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<ul><li><p>Create Online Fundraising Page </p><p>In just 3 steps, easily create your own fundraising page to raise money online for personal causes &amp; life events. No fees, easy &amp; secure. TeamNut Fundraising is a free fundraising website created for individuals wanting to raise funds. Our free online fundraising platform provides a simple and organized way to run your fundraiser and help achieve or exceed your fundraising goals </p><p> Your personal fundraising page is the best way to raise money for charity. Creating your page is simplicity itself. Raising money for a cause you're super passionate about, create an online fundraising page and everyone will like you more. And, make sure you have fun when you do it... </p><p>Fundraising is now easy. TeamNut online fundraising platform helps causes to raise money </p><p>online fast and effectively. Raise funds for your sports team or club with great fundraising ideas. </p><p>Register your cause online with TeamNut Fundraising today. </p><p>So you want to start a fundraiser, but you're not exactly sure where to begin? How to make your </p><p>next fundraiser more successful? TeamNut fundraiser is completely free and perfect for non-</p><p>profit fundraising because you can raise awareness and funds at the same time. </p></li></ul>