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Learn how effective landing page design will boost your PPC conversion rates. Join Matt Hessler, author of The Ultimate Guide to PPC Landing Pages, for an Unwebinar about building the best PPC landing pages to achieve your conversion goals. Matt Hessler will touch on some of the great points from The Ultimate Guide to PPC Landing Pages, and go into detail about some of the best ways to build a page for each type of customer intent. You'll learn: - The 2 pillars of successful landing pages for PPC - How to better understand user intent to increase conversions - How to increase your Quality Score and when you might not want to - Specific elements for PPC landing pages at the top, middle & bottom of the funnel


<ul><li>1.Matt Hessler! " Director of Search Trada | PPCPATHThank you for joining us!Well be starting in just a few minutes#unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath !! Ryan Engley! Unbounce Director of Customer SuccessCreate the Ultimate PPC Landing PageIn the meantime! Check out Unbounces rst! Call To Action Conference!! </li></ul> <p>2. Recording and slides will be emailed by the end of the week 3. 4. See how Unbounce can help you quickly build and publish targeted landing pages (without having to code)Stick around afterwards 5. #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath ! !! Ryan Engley! Unbounce Director of Customer Success! @ryan_engleyJOIN OUR CHAT! ON TWITTER 6. #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath ! !! JOIN OUR CHAT! ON TWITTERMatt Hessler! Director of Search! Trada | PPCPath! ! @ppcpath 7. #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath ! !! Creating The Ultimate PPC Landing Pages to Improve Your Campaign ROI! 8. #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath !! Now more than ever the trends in search are making it increasingly important to thoughtfully integrate your PPC campaigns with well-optimized landing pages to drive better results from your campaigns.! ! CPCs up 6% in 3 months following enhanced campaign launch! CPCs are rising (28% YoY)! Mobile usage is rising*! Mobile up 83% in 2014 ! Desktop decrease for the rst! time in history ! ! Create the Ultimate PPC Landing PageWhy do we care? ! 9. The Unbounce Ultimate Guide to PPC Landing Pages ebook was meant to address these issues by focusing on three strategic areas:! Using search context to create a funnel and corresponding landing pages ! Using device context to create great user experience! Creating landing pages that convert and drive higher Quality Scores! ! Create the Ultimate PPC Landing PageWhat can we do? ! #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath !! 10. #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath ! !! Using Semantic Search Context 11. ! Create the Ultimate PPC Landing PageUsing Context to Rethink Your Funnel! ! Organize your campaign structure to reect your funnel! ! Awareness | Interest Campaign! Limited Budget ! Limited run times &amp; Geo! Lower CPCs! Desire Campaign! Main budget &amp; spend! Extended business hours ! CPC pricing to achieve position 2-4! Action Campaign! Unlimited budget (low spend)! 24/7 run time! Aggressive CPCs position 1-2! ! ! ! #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath !! 12. ! Create the Ultimate PPC Landing PageUsing Funnel Context to Deliver Great Landing Pages! ! Look at some of the key differences in the landing pages at the two different ends of the funnel! #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath !! 13. #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath ! !! Using Device Context 14. ! Create the Ultimate PPC Landing PageAre you ready for mobile?! How much trafc do you get from mobile devices? ! How well does your site render on different form factors? ! What can you do to be smart about mobile trafc? ! Setting mobile bid adjustment (what you need to know about mobile positions)! Choose a landing page to address mobile! ! ! ! #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath !! 15. ! Create the Ultimate PPC Landing PageResponsive design vs. Device-specic pages ! ! Responsive Design: ! Can make site design easier as all pages will adjust to various screen sizes! Google has said it prefers responsive sites for Organic Indexing ! Easier to maintain and make site changes! ! ! Mobile Specic Design: ! Allows you to adjust design and content by device type! Allows you to tailor offers and conversion path by device type! If used for LPs only impact is negligible for SEO ranking ! ! #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath !! 16. #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath ! !! Maximizing Landing Page Quality Score 17. Understanding Googles Quality Score! Create the Ultimate PPC Landing PageA measurement of how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing page are to a person seeing your ad... Higher Quality Scores can lead to lower prices and better ad positions.! #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath !! 18. Quality Score Matters! Create the Ultimate PPC Landing PagePoor Quality Scores can have a serious impact on your campaign performance. When designing your landing pages, keep the following in mind:! ! Does the landing page have enough indexible content?! Is that content relevant/keyword rich?! Are you using best practices for page titles and meta content?! Should you link to the rest of the site? ! #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath !! 19. Questions: Call to Action, Copy and Content! Create the Ultimate PPC Landing PageMonica H. How many CTAs are too many?! Paul S. What is the best use and format of CTAs?! Jayme B. What are best practices for layout, content, and copy?! Anne C. What is the best design: small and beautiful with lots of white space or go mad with Infographics?! ! #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath !! 20. Questions: Using Video Assets! Create the Ultimate PPC Landing PageCruziel M. Is having a video in the landing page better than an image? Especially if the ad is about a new product? ! ! Will M. Do videos, image sliders or static hero images perform best in your tests? Does it depend on quality?! #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath !! 21. Questions: Quality Score! Create the Ultimate PPC Landing PageDavid K. How do you write good copy? ! Stanislav I. How can I increase conversion and quality score?! Victor R. How can I duplicate a landing page that matches my branding? ! #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath !! 22. What Does Tell Us About Improving Quality Score?! Create the Ultimate PPC Landing PageTips for improving your landing page experience (advice in red)! 1. Relevant, useful and original content ! Make sure your landing page is directly relevant to your ad text and keyword. (Use KWs in Title/ Meta/ On page content)! Provide useful information on your landing page about whatever you're advertising. (Try for over 100 words)! Try to offer useful features or content that are unique to your site. (Pages need to be unique!)! 2. Transparency and trustworthiness ! Make it easy for visitors to nd your contact information. (Contact info in footer)! Openly share information about your business and clearly state what your business does.! 3. Ease of navigation ! Don't make people hunt around for the information they might need. ! Make it quick and easy for people to order the product mentioned in your ad.! Dont annoy customers with pop-ups or other features that interfere with their navigation on your site. (This is an automatic QS deduction, consider a solution like bounceX)! ! The AdWords system visits and evaluates landing pages on a regular basis. If you've made signicant changes to improve your landing page experience, it could lead to higher Quality Scores.! #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath !! 23. Questions: Dynamic Landing Pages! Create the Ultimate PPC Landing PageSabin S. How do I get the keywords entered in the search box on the search engine, and include them on the page?! Can P. How can I create dynamic landing pages tied to the query of the searcher?! Charles S. I would like to understand more about that functionality that changes the keyword dynamically according to the user's search query. ! #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath !! 24. Questions: Mobile Landing Pages! Create the Ultimate PPC Landing PageJeremy A. How do you best position your value propositions in a responsive design environment? ! Bobby D. What are Mobile LP best practices? How can we maximize phone calls as our CTA?! ! #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath !! 25. Questions: General Search Questions! Create the Ultimate PPC Landing PageBrooke B. What are the typical stats differences between PPC and Organic Visitors?! Kathy M. How can you control the cost of unnecessary or abuse clicks which would affect your price/cost? ! Juan M. How do I create the best Landing Pages for Lead Generation that are Google Compliant?! ! #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath !! 26. Create the Ultimate PPC Landing PageRun your Free report at:! #unwebinar @unbounce @ppcpath !! 27.! 28.! 29. Why use Unbounce to build your landing pages? 30. Increase your conversion rates with targeted pages &amp; A/B testingYoull get better results from your campaigns 31. Quit waiting weeks for your developersBuilding pages with Unbounce is fast 32. Build, publish and optimize without having to wait for developers or designersYou maintain control of your campaigns </p>