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<ul><li> 1. Creating Powerful resumes<br />A guide to writing your way into interviews.<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Contents<br />Basics of Resume writing<br />How to create a powerful resume<br />Tips to get your resume to the right places<br /> 3. Finerva academy <br />Learning initiatives<br />Training on life skills<br />70 years of combined team experience<br />0% Theory, 100% practicality<br /> 4. Before we start<br />What is a resume for?<br /> 5. A resume is for.<br />It is only and only a key to get a call for a job interview. Period.<br />Secondary objectives<br />Self marketing tool<br />Job skills showcase<br />Value addition<br /> 6. The irony<br />Potential recruiters have very little time to see your resume. <br />Sometimes lesser than 20 seconds<br />So what do you do?<br /> 7. Build a powerful resume<br /> 8. Basic outline of a resume<br />Objective or summary <br />Professional experience<br />Educational Background<br />Project/Internship exp<br />Personal Interests<br />Extras<br />Personal details<br /> 9. What is this????<br />Avoid redundancy<br />Then why resume on top of your resume?<br />Key point to understand is that space is very precious and hence avoid redundancy.<br /> 10. The First Step<br />Know yourself<br />Who are you<br />What do you want<br /> who am I ?<br /> 11. The Objective<br />Short and Powerful statement which helps the reader to understand how you fit into his needs.<br />It is NOT about you, its about what he wants.<br />YOU<br /> 12. Is this a good objective statement?<br />An internship allowing me to utilize my<br />knowledge and expertise in different areas<br />Well-written but raises too many questions<br />For example: What kind of internship? What knowledge? What kinds of expertise? Which areas?<br /> 13. Sample Objectives<br />For an entry level accounting position:<br />A position in the accounting field where excellent analytical and technical skills can help to improve the company's profitability.<br />If you have two years experience:<br />A Data Entry position where skills in spreadsheet development and troubleshooting can improve efficiency and enhance profitability.<br /> 14. Sample Objectives<br />If you are changing areas of employment:<br />A position as Assistant Engineer where construction knowledge, high mechanical aptitude and commitment to safety can contribute to profitable operation.<br />If you are a creative worker:<br />A Graphic Design position where advanced graphic and creative skills will produce a quality product for agency customers.<br /> 15. Readymade objectives<br />For practice, fill in the parts in brackets<br />To utilize my [qualifications, strengths, or skills] as a [position title]<br />A position as a [position title] for [company name] allowing me to develop my [qualifications, strengths, or skills] <br />An opportunity to [professional goal] in a [type of organization, work environment, or field]<br />[position title] with emphasis in [areas of expertise]<br /> 16. Key Learnings<br />Sometimes one size does NOT fit all<br />Each person and employer is unique in certain ways<br />Aim for a custom fit when possible, but how?<br /> 17. The Experience Section<br />Gives a brief of your current and past professional experiences.<br />Need not necessarily be full time/paid but should be real-time.<br /> Try to match past profiles to current opportunity.<br /> 18. A sample layout<br /> 19. Education Section<br />Educational background<br />Most important section for freshers<br />Info about formal education<br />Relevancy to job<br /> 20. A Sample<br /> 21. Project/ Internship section<br />Brief of Summer projects or off campus academic activities<br />Give the reader an idea of what you learnt in addition to syllabus<br />Clearer picture of your skills in practice. For e.g. Using SAP, Meeting customers, Researching etc.,<br /> 22. Draft layout<br />Title of Project<br />Where (Company/Organisation)<br />Duration<br />What you did? (explain the project)<br />What you learnt? (personal takeaways)<br /> 23. Certifications <br />Valuable certifications that relate to job<br />Professional certifications that add skills<br />Avoid filling too many/un related certifications.<br /> 24. Extras.. Whats he got that.<br />Awards/achievements<br />Memberships<br />Personal interests<br />Extra-curricular<br />Co-curricular<br /> 25. What goes and what does not<br />You should be a don in the activity<br />The awards/achievements should be real worth it.<br />Be ready for rough questions<br /> 26. Personal Section<br /> 27. Dos of resume<br />Use single font, two sizes at max.<br />Use commonly available font families<br />Arial, Verdana, Times New, Trebuchet<br />Give lots of white space<br />Use powerful words, adjectives and buzz words.<br />KISS Keep it simple and sweet.<br /> 28. Don'ts <br />Do not write resume on top<br />Do not use colors or too much of bold.<br />Do not write undertaking<br />Do not write stories<br />Do not make reader search for information<br /> 29. Some more value additions<br /> 30. 31. Thank You!<br />+91-97-87- 55- 55- 44<br /></p> <ul><li> </li></ul> <p> 32. </p>