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A presentation I recently gave to OMD UK (part of Omnicom Media Group) about creating games for marketing campaigns. Presentation featured two key case studies by Candyspace. Particular focus was on creating ARGs (alternate reality games) and treasure-hunt mechanics


<ul><li> 1. Creating games for brands October 2012</li></ul> <p> 2. Candyspace OfferingWhat we do Candyspace delivers cutting edge mobile and multichannel digital solutions. We do this better than anyone else due to: Our extraordinary experience in mobile Our deep understanding of todays multi-device consumer Our strategic approach &amp; innovative ideas Our cutting edge technical capability and bespoke platforms Everything we do is developed in-house we never outsource The result = Technically feasible creative ideas that deeply engage consumers across channels 3. Candyspace OfferingOur Solutions Mobile and digital solutions that help clients: Drive sales Brand awareness &amp; immersion Launch products &amp; services Enhance content propositions Educate consumers All Technologies: PHP, .NET, HTML 5, CSS3, Flash, Flex and Java. Native mobile &amp; desktop iOS, Java, Android, Symbian &amp; Air. Optimised for all web browsers and over 7000 mobile devices. 4. CandyspaceWhy create a game? What are talking about? Adding gaming elements to marketing campaigns Why should brands do it? Leverages basic human desires: reward, status, achievement, self-expression &amp; competition Great way to get customers to engage with brands on their terms Very high dwell time Cut-through The viral effect / utilising customers social networks for brand activity Boost impact of media 5. Our best games 6. Virgin Media TVTaking fans on an epictreasure-hunt, blendingrealities and delivering asupernatural experience 7. SupernaturalBackground Supernatural had an established TV show on ITV2 for 4 seasons Living TV bought it for seasons 5&amp;6 8. CandyspaceOur challenge 1. Migrate fans 2. Fuel viewing 9. SupernaturalInsight Supernatural fans live and breathe their passion online- We needed to tap into these existing behaviours- Give fans a unique experience- Show them we really understand the show 10. The strategyComms strategy Share their obsession! 1.Prove that we are obsessive 2.Shout about it 11. OverviewOur solution We created an ARG (Fight the Apocalypse) with the ultimate prize We created competitive armies of obsessed fans Launched a nationwide treasure hunt for hidden symbols Players could play online or via their mobiles 12. Developing the plotImmersing fans in the show Fight the Apocalypse was closelytied the storyline- Use of Enochian Sigils- Building armies to help in fight vs.Lucifer Worked with the talent- Clues, content distributed viamicrosite Use of 13. Developing the plotGame overview Main game actions (via dedicated microsite): Create an army &amp; build profile Recruit friends Form alliances to gain points Collect sigils via fans mobiles Listen to clues from Angel Castiel Take knowledge quiz to prove dedication 14. The micrositeBuild ArmyPlayers could recruitfriends to join theirarmy by email, textand Facebook. Advanced mapping technology Clue Portal feedThe latest clueswere incorporated inthe dashboard,allowing all functionsto be carried outfrom one place.Knowledge isStrength quizManageAlliances Launched half waythrough thecampaign to findmost dedicated fans Sigil Collection 15. A trail of discoveryEnochian Sigils Sigils formed the core currency of the game Players needed to find &amp; collect 25 unique sigils via MMSOnline TV Print Real world Various online sites &amp; TV spots running onVarious press titles Including haunted houseblogs, forums, fan sitesLiving TV to remind fansincluding Metro we created, cemeteries &amp; including SFX, AOL, that the show had moved other spooky locations YouTube, Digital Spy, to a new, Flickr, Bizarre 16. Initial resultsUnprecedented uptake 17. Clues &amp; contentUsing content to enhance the ARG The clue portal was one of the most exciting features of the ARG. Candyspace worked with Warner Bros scriptwriters to ensure scripts were on character Clues were released the portal through the game in video &amp; text formatLucifers warning to theAngel Castiels video Fan clues UKcluesWe created a video with Lucifer Angel (Mischa Collins) filmed We engaged UKs most to seed the game and create10 video clues to guide fansdedicated fans to record one-anticipation towards the Sigils off special clues for the game 18. Clues &amp; contentSocial the glue of the gameTwitter FacebookFan forumsSome fan commentsMain communication channelIncorporated into build armyFans had created forumsfor the gamemechanicjust to discuss and Clue updates released via Players able to invite friends collaborate on the game. official ARG Twittervia FB Connect Find new friends to ally Fans used channel to discuss Players used FB to create with all things Fight thetheir own campaigns &amp; Swap Sigils Apocalypsepromote own armies Discuss and speculate on (One person even threw athe next clue to be party, promoted on FB to getreleased new recruits) 19. Real world activityThe Grand Finale We hosted a real-world grand finale staged at The Mall: The car with the final sigil with a special 1st find bonus of 5m points Fans for given clues about the final link in the chain during the week leading up to the event The clue to the cars location was released in the form of a riddle at 1pm distributed via Twitter, SMS &amp; the mobile site 20. The resultsIt worked! Audience figures exceeded ITV2s peak 16,000 armies created Average dwell time @ 14mins New audience brought in- 29% not watched it before Supernatural viewers watched other Living TV shows 21. Nintendo Coin RushUnleashing a realworld hunt forgamers 22. Nintendo Coin rushBackground Latest version of a successful franchise on new piece of hardware (3DS) Large existing Facebook community 23. Nintendo Coin rushThe challenge 1. Drive conversation/involvement with latest version of franchise 2. Engage existing fans online &amp; in real world 3. Drive sales &amp; pre-orders (h/w &amp; s/w) 24. Nintendo Coin rushOur solution We devised a digital treasure hunt to captivate and engage fans. Fans needed to collect coin codes that were hidden online &amp; in the real world Gameplay was carried out via a dedicated Facebook Appthat could be played on web and mobile Coin codes were sporadically delivered via online &amp; offlinechannels for fans to hunt down 25. ChannelsFinding coins Players needed to collect coin codes that were hidden online &amp; in the real world to win prizes Paid channels Owned channels Earned channels Real worldVarious sites, blogs &amp; fan forums. Use of Nintendo UKs sitesExtensive use of Twitter &amp; FB to Codes hidden at Nintendo events &amp; Formats included video, banners &amp; including Official Nintendo distribute clues, content &amp; codes. GAME stores across UK editorial features (e.g. in IGN) Magazine &amp; UK site Facebook acted a central hub for activity 26. Nintendo Coin rushCollecting coins Players installed the Coin RushFacebook App and submitted codesthey found The App could be viewable online andvia players mobiles The more coins they collected, thebetter the prizes they received! 27. Nintendo Coin rushResults Game generated fantastic buzz forNintendos new release 20% increase in Facebook Likes onNUKs 3DS channel 25% conversion rate on FB shares 25,000 codes redeemed 28. Nintendo Coin rushInsight from campaign High number of low level prizes drive interactions (perceived to be more achievable) People will do anything to win- Need robust plans around how do deal with cheats (before game kicks off) Short, quick burst of activity worked 29. Final thoughts 30. CandyspaceKey things to remember Know your audience Keep gameplay simple Promotion strategy is key Add in real-world interaction (content/events) Prepare messaging strategy (customer support, challenges) Factor in lots of time (2-3 months standard) 31. Keep in touchThank you! Nick Shadbolt Account Director candyspace media ltd 4 Turnham Green Terrace Mews London W4 1 QU Nick.shadbolt[at]</p>