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<ol><li> 1. Creating the Improvement- Minded OrganizationKaren M iK Martin AmericanSocietyforQuality American Society for QualityLeanandSixSigmaConference Phoenix,AZ ,February28,2012 </li><li> 2. I arise in the morning torn between a desire to Iariseinthemorningtornbetweenadesiretoimprovetheworldandadesiretoenjoytheworld.Thismakesithardtoplantheday.pyElwyn BrooksWhite2 </li><li> 3. Success with Improvement2001 TheEconomist70% 63%60%50%40%30%20% 17% 20%10%0%None Temporary Lasting 3 </li><li> 4. A Decade Later 2010 Accenture80%70%69%60% 58%50%40% 33%30%20%10%0%MixedtoMinimal Needsreevaluation,disappointing financial restartorcomplete resultsimpact makeover 4 </li><li> 5. To Err is HumanInstitute of Medicine, 1999Up to 98,000 deathsannually due tomedical errors.8th leading cause ofdeath in U.S.5 </li><li> 6. 6 </li><li> 7. To Err is Human Institute of Medicine, 199998,000 lives lostImprovement Goal:I tG lReduce by 50%yin 5 years. 7 </li><li> 8. Not. Even. Close.8 </li><li> 9. Something Is Terribly Wrong33% hospitalized 180,000 Medicarepatients are harmed;patients die 7% result inProgress has annually frompermanent injury or been slow. medical errors. death.Journal of the AmericanOffice of the Health AffairsMedical Association2009 Inspector General2010 2005Annual death2010No significant2011toll from change in rate of medical errors preventableis closer toerrors.errors200,000.New England Journal of Dead by MistakeMedicineHeart NewspapersSpecial Report9 </li><li> 10. What are we missing? 10 </li><li> 11. We need toimprovep how we improve.p 11 </li><li> 12. Mindsets&amp;BehaviorsMi d t &amp; B h i 12 </li><li> 13. Lack of ClarityLack of Focus Lack of DisciplineLack of Engagement 13 </li><li> 14. Lack of ClarityLack of Focus Lack of DisciplineLack of Engagement 14 </li><li> 15. What type of cathedralare we building? 15 </li><li> 16. Who are your customers?What problem does your goodor service solve?16 </li><li> 17. Youmustindoctrinateallnewhiresintovision,customers,andvalueandspeakaboutitfrequently. k b i f l17 </li><li> 18. Howdoesworkgetaccomplished?Andwellhowarewedoingatit?And well how are we doing at it? Customer C stomer ProcessProcessProcessProcess1234LT LT LT LT PT PTPTPT18 </li><li> 19. 19 </li><li> 20. TruthTruthTruthTruthTruthTruthTruthTruthTruth 20 </li><li> 21. 21 </li><li> 22. Goingtothegemba hasbeenlifechangingforlife changing formeasaleader. 22 </li><li> 23. Lack of ClarityLack of Focus Lack of DisciplineLack of Engagement 23 </li><li> 24. Distraction Kills24 </li><li> 25. Booz &amp; Company Findings90%82%80%70%64%60%49%50%40%30%20%10%0% Nowritten No writtenConflicting ConflictingCompetingCompetingprioritiespriorities demands 25 </li><li> 26. The difference between successful peopleand very successful people is that very successful people say noto almost everything. Commonly attributed to Warren Buffetty 26 </li><li> 27. Apples Successsaying no to 1,000 things tomake s re we dont get on the sure ewrong track or try to do toomuch. Weremuch We re always thinkingabout new markets we couldenter, but its only by saying y y y gno that you can concentrateon the things that are reallyimportant.i t t Steve Jobs 27 </li><li> 28. TheRealityThe Reality YouCANTdoitallY CANT d it ll anddoitwell. and do it well28 </li><li> 29. Tocreatenewideasisagift,buttochooseto choosewiselyisaskill. RyanMorgan29 </li><li> 30. 30 </li><li> 31. What is Your Improvement Strategy? p gy 31 </li><li> 32. Productivity (Pounds Produced / Hr Worked)115.0Pactiv108.0 Implements Strategy 105.9105 9 Deployment101.0 95.2 94.0 93.0 90.6 87.0 86.384.8 80.0FY 06 FY 07 FY 08FY 09 FY 10 YTD 1132 </li><li> 33. 33 </li><li> 34. StrategyDeploymentKeyFeature:CatchballWhat?How?ExecutiveWho?TeamWhen? What? How?Senior Who?Mgmt When? What? How?Middle Who?Mgmt When? What? How? H ? Frontlines Who? When?34 </li><li> 35. Recessiondeepens2.5xmoreMedicaidpatients ThedaCareImplementsImplementsStrategyDeployment35 </li><li> 36. AnnualImprovementPlan1. Gainclarityaroundoverarchingbusinessneeds.1 Gain clarity around overarching business needs2. Listeverythingyoucould do(andthatyouare doing).3. Categorizeinto:3 C ti i t Mustdo,cantfail Maybe Eliminate4. Decidewhatyouwilldo prioritize maybe s ;gain4 Decide what you will do prioritize maybes; gain consensus.5. Create plan. Createplan.6. Manageplanviaweeklyupdates(maybeableto reducetomonthlyreviews butbecareful!). yf )36 </li><li> 37. AnnualImprovementPlan CompanyABC PrioritiesFY2012FY2013Exec Tactical Priority Others Jan Feb MarApr MayJun JulAug SepOct Nov Dec OwnerOwnerMS2 MS1IntegrateDHRBeginAcct BradP OpsCompleteCompleteNew TravelProgram Begin CompleteScottRFredSRolloutRolloutTabletstoBegin&amp; BradP InstallationCompleteLisaD,Complete360 Marina, BeginComplete JustinC Justin C SteveRSteve RRolloutSM,Tech,Hal,Doug CreateLineitem BeginComplete LisaB MarkCP.O.s Refinancecredit Begin g ScottRfacilityf ilitCompleteADP Begin CompleteGaryORollout NotDevelop&amp;Rollout MS1 MS2MS3 BegincompleteSteveC TBDHandheld2.2Handheld 2 2 CleanCode Clean CodePilotGoliveGo liveuntil2013CompleteGPS RDsCons., Begin CompleteSteveCRollout HR,FleetComplete"River" (OneSoft) Begin CompleteLisaBRolloutR ll t DevelopSafety BeginComplete GaryO Program37 </li><li> 38. AnExperiment Multi M l i taski ngi sali e. kii li123456789101112131415161718 38 </li><li> 39. Sporting Goods Manufacturer Product Launches Per Year80737060Noadditionalresources;;50higherquality40productslaunched30242010 0 PreFocus PostFocus39 </li><li> 40. Rockwell Automation252020Projects15 5Started12 1210Projects5 Completed 30 PreFocus PostFocus40 </li><li> 41. Lack of ClarityLack of Focus Lack of DisciplineLack of Engagement 41 </li><li> 42. 42 </li><li> 43. How muchdeliberate practice? 10,000 10 000 hours 43 </li><li> 44. Form hypothesisStandardize&amp; Conduct stabilizeexperiment Measure Measureresults 44 </li><li> 45. Relentless Reflection Leads to Outstanding PerformanceRafaelNadalsuccessfullysuccessfullyreturnedthisshottoAndy h dRoddick.45 </li><li> 46. Discipline 46 </li><li> 47. Lack of ClarityLack of Focus Lack of DisciplineLack of Engagement 47 </li><li> 48. EnergyCrisis:WidespreadDisengagement48 </li><li> 49. The corporate world is appalling bad Thecorporateworldisappallingbadatcapitalizingonthestrengths ofitspeople. Marcus Buckingham 49 </li><li> 50. Engagement: The Three Cs ConnectionCreativity Control 50 </li><li> 51. Problem solvingis hi hi a high.51 </li><li> 52. The Power of Re-engagingIwenthomeyesterdayandtoldmyfamilythatitwasone ofthebestworkingdaysIhaveeverhad.Iwasableto of the best working days I have ever had I was able to fullyusemycapabilitiesforthreedaystohelpincreating averygoodoutputonaninsaneschedule ygpMoreimportantthantheworkweaccomplishedwas gettingallthepeopleintheroomyesterdaytochallenge ttill thl i th t d t h ll theconventionalwisdomandperceivedwallsregarding existingprocessesandstandards.THISisthereal existing processes and standards THIS is the real success! Fred Valezano, P.E. FredValezano,P.E.52 </li><li> 53. Our role isnt to do.Our role is to teach teach.53 </li><li> 54. The Next FrontierTheMiddleManager 54 </li><li> 55. BusinessResultsClarityFocusDisciplineEngagement 55 </li><li> 56. Knowing is not enough; we must apply.lWilling is not enough; we must ; Goethe56 </li><li> 57. The Outstanding Organization:Generate Business Results by Eliminating Chaos and Build the Foundation for Everyday Excellence ReleaseDate:June8,2012 (McGrawHill)Preordernow: 57 </li><li> 58. Thank you. 58 </li><li> 59. ForFurtherQuestionsKaren Martin PrincipalMartin, 7770 Regents Road #635 San Diego, CA Twitter: newsletter: www ksmartin com/subscribe 59</li></ol>