well as Matter and describes a Purush, or Self, of whom Intelligence is but the borrowed light. This Adi-Purush orOriginalBeing, according to theBhagavat Puraan, is theSupreme Lord Vishnu. Adi Purush, Shri Hari Vishnu We saw in the firstpost {A for Astronomy } that there exist two different Realms in this Creation - Spiritual andMaterial. While Spiritual Realm is theabodeofpuresouls livingon the Vaikunth Planets, the materialistic souls (likeY ou & Me) take birth on different planets in different galaxies of different Universes of the Material Realm .
  2. 2. There is oneimportantconcept thatwe needto understand here - In theMaterial Realm, there exist, not One, not Two, but THREEdifferent forms ofLord Vishnu and allthethree forms exist only in the Material Realm. T he T hree Forms of Lord Vishnu The first and foremost formofLord Vishnu in the Material Realm, is that of Shri Karanodak-shayi Maha Vishnu or Narayan (One-who-lies-on-Water). TheLordreclines on Cosmic waters of the Causal Ocean (That-Causes-Everything) known asKaran-Odakthat emanates from His own body and fills the lower half of the Material Realm. Shri Maha Vishnu, lying on the Causal Ocean generated from His own Self Shri Maha Vishnu is theONLY Living entitypresentin theMaterial Creationright nowand this form of the LordhasbeencalledKaal-Swabhavah orthefoundation oftheSpace-Time Continuum. He forms the basisofQuantum Physicsthat runs this Universe at Sub-Atomic as well as Super-Galactic levels. With the emergence of this first form of the Lord, CREATION begins in this Material Realm. The as yet unmanifest stage of material nature is called Pradhan. Till this stage,thereis no WordsorExpression,no Mind or Elements, nor the three modes of Goodness, PassionandIgnorance.Thereis no Lifeor Intelligence, no Pleasures or Pains and no Demons or Gods. There is no Ether, Water, Earth, Air, fire or Sun nor the different stages of Consciousness - sleep, wakefulnessand deepsleep.Yet,thisPradhan is the original substance ofMaterial Nature and the basis of all further Creation.
  3. 3. Creation Begins in the Material Realm The First Step in Creation is called the FIRST Sarga: Because oftheWish ofMahaVishnu,there arisesa disturbancein equilibriumofthe 3 qualities ofSatva,Rajas and Tamas which results in the formation of subtle imperceptible matter called the Mahat-Tattva. This subtle mattercan not beperceived by our material senses yet it forms the basis of all that follows!Itis fromthisMahat T attva, that Intelligence or Buddhimanifests alongwith the sense of Aham or Ego. Mahat Tattva emanating from Shri Maha Vishnu (Images courtesy Sri Madhav Priya Dasi) Hence,theprevious debate can now be put to rest stating that - It is Purush who results in the formation ofboth Subtle Matter and Intelligence which further gives rise to the Mind or Mann. In the SECOND Sarga,theMind gives riseto 5 Basic Elements,the Panch-Mahabhoot which, like the threePrimarycolors,giverise to Matterin its variousformsthroughtheir differentpermutations and combinations. These Famous Five are:
  4. 4. The T HIRD SargaconsistsoftheDash-Indriyan whichinclude the 5 Sensory Perceptions - Vision,Hearing,Smell,Touch and Taste&5 OrgansofAction- Mouth, Hands, Genitals, Anus and Feet. These THREEPhasesofCreation arecollectively are known as PRAKRIT IK Sarga as they are NOT a creation ofBrahma andcomeinto beingfrom the Natural EnergyoftheLord, known as Prakriti. Now all
  5. 5. this detail maybe too muchto handlein thefirstinstance but ifyouhavemanaged to grasp theabove, feel relieved for the difficult portion is out of the way :o) Creation of OUR Universe Afterthesebasic buildingblocks,thestagewasnowsetforthecreation ofourUniverse (and indeed other Universes too!). As we learnt in the previous post, Multiple Universes emerge from the Infinite pores of Shri Maha Vishnu's cosmic body each time He exhales. The Lord again enters EACH of these egg- shaped Universes in His SECOND form of Shri Garbhodak-shayi Vishnu. Each Universe emerging from Maha-Vishnu contains a Garbhodak-shayi Vishnu This secondformoftheLord reclineson the GreatSerpent Anant(Without-an-End) andis theMaintainer for His respectiveUniverse. To usean analogy,consider Him sort of a Governor for His Province while Maha-Vishnu is like the Head of the Nation! This particular form of the Lord is also known as Hiranyagarbha (Born-of-The-Golden-Egg) because He takes shape inside the Universal Egg or Brahm and. Shri Garbhodakshayi Vishnu, First LIVING Being in EACH Universe
  6. 6. After a period of 1000 Maha-Y ugas, a lotus bud emerges from the navel of the Lord, inside which is Brahma or Ka, the First MORTAL Being in each Universe. The stem of this cosmic lotus connecting Brahma to the Navel of the Lord, signifies theUm bilical Cord that binds a babyto itsmother!In a sense, Lord Garbhodak-shayi Vishnu is the Father as well as Mother of ALL creation beginning first and foremost with Lord Brahma.
  7. 7. Lord Brahma, First MORTAL Living Being in EACH Universe ImaginetheplightoftheCreator-god when he wouldhaveopenedhis eyesforthefirsttime..He musthave been as lost and clueless as a new born baby coming into this world!! Lord Brahma didnot knowthepurposeofhisbeing. Trying to look all around him simultaneously, he sprouted5 headsto enablehim to spotevena hint ofan activityin any directionyetcouldnot see anything except darkness all around him. To clearhisconfusion, he then decided to explorethestem ofthe Lotus from which he had emerged but cameto a dead-end.Thereafter, hewent into meditation fora 100 Maha-Yugasand to clear his confusion and provide him guidance, Lord Garbhodak-shayi Vishnu made Himself VISIBLE to Brahma.
  8. 8. Shri Garbhodakshayi Vishnu becomes visible to Lord Brahma Lord Brahma wastransfixed with the divinespectacleoftheSupremeLordresplendent in Blue and Gold, lying on the Great serpent with a thousand hoods on the mighty waters of the Garbh-Ocean! Shri Hari Vishnu, then toldBrahmahis purposeofexistenceandrealizing the magnitude of work that lay aheadofhim, Brahmawas (quiteunderstandably) left speechless! It's sort of like being asked by the Boss to createa new BusinessModel when you dont even know which industry you are working in :o) Fortunately,theBIG-BOSSherewasLordVishnu,the Adi-Purush who in thenoblestof sacrifices asked Brahma to useportionsofLord's ownbody forbeginning theprocess!It is fromhere that actual Creation by Lord Brahma begins. Creation within EACH Universe We FINALLY begin with the Creation of our Universe as we know it. To give it some perspective, I shouldinformyouthatmy calculations give the staggering number of 155.524752 T rillion Solar Years ago as the time of occurrence of this event! Another point to be noted here, is that EACH Universe has a personal form of Lord Vishnu AND an Individual Brahma as well.Ergo,thereare billions and billions of Brahmas in the Material Realm each taking care of Creation in his OWN Universe!!
  9. 9. Lord Brahma begins Creation Brahma first createstheImmovableobjectssuchas Planets, Land,Mountains, etc. which do not haveany inherentpowerofMotion(RememberthatPlanets also move dueto Gravity anddo not have an intrinsic motion of their own). This is the FOURTHphaseofCreationknownas the Mukhya Sarga. In the next phase called the T iryak Sarga, Brahma creates 6 different types ofVegetationcoveringtrees/herbs/creepers etc.,12differentvarieties of Birds and 28 different broad classificationsof Animals whichI'm not detailing hereto prevent a system overload and subsequent crash ;o) The SIXTHPhase sawCreationofDemigods andotherAdvancedSpecies oflife and is therefore known as the Deva Sarga. Most important Divinities were created in this Phase of Brahma's Creation. First comethe4 Eternal Kumars, theFirst Incarnations of Lord Vishnu. These cherubic kids remainthesamein appearance throughouttheirlifetimewhich is as longas that of Brahma himself! But all ofthem choseto followthepathofSpirituality insteadoffollowing Brahma's command for beginning procreation. This frustratedBrahmaso muchthat fromhis forehead, (the region of the third eye) emerged a dark redand bluechild bawling at thetopofhis voice!This crying baby wasnamed Rudra (TheHowler)! Rudra born from Brahma's Forehead
  10. 10. However, Rudra too decided to followthepath of Tapas orPenanceandBrahmawas sorely disappointed. Aftera lotofcajolingby Brahma,Rudra agreed to helpand manifested10 more beings with the sameappearance ashim (Binary Fission?!?). These areknownas the11 Rudras,ONEofwhom is Lord Shiva. On Brahma's request again, Rudra appeared as Ardhanarishwar and generated a female principle (Asexual Reproduction??) which was the Rudrani. Each ofthe 11Rudrassimilarly obtained a consortthus providingBrahma some satisfaction of seeinghis creationsmultiply.However, theRudraswereall fiercesince they represented the Supreme Lord's powerofDestruction!
  11. 11. The 11 Rudras Realizingthat the progeny ofRudrawas notwhat he really wanted to populate the world with, Brahma thencreated 10