Creating professional careers in alternative healing practices

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<ol><li> 1. The alternative healing and medicinal practices are known to bring the same effects as traditional medicines minus a number of side effects. This is a holistic branch of remedial practices with therapies and cure for almost all the known ailments of the body and these practices also provide spiritual healing. The therapeutic practices have gained popularity with a lot of people due to the positive effects they have on the human body and mind. The system includes a wide range of therapies, practices and products that provide health and relief. Naturopathy, Energy healing, Homeopathy, chiropractic and various acupuncture based practices all fall under the umbrella of alternative practices. The Indian system of Ayurvedic and the traditional Chinese medicinal system also fall under these practices. With the acceptance of effect of lifestyle, diet and nutrition on the health and life of people, the quantity of adopters of alternative therapies has increased. The traditional system of Chinese medicine has gained acceptance and popularity worldwide. The system is a combination of numerous practices that had been established centuries ago. The practices of acupuncture (insertion of needles in specific body points), exercise, and herbal medicine, various massages (Tuina) and nutrition based and dietary therapy are all under the head of the traditional Chinese therapeutic system. The practices have brought positive results in the health and life of people who have practiced them and thus gained immense popularity. Among the known institutes in China that teach these therapies and build careers in professional healing, Chinese medicine and similar forms of medicine is Soha institute Singapore. The institute has worked towards making this medicinal form reach numerous people. The institute delivers certification and professional training in various healing as well as therapeutic methods through its courses like the Wsq spa services courses. The well-known and recognized courses that SOHA Institute offers by are accepted even by foreign institutions and the professionals that are created here are recognized for their expert in traditional and complementary therapies of medicine. The courses include sports massage, reflexology, TCM nutrition, herbalogy, post natal care, massotherapy, herbal beauty and manual lymphatic drainage. To know more about SOHA institute and the various courses offered by them, one can call at +65 6293 3369. Their web link is which contains details about the course outlines, objectives and duration of these courses. </li></ol>